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  1. 11 points
    Morning everyone one! Prayers do work my wife was able to get ahold of unemployment today in 2014 someone attempted to use my wife's info to get benefits it was denied because it was incorrect. The person helping her said she should get her check on Friday and they took care of the issue. Here is hoping We have been looking at our boat like Wile coyote waiting to eat it. So I don't want to get to personal or to much info but please bear with me. In 11th grade I was thrown out of the house I was homeless during this time somehow managed to graduate and go to post secondary school. It was very rough but made me who i am today. Well as you can imagine I have not talked much to my folks since. After reading many of the posts on here about families I got to thinking they are still alive and why not reach out to chat they can only say no. I called them this weekend and we got together. I felt like I was on my first date and the Dad was cleaning the shotgun It took awhile but we started chatting some I have kept in contact with my Mom some but not like a son should. Lets just say some healing went on and yes I know you should not be visiting people but this could not wait longer. I don't know what the future holds but let's just say these posts really helped me assess what life is about. My Mom asked me if we can go fishing this summer You know my answer
  2. 10 points
    Today I am thankful for answered payers. God continues to amaze me every day. Also kinda thankful for unanswered prayers. He knows what’s best.
  3. 9 points
    Greatful for my old hound. She's getting starting to get slower the last few years. This mornings walk she was really showing her age. Still very greatful to have her
  4. 9 points
    Although no children of my own, I am incredibly thankful for my two nephews! They are my best pals and both like fishing, actually they like casting and playing with the worms. All part of the experience. I'm thankful for support from my mother and sister and to have friends that take me fishing. The last two years have been long days at the libraries and the hospital for graduate school so this forum has been nice to visit, read the reports, the stories and see pictures, essentially I've lived vicariously through many of you and I am grateful for that
  5. 9 points
    I am also thankful for my husband who takes me fishing with him and tells me I'm his favorite fishing partner.
  6. 8 points
    I’m thankful for the posts on here also. Some reflection time never hurts. Thanks to you all for sharing! I’m also thankful that I can still work even though it’s a HAVE to situation. And in the big picture I’m thankful I can be a part of helping keep my community be as safe as possible. That’s probably the biggest stress reliever of all.
  7. 8 points
    My wife and I practiced social distancing today and took a long drive through the northwoods. Spotted this old log cabin back in the brush.
  8. 8 points
    I am most grateful for discovering 42 years ago I was an alcoholic and God did for me what I could not do for myself. Through the Gospel inspired healing, teaching transformation of 12 simple steps and help from many, changing from a False Self of dishonesty, self important, arrogant, cheat, blaming to a True Self crushing my EGO (Edging God Out) to a Spiritual life of love, kindness, giving of self, honesty, sharing allowing me to share the past 51 years with my first wife, working, living, teaching sharing a grateful life with our 2 grown children and 6 adult grandchildren. And yes I still go to weekly meetings as one can still learn and grow even at a senior age while helping others who still suffer. One needs to Suffer to get well, Surrender to win, Die to live, than Give it all away to keep it.
  9. 7 points
    Really cant wait for some of these Regulations to be put into Place on Some lakes. Way overdue IMO. Please when these meetings are formed lets all try and make it to some and give some honest quality input. Even if you are against some of the New regulation limit changes being talked about. We all need to come together and figure out someway to protect our Trophy Panfish. So all of us and future generations can enjoy the future!
  10. 7 points
    From my final ice outing of the 2019-2020 season. Hoping the excellent fishing this spring will make up for the weak fishing this past winter.
  11. 7 points
    Grateful I found FM 18 years ago . Over those long years I have made many friends and plan on making many more. Maybe even some eyes a few enemies Some have moved on different venues but I still keep in touch and fish with many of them yet. But some have sadly past on. Just want everyone to take a moment of silence for some of previous members who are know longer with us . And I thank you for that Many know a member who is no longer with us. We all interacted chatted became friends with someone who has past on from here. They may be gone but not forgotten. Fished with some of theses guys and the memories will last for a lifetime! Still can see the smile on SO HADDS face when we went catfishing together that man was a trooper full of laughs. Miss you bud but know your with me in spirit when I set the hook! This place has always been like a second family to me. Even though I haven't met as many members as I would like to I'm making a full effort to change that by all means. By reading and interacting with you guys on here I honestly feel like we are bonded by more than a website I probably know you and you probably know me better than we think. Thanks to all of you on here who contribute as much as you can. Interaction laughs and smiles will always ease the mind and bring a smile to everyone's face. .
  12. 7 points
    Woke up this morning. Can only get better from there.
  13. 7 points
    So thankful for many things but top three are faith, family and friends. Yes, this virus has kept most of us sheltered in place with only occasional trips out for necessities. However, I've been able to worship online with family members and friends in different states which wouldn't have happened otherwise. I'm learning how to do the zoom app to visit with family members in different areas. I've been able to dust off the retired teacher status and teach my grandchildren using FaceTime. I am praying for our president and vice president as they lead our country, those in essential jobs and those who have been sickened by this virus. Praying this will soon be over. Thank you for this thread! Hopefully, we'll be up north soon.
