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    hmmm I was always the moderator and I never banned anyone. I left that to powers higher then me. In any case hugs and kisses, hope you have a good day.
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    Well the ice fishing season has started for me on Friday. Fished a lake in northern Becker County and averaged 6 inches of solid ice but it ranged from 4 inches at the access to 7.5 along the way out to our fishing spot. Fishing was hit and miss and I personally didn't do well but my brother who doesn't fish often did pretty well on the trip. Saturday I fished down by Dent in the morning had 6 inches of clear ice on a very SMALL lake that's been frozen over for 10 days BUT when we got to 12 feet we found a huge crack and the ice was only 3 inches on the other side of the crack. We followed the crack 200+ yards up and down the shoreline and we didn't find safe ice on the other side of the crack. Yes I know some people fish on 2.5 inches of ice but when I'm 350+ and my buddy is bigger than me the answer is NO!!!! We got off the ice and took off for a different lake closer to DL and that had 7 inches of ice. Buddy took a big group out the night before and supposedly caught 200-300 gills and crappies. All I could find was 8 inch crappies in 35 feet of water. The only big fish I caught was a 12.5 inch crappie that when I was dropping down out deep chased my jig 12 feet down and it inhaled the bait instantly when I reeled it back up to the 12 ft mark (24 feet off of bottom). Blue gills did pick up closer to dark and I started catching some 5-7 inch gills with a mixed snake in the batch but then it started pouring on me and I really didn't want to get drenched and I also didn't want to get all my gear wet on the second trip of the season. Sunday I couldn't find a fishing partner and I will not hit early ice without a partner till I know its safe but I saw a few guys hitting Big Pine on the north side. First guy I saw was really close to the access for my liking walking out and I looked 30 minutes later and he was all the way down to crappie village already. Looked an hour later and a guy was setting up on the first break from the north shore in a 2 person flip over. I'm waiting for a partner and more ice before I hit the big lake since I was told it only froze over 100% on Tuesday and I don't want to find a thin spot. Hearing reports of wheelers and snowmobiles out already on some lakes. I personally think they are crazy as heck with what I'm seeing on some lakes for ice conditions but I've also not been on a lake where I have seen another person fishing yet either. Please use extreme caution because we need one more week of good ice making conditions for me to start hitting all of my favorite spots. Heck Long and Sybil Lake's by Vergas you could have been in a boat on this weekend. Long is frozen on the east side but the NW side by the loon you could fish off of the docks.
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    Lol!!! Sure gonna make some ice the next few nights, next week looks great
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    I removed your post. You've moved on from it so let's leave it in your memory. Please.
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    So, we're going to get into a my 1200 Thinsulate penis is bigger discussion? Like I said, I have spent all day from sun up until sun down standing on Ice with my Ice Kings in white cotton socks and my feet have never-ever been cold. Even with my little 400 thinsulater!
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    No I haven't. Basically the only thing them pockets are for is for helping set the platform up. Once it's up and in place I screw through the outside 2x6 into the legs. After you X brace all four legs it's very solid.
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    Those are the ones I' m using Tom been happy with them so far.
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    Over all they played pretty good last night. Way to many yards on the ground last night need to stop the run game close the gaps. Rhodes has been killing us all season he's lost his speed looks like a plow behind him. He needs to play smarter all the penalty's he gets are definitely making it tough to compete. His attitude has something to be desired as of late. I realize he's frustrated but your a pro act like one! Hopefully Zim repremands him for his actions last night. Cook is unreal hopefully he's a go against the lions but sounds like he will be.
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    Here's what happens when an oak tree tips over. I rebuilt it. It's the stand I shot my buck out of this year.
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    I've built quite a few of these and tried some different methods for the legs. This is what I've settled on as to what I think works best. I cut the top of the leg at a 5° angle.
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    Hungry Jack gets my vote
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    I for one love em. Keep posting pics. I built my first one last year so i could hunt more easily with my kids. Even if they spend some time watching the ipad it gives me time with them outdoors. I can even put my dad in a nice warm stand, extending his hunting time. I've always loved critics of other outdoors men and women. They would have you sitting on a bucket after using a hand auger and no electronics because that's how it should be done. If somebody isn't breaking the law or interfering with your ability to enjoy the outdoors. Just be glad they are on "our" team!
