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    Well got a text from Borch about a hour ago sounds like everything went real good today for him with his surgery. Actually better and a easier surgery than was first expected Jeff will be recovering for a few days but I'm sure will chime in sometime in the future. Just thought I would let everyone know how everything went. Rooting for you bud wont be long and you will be back in the saddle.
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    My Health and Family!! As a Kidney cancer survivor I cherish everyday being able to walk this fine earth we live on there was a time I wasn't sure I was going to be able to. The appreciation I have for the small things in life now are unimaginable. You soon learn the importance of the material things in your life and that is zilch. I will tell you from experience It doesn't matter how much money you have or if you own the biggest house, boat etc. The only thing that really matters is your Family, your friends and the most important the Good Lord. My family has always been the most important thing in my life. MY wife and my two daughters are the rocks that get me through the tough times. And give me a purpose in life. Without them my purpose in life would be cut in half. My wife has always been a big supporter of my hobbies as she knows the love and passion I have for the great outdoors fishing and hunting and I love her for that! My daughters they are getting older 22 and 17 but still aren't to old to hang out and reminisce with there old dad every once in a while. The three of them are my best 3 catches to date!!! Lastly all my friends they are always there to share moments, laughs, good times and are always willing to open a ear and listen offer advise when something is bothering me thanks guys!
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    I'm grateful for the chance to spend time with my youngest. She was on her way to being a Senior at UMD. She has a year round job there and it's 3 hours away. She was well on her way to living an independent life and my time with her limited to phone calls and the occasional visits. I may never have had this opportunity again. Now I have the privilege and joy of building a different kind of relationship with my adult baby. More as a friend than a Dad.
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    Went to a local lake this afternoon was slow at first but from 6pm-730 non stop crappies used a drop kick jig and orange glow roadside minnow plastic. Fishing in 8fow landing was still in good shape tonight had over 20" of ice with very little snow on top.
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    I am also thankful for my husband who takes me fishing with him and tells me I'm his favorite fishing partner.
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  8. 9 points
    Got out yesterday and did quite well. Caught around 80 crappies. 9-11 fow with green weeds. Fun times! Biggest around 13”. What a beautiful day to be out and practice “social distancing” even got sunburn. Even kept enough for nice little fish fry!
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    thought i would share couple open water pics along with some ice ones to
  10. 9 points
    Well being the ice season is slowly coming to a end. My question to all that ice fished this season what pros cons did you find on the hardwater? Maybe we can all help each for our purchases next year. We are all trying to save a buck now a days. Yes I know many will say not enough time on ice We have all been there including myself. I thought Id give a report on some of things I used this ice season that really impressed me and some things that didn't. Logged 64 outings on the ice this year already and a few more to come so I've used my gear to fullest. . Many that have fished with me know I put my gear through the test if it doesn't pan out its gone. So I am here to give a honest review! 1- For houses I ran two Clam pros older style and as of late a Legend legacy XL thermal. Plus was the thermal 900 denier very easy to heat bad was there interior pole bracket needs to be reinforced. shakes some on windy days. But held up through the beating I put it through. 2-Electronics Been a Vexilar man for 30 plus years, yes simple but effective. The reliability and durability is crazy and withstands test of time!. Running a FL-18 and a FL-8 as a backup. Honestly I haven't upgraded to newer models yet because I haven't seen the reason to other than color pallets, zoom features the 18 already has bottom zoom and low power modes. A old school dial still puts you on fish I still know how to read baitfish weeds etc. For all the new budget anglers starting a standard 8 will get you in the game at a reasonable price. Don't think you need to buy big buck electronics to be successful. Did run the new Garmin live scope and panoptix a few times this winter and they are very impressive. It will help a average angler become a successful one much faster. Takes the guess work knowledge and work out of the equation searching and finding fish. Cons very bulky and very pricey. I'm waiting until they come out with a more user friendly package to run on the ice. Then Ill be the next victim to purchase one 3-Rods- I am a die hard Thorne bros man all the way because they have always performed under all conditions for me. Currently running for eyes 3 perch sweethearts and one dead stick rod from them . For Panfish- 2 panfish sweethearts 3 power noodles and two trip wires. Catfish setup are two Jason Mitchel dead meats. I did add a Bass Khang walleye stick impressed me a lot and will be adding more great rod and blanks at a price that wont break the bank . For budget fisherman you cant beat the Jason Mitchel meat sticks for panfish a very good power noodle at a great price. 