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    • Cooperman
      My Mother use to make something similar with cottage cheese, but instead of ketchup she added a pack of Lipton onion soup mix. 
    • smurfy
      Really hard to talk about a quality bluegill initiative when my favorite gill lake doesn't have any fish in it with the 2 consecutive years of winter kill. I haven't kept an 8 inch gill in that lake since the winter kill a ways ago.
    • smurfy
      dang, I was getting a bit worried there for a bit, till you said they don't reside here, but.i do reside other places!!!!!🤣😜
    • Borch
      I know they are looking at reduced limits but In think they're missing the boat if they don't add size restrictions on sunfish.   I've mentioned a few times that every gill over 9" goes back with 1 over 10" as a trophy would make a positive impact. Add this to an10 fish limit and we'd see positive outcomes.   I still cringe when 5 or 10, 10" gills leave the lake every day with the current reduced limits.
    • dutchboyII
      There are only 2 guys in the whole wide inter-web where I take things personally. I don't like them, they don't like me. Neither guy resides here. So we are good.  😀   Seriously, it's only opinions here. You are entitled to yours, I'm entitled to mine and Joe Blow can have his.  👍
    • Mike89
      and as smurfy is saying one bad apple can ruin a whole bushel....  there will always be the one who says I deserve it...  and we have those in all walks of life...  use this corvid thing right now, folks are taking and hoarding so much that others are suffering....  but enough on that..  I think at the moment we can agree to disagree without a any hard feelings...
    • smurfy
      there sure is dutchy......its not throwing the spear..or pulling the trigger...…… pretty easy to me. don't assume the actions of one or several individuals and make the assumption everyone does it!!!!!!!👍
    • dutchboyII
      Yes I see people in the cleaning houses cleaning large Pike also. What they have in common with Spearing is that 100% of the fish are dead. If I catch (2) 36" plus Pike and keep one and release one I've killed 50%. If I release both i've killed 0. (assuming a successful release)     But I've strayed.........the thread was about spearing on Kab. where you have the same people sticking Trophy after Trophy, year after year. Everybody up there knows who it is. IMO he is a ......................well I can't think of the appropriate word.   If somebody wants to spear and has a license, I have no problem with it. However I have watched for years a total disregard for large fish on Kab.   I view spearing the same as hunting...... there is no catch and release for another day.
    • eyeguy 54
      Not sure about the float tubes. Never have been in one. Yaks not just for back country😁. Very relaxing and great brain therapy chasing panfish in the yak anywhere. Blast on the river also chasing smallies but can’t say that’s as relaxing. Lol. I think I will go after northern a couple times this summer and also largemouth for fun on some area lakes. But will be in the spectrum fish boat also after everything. 
    • Bigfatbert
      Ok  , my fault , I should of said “adjusted in one way or another.”
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