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    Will miss the stories about your two's adventures fishing up on Red. I'm sure he's park over a mega school of those slab crappies and they're biting.
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    Taken at Red a couple weeks ago
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    See, this is where math is handy. You can tell by not looking at it. I’m going with 3X bigger And now to really git yer goat; Thermacell heated insoles will help a bare ice champ stay comfortable longer in lighter, smaller boots. But we’ve debated that one before. Enjoy your boots @Rick G!
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    I have some Baffin Sequoia's I bought two years ago and like them a lot. Warm, lightweight, comfortable, great for hole hopping. You should be happy with them.
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    Some Nice lakes in that area be nice to hear some chatter come from down that way.
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    Be safe Don your bay looks like it could have some slush. Keep us posted weird out there where ever there was ice is white and where it was open is clean ice. Noticed mud just froze over on the S tip of the island. Heads up if anyone plans on fishing Eden early ice. There has been a big flock of geese rafting in front of the access keeping a spot open so the ice will defiantely be thinner in that area once they vacate.
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    Nice You ever have any issues with the legs snapping off those wood brackets pulling away ? Curious as we use the elevators and this would definitely be a more economical approach to try.
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    Kirk cannot handle away games against good opponents. He let a LOT of easy situations get away from him. Piss poor passing in the 1st possession. Consistently off the mark on long passes and that slide 1 yard short of a 1st down. He makes $1,750,000 per game for this kind of game against KC? Good grief.
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    Most of the chain is frozen over now. I checked my shoreline which has been ice covered and there is a good layer of slush just under the surface yet. I will go out farther tomorrow and check that ice that i am thinking is better Don
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    Tons better than the old sorrels
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    might as well get the topic back on track. Not one of the super bucks we had on camera. But after a long bow season and 10 days into regular gun season (my wife's patience was worn thin by now) i filled my tag with this 6 pt.
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    Now that's a Stand holy Hanna Love it!
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    That's an amazing area to go. Have fun.
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    I was offered an airboat ride on Upper Red Lake by Donnie Hudec and @kelly-p to chase crappies, before anyone was chasing them there, when ice blew out 100 yds in late winter. I also remember Kelly telling me we were in 17' of water and my depthfinder told me it was only 3' deep. Turns out we were 14' deep in crappies. What a time!
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    Just my 2 cents and back on topic. ..... I think why that wonderbread color pattern works well comes down to contrast. Everyone remember how deadly a five of diamonds, and the orange or chartreuse with black dots were? Also, dots symbolize eyes, fish always key in on eyes. Northland even came out with a jigging spoon last year that simply looks like an eyeball. Simple, but very effective.
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    Figured after posting that pic so many times you might have wore out the photo and may be after a new photo maybe one with a FM sweatshirt or one with a Motor oil logo. After you get your sponsorship from your new found success dipping lures in motor oil Feel honored Ive been here since 2002 and don't own one of those
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    Are you new here?
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    Fished last night trying to beat storm. 9.5 inches of ice...gained 2 inches over the week. Found sharp break and set up. No one was near us easy 500 yards away. Well that changed people set up feet from us leaving wheeler running. Then get set up they decide to run back and forth right by us. Before they showed up we had a few walleyes and a gill. They showed then nothing. Fished till 6 and only landws 2 fish after they showed up. Drilled a ton of holes to find this break. Took pic of depth and maybe 20 feet away. Kept some for a fish fry today. Ton of pike went through lots of jigs. Biggest crappie came through at 545 8 feet off bottom, I was in 13 lol.
