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    • parkhopper99
      First thing that Im going to do once quarantine ends is definitely fishing in Lake Riley. I just miss going out with my family to do some outdoor activities. Its about time my kids learn how to fish and wear those national park hats that I bought for them last month.
    • huntnfish
      I remember the rides to the lakes in the old station wagon with the seats that faced each other and no seat belts.  I remember finally getting my watercraft permit when I was 11 which meant I could take the 14’ aluminum boat with the old 9.9 Johnson on it out by myself. And then finally getting to go out by myself and dragging the anchor all the way back to the cabin because I forgot to pull it up. I don’t know why I couldn’t figured out why I couldn’t get any speed.  I remember riding the board ski behind that same boat. No one believes me but all it was just a half sheet of 1/2” plywood with a 2x4 on the front and a rope for a handle. Then another rope tied to the boat. We had 2 of these. The fancier one had a 1/2” X1/2” board down the middle to make it more stable.  I also remember getting my firearm safety which meant I could go out to the woods alone with my .22. I’d tie the gun case to the side of my bike and ride down to the river and spend all day in the woods and the only rule was to be home by supper. 
    • huntnfish
      For fishing lately I’ve been watching mostly Muskie videos. I’ve also been known to watch Jason Mitchell.  For hunting I watch the hunting public and the hunting beast. Both are great and work hard for what they get. I also like the DIY sportsman and in the fall will watch chasing November. Chasing November is much more commercialized that the others. 
    • papadarv
      Grew up on a farm. Small building on left pic was a smoke house. Dad (or Pa as we knew him) raised hogs. Bro & I would sneak in the smoker and eat the small knife cut strips of un-done bacon, we both loved. During summer family would go to Stewart lake with cane poles to catch bull heads. Biggest catch was 186 and was considered as great Food. Smaller tractors were hand crank start, didn’t have batteries. At dinner (now Aka lunch) we listened to a WCCO Cedric Adam’s for grain prices. When Corn & Beans went up a nickel per bushel meant next 3 days of hard sweat labor shoveling grain out of granary (building in pic 2) into the double clutch shift truck to go to market. In 1950, dad decided to winter in Florida, sold all livestock, pack 10 kid in a station wagon and headed south on a 6 day trip. At gas stations going threw Ala. and Ga. boys used the bathroom with the “Colored" sign above the door. Being from MN we had no clue about southern segregation. My friend's dad hobby was fixing cathode ray tube TV's where I spent countless hours with him learning electronics. In ’59 I brought our first family TV home which I actually fixed. The countless hours paid off with working 40 years at Control Data. In late ’76 early ’77 as a hobby, built a self contained PC computer before the Apple II came out. Almost got me fired as I was a Test Engineering manager and not in development. A few things I haven’t done. Got sober in 1977. Haven’t tasted a wine cooler, no clue what Light Beer or craft beer tastes like and have no desire to find out. All this stuff was invented after I quit drinking. During the day my favorites were Oly beer, IW Harper bourbon and any cheap Gin.
    • DonkeyHodey
      Times are crazy, but I am thankful. 😊   I am blessed.  This was a beautiful evening last summer.  I am in Good hands.  I have a Hope and a Future.  Hoping to hit the shore of the Missi this evening for a “therapy” session with the kids and hopefully the suckers will be running.  I’ll keep ya’ll posted.  Stay safe, friends.
    • Mike89
      thats is how I planned on wearing my bandanna!!!  and I had the same thoughts...  find out tomorrow!!!!
    • Rick G
      A good one for the family Be awesome outdoors,  He always has the wife and kids out enjoying life in Mn
    • IceHawk
      Yep Smurf knew Missy quite well. 👍
    • IceHawk
      Marshal outdoors is pretty good, guy is pretty funny. Someday I'm hoping I get to share the boat or ice with Larry Smith definitely would be a card to fish with for sure !
    • Rick G
      330 Maniac outdoors... Scott is pretty darn awesome toutuber Dtro fishontv,  Darren is always one worth watching MitchBradshaw outdoors, always good stuff coming from this guy.
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