4-Reels Pretty much run all Plueger Presidents and Okumas on walleye setups and all in-line reels on panfish setups. Run a few of the black betty freefalls and Clam Gravitys. The Gravitys are holding up well a little more budget friendly yes not as durable but are holding up to the pounding i'm giving them. 5-Augers- currently my electric is a 8 inch K-drill on a Millwaukee 2704 drill combo. Great first mid ice auger but cons are chews up batterys bigtime when swiss cheeseing thick ice. Great for a wheelhouse angler or guy who cuts less holes. For massive hole cutting through thick late winter ice I still run my Strikemaster gas lazer solo 8 inch. I ran all of them this winter the 2 that impressed me were the lazer lite flights and clam plates light and cut like a dream. Bad a little tricky opening holes and blades take beating in dirty ice. Also sometimes a little grabby at bottom of hole but I think a lot of this is from our bad habits as we all are use to pushing down hard on our gas augers. Let the auger do the work and they cut like butter. The other one that impressed me was the 40 v lithium wow will this sucker cut mega holes on a single charge. Only con I would say was a little more weight and a little slower but add the lite flite and you cut the weight down real fast. 6- All other stuff- For jigs I ran all sorts and have boxes full. Most perform well Kenders. Clam Venom but hands down the Amped outdoors tungstens were best bang for buck. Cons are Scandia tungsten don't waste your money hooks will break under a fish many times. Lines I tried numerous but still find myself going back to Trilene Micro ice 6 lb for eyes, and 3 lb solar green for panfish. . I do run two tightline sticks with 2 lb yellow stren for line watching tightlineing. Plastics boxes full of different ones also but one of my favs are Panfish Plastics especially chigger frys and Clam plastics especially the Maki minnow been a killer for me. I know this might seem like a stupid post maybe arrogant to some LOL, but honestly I wasn't a experienced as I am now and threw away bunches of dollars on stuff that wasn't that good over years. I honestly wish someone would of helped, showed me quality stuff back in the day. Could of saved few dollars. We all work hard for a dollar and honestly I'm just here to give you a honest review of stuff that has worked and lasted through a tough season on ice !
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    Yep... March madness... and it only gets better
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    Today I am thankful for answered payers. God continues to amaze me every day. Also kinda thankful for unanswered prayers. He knows what’s best.
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    Although no children of my own, I am incredibly thankful for my two nephews! They are my best pals and both like fishing, actually they like casting and playing with the worms. All part of the experience. I'm thankful for support from my mother and sister and to have friends that take me fishing. The last two years have been long days at the libraries and the hospital for graduate school so this forum has been nice to visit, read the reports, the stories and see pictures, essentially I've lived vicariously through many of you and I am grateful for that
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    I'm grateful for my health. Lotta people don't have it right now and a whole lot more are going to lose it. My deceased grandfather once told me "if you don't have your health, you don't have much" before he died of cancer years ago.
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    I’ve heard a few “Destination” communities have asked people not to come until the situation has settled down. The reasoning being the interaction that might take place using services and depletion of some of their limited resources (think a rush on paper products not easily attainable in urban areas). Some also feel bringing the virus and infecting small communities would be too much for local health care to handle. I can’t argue any of that. What most people that still plan to travel are stating, just like right here, staying self contained shouldn’t be an issue. I can’t argue that either. I work in a hospital so I see the latest information and many, many different opinions. Some of mine have changed from even a week ago. We can all get through this with LOW risk as long as we think about what we’re doing and be considerate of others while doing it. There is no such thing as NO risk.