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    Every lake has a mystery about it for sure. Solving that mystery is what dictates a good day on the ice versus a bad one. Some lakes definitely have color preferences. Is color huge most of the time IMO no. I would say there are other things that play more effect in on a day of topsiding fish other than color Usally its the cadence ones doing, the profile, match the hatch so to speak and the location and reason fish are in a area etc. Would I go to leech without something green ,Millacs blue, LOW gold, no as those colors on those lakes have always produced better than others and are known for it. I fish the heck out of Lake Koronis Jig rapping all year for walleyes and I have kept log books overthe years. There is one color Jig Rap that I will never set foot on this lake without. Its produced over 80 % of my fish hands down. I use multiple colors out there and this color always is lights out. Will I give that color out, probably not but you might be able to coax it out of another FM fisherman that knows me well
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    hi all just a heads up I'm home and hurting . not sure if I will be in a truck or on the lake this winter. The way I feel I expect not at this time. I was in a single car accident as I may of dozed off . Thank you for all the prayers. I'm hoping and praying the lord heals me
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    sorry to here about your loss .
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    WOW! Well, you've offended me. The Red Lake Band members care more about URL and LRL then sport anglers. For the Band members URL and LRL are home. For the sport anglers URL is just a destination that they will fish hard when the bite is good then just move on to a different lake when the bite slows down. Many sport anglers only care about a lake the day they are fishing on it. More and more sport anglers have this vision of themselves that they are great knights in shining armor sitting on their mighty steed and that the world revolves around them. The garbage they leave behind and the dangerous driving habits because they are in a hurry to get to the lake or get home tell a different story.
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    Instead of blaming the white man and state they should blame the Federal government for allowing the overseas bilgewater to enter our country. We all hollered about this for years but the shipping industry won out due to our politicians bending over. Now they've finally changed the rules, but too late. And now it's the common man paying for all the destruction. I think the industries that caused it should pay for and clean it up. I can't imagine how you can clean your boat good enough to kill ALL larvae unless you only go once a year or only one lake.
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    WOW that sums up tonight. Nothing from 1-3 but from 3 till after dark when the girlfriend said time to go was WILD. Tungstens tipped with soft plastics and a wax worm. Crappies were coming up 3+ feet to fight over the jig. Released a 13 inch and a ton of gills and crappies non stop. Was in 12 feet with all the fish coming through at 10 feet. I didn't move from same hole the whole time.
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    I really love the ducer holder I grabbed last winter from coby manufacturing. Also for fun I started just putting the ducer about half way down the hole. Works dandy and it really slows down the gills from wrapping around the cord and I don't have to hold the unit up in the air going from this hole to the next one. Saves on the arm also. Probably wouldn't matter if I was 25... LOL
  41. 1 point
    3 lbs difference on the battery while hole hopping for big gills and crappies is a good thing. Drill 50 holes and hit each one half dozen times throughout the day. 300 x3 is 900 less pounds I picked up on a typical outing. My arm will say thx eyeguy for being so nice to me. Lol
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    I vote it's an invasive species! We must do the following: 1.) harvest fewer deer/pheasants/grouse since it clearly and scientifically is causing problems with numbers. 2.) Clean all vegitation off your "hull". Thoroughly clean any "bilge" out of your system. You may inadventantly be transmitting eggs to clean forests next time you have to "empty out". Make sure an approved DNR agent has inspected you... 3.) limit further/future hunter access in Wright county.
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    Nope... Hardrives pond.... paddled all the way up river to get there
  44. 1 point
    I'm looking for perch fishing without a long drive to either S. Or N. Dakota. Anybody have any southern Mn. Recommendation? Th as nks.
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  46. 1 point
    My largest northern I’ve ever caught. 13.22 pounds.
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    My three year old has been loving spending time with dad on the hard water this winter. There are so many good pictures that it's hard to pick my favorite, but I have to say there is something about this 1st one that I will always cherish. The second photo is of a 14.5" that mom decided we can mount for him. The third is from last weekend. He jumped out of bed at 5 am to go out to his uncles fish house with dad.
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    This was caught by my wife jigging on a metro lake the rock was 3 lbs and in 15 fow stuck in the mud...not very tasty. Hook got into a small crack and had to pull out with a needle nose.
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    Rather than share a pic, I will share our latest video. I love fishing with the kids. The love the adventure and they just love to be with us, even if it is raining.
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