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    • dutchboy II
      You can look for your Minnesota opener around June 1 this year. Ok, well maybe July 1.......well for sure I think by Nov 1.  😃    
    • Meterman
      I am not an expert on this, but I have been told by trusted sources that the issue with Ethanol-gas in boats and other small engines is the fact that the fuel may stay in the tank for long periods without being consumed or turnover.   When I purchased my new boat in 2012 with a 225HP and 9.9 HP Yamaho 4-stroke outboards, a good friend of mine shared that he had to spend several thousand dollars repairing the motors on a new boat of theirs due to an ethanol issue causing damage.  With the money you have invested in your boat and motors, I believe it is worth the additional $$ to run non-oxy or "no ethanol" gasoline in my opinion.   I do purchase 87 octane non-oxy gas when I can versus the 91 octane premium and have had no issues.   I also use non-oxy in my mowers, snowblowers, any small engines.
    • Grainbelt
      That does not look appealing, probably spilt his beer.
    • IceHawk
    • Grainbelt
      I saw a Babe Winkleman show a while back where he jumped into a float tube from a boat while battling a large sturgeon on the Missouri river. It was funny hearing him panic. The old guide with him told him the locals were doing it. After he got Babe setup in the float tube and away from the boat, the old boy was laughing pretty hard exclaiming to Babe he was the first as he was floating rapidly away. 
    • Tom Sawyer
      You forgot to mention Carnelian. I have a friend that lives on the far North bay. He has witnessed the utter piss pounding that lake takes each winter. Catching a 10 inch gill in there was never a big deal, sadly it's become another lake in the area with a 5 fish bag limit that has slid way down hill.   
    • IceHawk
      Great stuff guys Thanks hopefully we all can take advantage of some of these great suggestions. Appreciate the input👍
    • eyeguy 54
      One yaker by flatrock below Sauk rapids bridge yesterday 
    • IceHawk
      Not at All your always welcome!😀 Have read many of your posts. Looking forward to your interaction feedback. We need guys like you here that are frequent contributors 👍   LOL! 
    • mrpike1973
      Thankful today we got are hitch for our new to us car i was able to put it on and save a lot of cash that we needed. We put the boat on went to a local frozen lake could not go out far but my wife stopped me and said she has not seen a smile on my face in awhile and I was grinning pretty good the car towed the boat way better and safer than what I had. I had to stop and smell the roses my wife even being unemployed she is a beacon of life. If any of you are praying people please pray for us my wife has been unable to get any unemployment there is some mix up or mess with them and unfortunately you can't call them they are not taking phone calls it's getting frustrating 2 weeks without pay. She called the first time and everything they said was good but who knows. We would appreciate that this gets solved soon or may need to start eating the boat☺️. I'm thankful for the time my wife and i are having together it's been a blast and she won after 25 years of marriage her first monopoly game with me boy is she rubbing it in😆 We have been power cleaning like crazy and was able to give some stuff away to people in the neighborhood that was well worth it met a couple we never new and enjoyed talking with them 6 feet apart of course😉 keep these posts up my wife is even joining to read them.
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