  14. 6 points
    Today, I was grateful for these trying times. As my son and I collected maple sap for boiling(wow, did the sap run today), and we wandered outside most of the day. I got to see him finally start to truly notice all the critters and less obvious wonders of our world. It really seemed to click with him today. He noticed a few grouse that walked through the woods checking fallen trees to drum on. Watched a group of wood ducks land and roost in our oak trees, beautiful Drakes. And the ever growing number of squirrels in the yard he wishes he could shoot so he could try his new recipe. I had to inform him season closed. He has been practicing will the 22 he bought with his Christmas money. To the tune of over a thousand rounds into one of my oak trees since February. He's a pretty good shot now. I appreciate the boring days getting and giving grief with my daughter over these extended days stuck at home. What a wonderful couple of kids I have. I have always known this. But with our/their busy schedules, I probably didn't make enough time, to really appreciate them for the people they are becoming, the way I should have. If there is one positive thing this situation will be good for? It will hopefully be that we should all slow down a bit and enjoy each thing we do. Start to notice the little things we pass on noticing, because we are so busy.
  15. 6 points
    @Bigfatbert have you come to terms yet with the fact this virus isn’t going to just disappear and that most of will catch it eventually, including you? The Order is about keeping the peak medical resource usage rate a little flatter and giving us time to prepare to handle it at the peak. That’s it. I understand you’re more sensitive to the matter based on health conditions you mentioned in another post but you’re touting the restrictions like a fear monger. Or maybe you enjoy poking the bear of the fishing community? I don’t know. Our fears are driving us further away from recovery than the virus is. I’m all for being careful and keeping transmission rates lower but we can’t stop it. Sorry to break the news to you.
  16. 6 points
    Its called Tradition something many of us grew up doing and watched our for fathers do it as we grew up. .Les Kouba Knew it hence why he has paintings related to it! In fact I own a few. In my area I would say well over 3/4 of the guys I personally know that are fisherman including myself speared back in the day. Do I anymore no, reason I'm to dedicated of ice angler now to put in my full honest effort to the sport . I will tell you the excitement of having pike float in or attack your decoy is a adrenaline rush at its best. Like Mike said Until you've done it you cant knock it. I miss the smell of a gas stove the peacefulness of staring on that dark hole for sure! Most guys that are true spearfisherman do it for sport and for table fare. A Northern is a excellent eating fish for sure it just gets a bad rap sometimes . Are big fish being taken yes and no depends whos behind the spear. I will admit I think spear fisherman are a dying breed. New philosophy's of catch and release etc are starting to gain ground all the time. Am I against it heck NO I know the allure of it for sure in fact sometimes I miss it. But for right now I'm more into CPR big pike because I get more of a thrill watching a youngster or someone else have a chance to catch it. 4 years ago In late Oct on the Horseshoe Chain I caught a 42 inch pike fishing eyes a little over 20 lbs. I measured weighed and released her back. Boy did I get a bunch of flack from some of the locals. Should of mounted it. Yes maybe but I've caught a few at that range before so saw no reason to kill it. Its all about the guy behind the spear that dictates if a fish lives swims or lays on the ice.
  17. 6 points
    As I get older I find my appreciation and respect for time over material has grown tremendously. I appreciate long sunny days fishing with good friends. I appreciate my family, not nearly as m a's ny as there once was... but I love who's left❤ I appreciate my health, have been very healthy up untill this last yr Hopefully I still have a few good yrs left I appreciate my friends, some of them have been putting up with me since I was pretty young...lol Very fortunate to have some close buddies. I appreciate HSO/FM...and all the great people I have met and or shared time on the water with because of this site
  18. 6 points
    I'm thankful today our car the tranny went out we were able to get a used Chevy traverse which will be a big step up from what we had and better for towing our little boat. I tell you things were just not looking good today but I have faith in God and he sees us thru all if we trust in him. Rick Thanks for starting this it has been my release reading these posts.
  19. 5 points
    Today while fishing I had some time to ponder. I though about how lucky I am to have the Parents I have. They were great role models. Not everyone is so fortunate and lucky. Yes when I was in my teenager years I didn't think I needed to listen to them at times and thought I had the world figured out was bullet proof, but you know what I didn't. I realized that with age! Something we all do. The great advise they gave me back then about treating people with respect listening being polite do onto others and you want done to yourself has made me hopefully into the person and Role model I try to be today. They taught me how to work hard listen observe ask and answer questions. Help others when you can. One of the best things POPs said was Invest wisely some advise that has played huge dividends now. Man I still thank Him today for this ! He always said land will never go away it's always there when yours. I did take his advise buying a good chunk of land in my early years struggled making payments some times but got it done! A milestone but that investment has increased dramatically in value and will always be there in a world that things are declineing. Way better than my 401 k that's sliding all the time It's those small things Parents Uncles Aunts and others tell you teach you that set you up to be strong confident and successful in a world of uncertainty! Hopefully I'm doing the same for my two daughters and someday they will thank me
  20. 5 points
    I am grateful that I have such a wonderful, caring , and loving wife and wonderful daughter . i am also grateful that during these hard times that at least some people understand , and are following all implemented rules/regulations that have been handed to us All !! Im also grateful for all the essential workers that are putting their and their loved ones life at risk everyday during these hard times ,they truly are amazingly wonderful people , especially when they have to witness people who don’t get it . i
  21. 5 points
    No, I don’t believe everyone gets it the way you and I do. You may not think I really do get it but I do and I think most folks here do too. I’ll be careful for other’s health and welfare as best I can. Peace to you as well.