  16. 8 points
    I measured 22” of ice yesterday morning. Top half was pretty soft and chunky. Bottom wasn’t much better. It was 50 and sunny when we left so the ice probably lost a little more after we measured. We had 30” to 32” the weekend before so she’s going quick. My ice season is now a wrap. The fish were moving pretty good btw. More jumbo perch than I can remember - all released - and the smallies were starting to get pretty active based on our incidental catches.
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  18. 8 points
    Social distancing..... doing my part to stay as far away from others as possible Spent the day drilling holes.....lots of holes. First lake of the day, had my gear in sled and was walking out to area when I was greeted by two guys heading back in. One of the guys was a friend of a friend that I have met a few times over the years. They showed me their fish from the morning I turned right around and walked off with them...lol Lake number, lots of fish, just wrong species. Must have picked up over a dozen bass and two pike hitting three spots. Got two good crappiest and some smaller gills. Lots of fish on the graph, most were super tight to bottom, usually an indicator of negative fish. Off to lake 3. The pannies were in a much better mood than lake number 2 , and quite a bit better size than lake no1. Still had to work my butt off for them though. I had holes drilled in a 50yard long pattern along a weed line that comes out to roughly 10-12ft. Spent most of the afternoon walking from hole to hole picking out a fish here and there. Got a pretty good sunburn on my arms to show for it Ice in the St Cloud area is still in decent shape, surprisingly. Shorelines have remained intact on quite a few of our area lakes yet. Won't be too much longer though
  19. 8 points
    Such a pretty fish.
  20. 8 points
    Local access points are going to heck quick. Was on two local lakes today. Went down to Clearwater, used bj's access, ice was pulling away from shore. Managed to still get on pretty easy though. Found ice thickness from 12-18 inches, some was pretty solid yet, while other places were soft and waterlogged. Managed a few good fish super shallow, just too many little ones between good ones. Headed about 20miles west for lake number two. Ice conditions were a bit better here, but shorelines won't hold up much longer. Found quite the variety of fish roaming a shallow weed edge, most were not very hungry though. Depending on weather conditions, I might just be done locally, maybe a couple more trips North for the winter
  21. 8 points
    I tried. Too muck knuckle bend.
  22. 8 points
    I've really struggled this winter but it is still enjoyable to get out. Last weekend my son, grandson, and I were out looking for panfish. You can see on the sonar they were there. The sunnies and crappies were not being cooperative at all but my grandson managed to snag a couple perch. He had a lot of fun watching the fish on the camera too. I didn't have the heart to tell him the fish were smaller than they appeared on the camera.
  23. 7 points
    Greatful for my old hound. She's getting starting to get slower the last few years. This mornings walk she was really showing her age. Still very greatful to have her
  24. 7 points
    I’m thankful for the posts on here also. Some reflection time never hurts. Thanks to you all for sharing! I’m also thankful that I can still work even though it’s a HAVE to situation. And in the big picture I’m thankful I can be a part of helping keep my community be as safe as possible. That’s probably the biggest stress reliever of all.
  25. 7 points
    My wife and I practiced social distancing today and took a long drive through the northwoods. Spotted this old log cabin back in the brush.
  26. 7 points
    I am most grateful for discovering 42 years ago I was an alcoholic and God did for me what I could not do for myself. Through the Gospel inspired healing, teaching transformation of 12 simple steps and help from many, changing from a False Self of dishonesty, self important, arrogant, cheat, blaming to a True Self crushing my EGO (Edging God Out) to a Spiritual life of love, kindness, giving of self, honesty, sharing allowing me to share the past 51 years with my first wife, working, living, teaching sharing a grateful life with our 2 grown children and 6 adult grandchildren. And yes I still go to weekly meetings as one can still learn and grow even at a senior age while helping others who still suffer. One needs to Suffer to get well, Surrender to win, Die to live, than Give it all away to keep it.
  27. 7 points
    Thankful for my faith in God, my great wife, I have 3 nieces and a nephew do not see them too much. Be thankful for family all of you. I don't have hardly any family left but really enjoy those nieces and nephew when I see them. Thankful for the guys and gals on this site. I have learned lip reading even more and that is a huge help for me right now. I'm also thankful for my Yamaha boat motor best thing I ever bought Thankful my wife loves to fish and comes with anytime she can. She is laid off now but boy do I love being with her. I work second shift Mon-Thursday she works during the week and every weekend it feels like a second honey moon!
  28. 7 points
    I am grateful to have my faith in God, without my faith life's trials would be much more difficult to navigate. I am grateful for my family, they are source of a great deal of strength. There is nothing like raising my 2 favorite people on earth everyday. I screw up alot, they have always given me a reason to keep going forward. My wife is the most amazing woman in my life. She has to be great, to deal with me everyday. Grateful for my father and my sister, we have always had a close family, but going through my mother's battle and ultimate death from cancer this last year, I know it would have been next to impossible to deal with without them. I can't wait for this virus to leave so I can give both of them a huge hug again. I am grateful for the gifts of my life's journey, the great moments and the bad, everyday is great day, we get so few.
  29. 7 points
    Well stated Rick! I am grateful for Skype! My wife and I had a 3 hour virtual happy hour with are oldest daughter in Madison Wisc. getting her Phd, and our baby and son-in-law down in Iowa. It was great to be able to see them while we are going through this. Not the same as having them home but it was still pretty cool!
  30. 7 points
    Real deal about virus is people come from all over states that have cabins or homes. Be tricky deal or could be. Don’t rush it. Cabin will be there an so will fish. Only live once so... Total gas n fun living on own island but tricky getting there an doing all it takes to open n drop boats n all that without running into friends an at closer than six feet. Just might be moot by May . But ya don’t know. So relax n just enjoy what ya have n look forward to when all this is just history and yer looking at pictures of my catches an drooling an sputtering usual mumble : “How dose he keep doing that year after year n why at his age n past life style is he so $&&# Handsome!” Ya crappies can be tough . Find one here then rest over there n move over there the fish moved back where you were or use that tricky mix depth n do use whole water column but the most fun to us is the hunt. You will do fine. Enjoy it all! keep on Rocken! T
  31. 7 points
    Nice way to start the day. Whitefish fingers for hors d’oeuvres tonight!
  32. 7 points
    Well as we are facing some crazy times and going into some uncertain times ahead. Stress and anxiety will be at a all time hi. Tension amongst family and friends might be tested to a all time peak. Just wanted everyone to try as best as possible to stay positive optimistic through the whole scenario We will all get through this, maybe in the end it will open all are eyes up to certain ways we live act treat each other . Lets all keep our heads up Positivity is key to better health and a better life. Lets try to help out wherever we can to help our community's and friends neighbors and loved ones. Lets Try not to show the fear we all feel and face in these unsettled times. The younger ones especially are kids are looking up to us. Lets all act like positive role models and do our parts to try and get things back on track for everyones sake. Many will be seeing some free time ahead with job layoffs business closings etc. Lets turn those bad situations into good positive ones. Volunteer help a elderly person neighbor donate to food shelves, etc. Lastly we are all family here even though some of us have our differences at times LOL FM has always been a safe place our second home where we all feel comfortable a safe place sort to speak. We all come log in and will especially in these hard times ahead. Lets get some good topics flowing to ease all our minds. I want to add if anyone ever needs anything I mean anything shoot me a PM Ill do whatever I can to help any way possible. If you need to talk release some stress get some things off your chest or just feel some normalcy in your life in these strange times holler. PM me and Ill get my number out there to you. We are all in this together no matter our views and opinion. STAY SAFE STAND STRONG MY FRIENDS AND BE HAPPY
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    I've fished it for years and its been a mainstay and highlight for our group every spring. The rainy has always been a crapshoot. Life will go on with the closing of accesses. Some years we have drove up on a 3 day trip only to leave after the 1st day. Muddy water overnight after the forks broke loose and debri shifted in the river have made us have poor fishing. Forceing us to eat our lodging expenses gas etc. The way I see it it's a privilege to be able to fish it. Yes its public water but missing a season isn't going to kill us is it. It's still fishing but it will be there next year. Its our responsibility to all try and do our parts to try and get things straightened out. Health and safety and getting our country back in order right now should be our main concerns. If we don't get this virus on track the economy will Tank worse and more jobs will be lost everyday. No jobs and there is no money hence no economy. Money makes this world function. With the lack of cases up there so far I personally don't put blame on the locals not wanting people up there. They aren't setup medically structurally to handle a spread in there areas. Lets all just relax and do our parts. Next year we will get up there. Until then go for a walk in the woods and listen to the birds and nature and de stress its good for you.
  34. 7 points
    Its kind of like most of our wives girlfriends or at least mine buying shoes You need a certain color style to match every occasion (aka lake) to accessorize with every outfit (aka plastic) and who said Men cant be shoppers
  35. 7 points
    Just wanted to throw out a strong THANK YOU to anyone of you, your spouses or family members involved in the medical community. It's times like this where we are all happy you do the things you do. Tough circumstances like we are facing now bring out the best in all of you, In the heat of Battle you stand strong! We will need you more than ever now. Again THANKS!!!!
  36. 7 points
    I work for a large biopharma and we are making two vaccines. One is passive...taking blood donated from those already infected and purifying the antibodies for injection into high risk patients. Each injection provides immunity for about a month. Also an active vaccine, which is like the annual flu shot. They will both be available. It only takes a few months to manufacture, but there is a high bar for safety so it has to be tested in a human safety trial and then approved by health authorities so that takes quite a bit more time. We are also donating drugs to treat the symptoms. The difference from previous pandemics is this is moving faster. There is little innate immunity, people are infectious before being symptomatic, and for some the symptoms are so mild they are hardly aware and they are transmitting it. Wipes don't matter if you get within 6 feet of an infected person, you are also infected. So it is harder to keep away from high risk patients and it overwhelms healthcare systems. Kudos to those dealing directly with this; so many challenges. We keep a strategic reserve of oil in case of world turmoil and hopefully we will learn from this and will expand into health care supplies.
  37. 7 points
    I think looking at the past is prevalent in this situation. H1N1 (swine flu) initially started roughly at the same time of year although it was not very prevalent to the media until later on in the year. As a nation we hit 60 million confirmed cases and roughly 12,000 deaths. The highlight of the H1N1 was by the time the fall came around we did have a vaccine for it, I am hopeful for the same with COVID19. I got H1N1 early that spring as I was working on an ambulance and I was in my mid 20's, it was horrible to say the least but I survived. As with any flu like illness, hydration and rest along with antipyritics like Tylenol will help blunt some symptoms. I think self distancing is a good thing. The biggest thing that I am concerned with is not the physical toll this takes on individuals but the mental toll. Stay active, get outside, go for a walk in the woods and be cognizant of others. I am very much hoping for normal life to return by May or June. Wash your hands, cover your cough and be nice to others. We will endure Kettle
  38. 7 points
    Late ice has been great, can't wait for last ice, fishing shallow in the reeds SLABS
  39. 7 points
    Thanks everyone! Surgery went well as Chris mentioned. Smaller tumor resulted in me getting to keep the left side of my thyroid. So will not need the synthetic hormones. So step one has gone well. Just waiting on test results for what's next. Hoping to get to go home today.
  40. 6 points
    Is on the way. Ordered a Perception Sound 10.5. Looking forward to chasing some big fishies in May or June. Second pic is for @Rick G
  41. 6 points
    From my final ice outing of the 2019-2020 season. Hoping the excellent fishing this spring will make up for the weak fishing this past winter.
  42. 6 points
    Grateful I found FM 18 years ago . Over those long years I have made many friends and plan on making many more. Maybe even some eyes a few enemies Some have moved on different venues but I still keep in touch and fish with many of them yet. But some have sadly past on. Just want everyone to take a moment of silence for some of previous members who are know longer with us . And I thank you for that Many know a member who is no longer with us. We all interacted chatted became friends with someone who has past on from here. They may be gone but not forgotten. Fished with some of theses guys and the memories will last for a lifetime! Still can see the smile on SO HADDS face when we went catfishing together that man was a trooper full of laughs. Miss you bud but know your with me in spirit when I set the hook! This place has always been like a second family to me. Even though I haven't met as many members as I would like to I'm making a full effort to change that by all means. By reading and interacting with you guys on here I honestly feel like we are bonded by more than a website I probably know you and you probably know me better than we think. Thanks to all of you on here who contribute as much as you can. Interaction laughs and smiles will always ease the mind and bring a smile to everyone's face. .
  43. 6 points
    Mine is my wife and our 5 kids (youngest is 29). All are independent and have given us 7 grandkids who are a hoot. Not to mention all of my great friends. I'm only 60 but I've gotten in a massive amount of fishing and hunting since I was 5. Feel sorry for the guys who did nothing but work most of their life thinking they would have their fun at retirement. Doesn't usually work out. I tried to balance work, family and adventure. If I died now I lived a full life but wanna see the kids/grandkids grow up. Their old enough now to have fun with and my days of having to dig a new outhouse hole are over. My son is a huge help now.
  44. 6 points
    I realize everyone will be antsy by opener and understandable. But agree why travel to a different area to fish and risk being infected or infecting someone else. Don't blame certain locations not wanting people coming up by them. Lets all look at this as a perfect time to learn and fish some of the waters in our backyards. We all have good waters close to us why not take advantage of them. You might srike paydirt and will start fishing closer to your house more often I know I have! I've never been a big fan of traveling to all the big waters on opener especially N. Water temps have always dictated where I open. 9 out 10 times I open in my back yard on chain or a surrounding small lake or around the Atwater area. Lets all be considerate and see where this all goes before making our plans. Safety and Health first pleasure second should be our thought process right now.
  45. 6 points
    Got out this morning felt good to run the boat no fish but had to get going to work for now. Man it felt good the wife was happy!! She figured out how to do upload pics
  46. 6 points
    If you were on the opposite shoreline or narrows, you missed it bud had to be in that cabbage bedI went all around that sucker, maybe 5-6 times... had guys with panoptix out too. Found fish in lots of spots, but only one was LOADED with big fish...lol. We been hitting it hard for last 5 weeks, by far best local bite I have ever experienced.... there were days when we had 20-30 gills over 9inches, average crappie was 11inches.... with countless 12+ mixed in.
  47. 6 points
    Well ...this morning was ok ... kept a few this time for lunch - perch was 10"
  48. 6 points
  49. 6 points
    What worked for me was using binoculars and following behind all you guys!! Haa Haa just kidding. 1. learning to move and not stay on one spot. 2. buying the 6 inch lite flite way better and faster auger. 3. Not wasting time on walleyes going back to pan fishing more fish and more fun. 4. I quit using tip ups this year my hands were frostbite bad as a kid and I couldn't stand messing with minnows outside when it was cold. I learned because of no tip ups I moved more was not anchored down and that meant more fish for me! 5. Bought the bride a camera kept her busy and found out inline reels the jigs still spin so i went back to spinning reels love it less tangles. 6. Trying new lakes and not following the crowd. 7. Minnows for me were an anchor after I quit using them I got more panfish. 8. Reading and following HSO Sorry but I lost my password a while back and could not figure out how to get back. 9. Following fellow HSO on the ice oops I meant HAA HAA
  50. 6 points
    I run a clam plate with the 6 inch bit that can with it. I also added the extension as I am way to tall to use that short auger. The drill is a Dewalt dcd985 brushed drill with the 9 amp batteries. Jigs I have been ordering 3 & 4 mm from sportsman direct. They have a larger hook and I like it. As for plastics I have been using maki minos, mayflys, and some fly looking plastic I got at the bait den. The rod I use is a black ice from Kichler Custom pair with a descent inline reel. Spooled with 3 pound test. For a shelter I have a Jason Mitchell flip over the big one. Love the light bar and no more stupid lantern to break the globe or mantles. Love my old FL-8 that thing has been with me since 1997. Can’t seem to upgrade as I trust it so much.
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