  22. 5 points
  23. 5 points
    Thankful today we got are hitch for our new to us car i was able to put it on and save a lot of cash that we needed. We put the boat on went to a local frozen lake could not go out far but my wife stopped me and said she has not seen a smile on my face in awhile and I was grinning pretty good the car towed the boat way better and safer than what I had. I had to stop and smell the roses my wife even being unemployed she is a beacon of life. If any of you are praying people please pray for us my wife has been unable to get any unemployment there is some mix up or mess with them and unfortunately you can't call them they are not taking phone calls it's getting frustrating 2 weeks without pay. She called the first time and everything they said was good but who knows. We would appreciate that this gets solved soon or may need to start eating the boat. I'm thankful for the time my wife and i are having together it's been a blast and she won after 25 years of marriage her first monopoly game with me boy is she rubbing it in We have been power cleaning like crazy and was able to give some stuff away to people in the neighborhood that was well worth it met a couple we never new and enjoyed talking with them 6 feet apart of course keep these posts up my wife is even joining to read them.
  24. 5 points
    Since i'm stuck at home with the kids i took em out for a bit of scouting yesterday. I'll call it a biology lesson for their current "distance learning" school situation. Some good sign in my favorite spots, only had one bird respond to a call. Not even in one of my good spots. I could tell it was a jake so kept calling. Was on the road with the kids in the truck. I called that silly turkey within 20 yards of the truck with the kids watching and listening the whole time. He must have come over 200 yards gobbling at every call i made. it was really a cool lesson for the kids and maybe will help them concentrate a bit in the blind this year.
  25. 5 points
    Bert... chill out dude. Too much doom and gloom on tv, no need to bring that here too, man.... We can all hope and pray for the best
  26. 5 points
    Cant even imagine the stories that old cabin could tell. I always love finding things like these. Found some neat old abandoned stuff up in Ely In BWCA years ago. One of things that has always intrigued me are old broken down deer stands. Always makes me wonder how many deer were shot or missed or who sat there years ago. One can only imagine some of the deer camp stories that were told from them!
  27. 5 points
    Thankful for my two best hunting buddies. Last night I took my to labs Zoe 11 and Otter 1 year old out for a stroll in a big WMA. We were strolling along a edge of a picked cornfield when they both got birdy. Zoe the veteran was hot on the trail and Otter the rookie was right behind. Wasn't long before they flushed up two rooster pheasants. As they flew off cackling into the sunset. I stood and pondered for a bit on how lucky I have been to be able to hunt 11 seasons share some great moments and kill a pile of birds with my buddie Zoe. Yes she's gray in the face a little slower but so am I. If you ever have had that special hunting partner you know what I mean. The most grateful thing is the rookie Otter is following in her footsteps and I see many signs of Zoe in her younger years. She will be a good one also and I'm looking forward to the memories we make together in the future just like me and old Zoe have!
  28. 5 points
    Faith, family and friends. A great wife of 30 years and 3 great kids, 20 yrs and 2 18 yrs ready to graduate this spring. Still have her parents and my dad and step mom and we visit both as much as we can. Love to fish together and the kids and I hunt deer every year right outside our door basically. Thankful for great neighbors. Thankful for my job of 29 years. Thankful for my brother and sister and my two step brothers and step sister. It’s times like these that make us reflect on what’s good in our world. Thanks Rick for starting this thread.
  29. 5 points
    Day 2. I am very grateful for the beautiful sunny day given us and the fact God has made it possible to not only have wonderful springer spaniels but to get out in the field with them yesterday. Saw more people than ever out walking in family groups along the walkways. Is God awakening us to what is really real?
  30. 4 points
    My dad passed away many years ago before we totally patched things. It's one of those regrets you can't fix. Swallow a little pride if you have to but make things work.
  31. 4 points
    Thanks everyone! My Mom just called me a bit a go to see how I'm doing Wow!
  32. 4 points
    This is not my fish, just wish I could someday catch one like it!! Caught this past ice fishing season, by friends group. Absolute slob 45" long 27" girth. I did not ask to post the guys likeness so covered his face. Congrats to him though.
  33. 4 points
    Lots of birds have been visible the last week here. It is like the just flipped the switch. Mostly been seeing groups of 3-4 males and 4-5 hens together. 4 or 5 groups on my travel from Cushing to Little Falls.
  34. 4 points
    Government organizations are starting to admit the probability of that scenario. Like I’ve typed before, I’m concerned but not scared. I’ve had my training to deal with this situation that “would probably never happen” and took it seriously. Maybe that’s why I’m calmer than most about the actual virus. Plus I don’t have underlying conditions that put me at a higher risk. Things that I have to take care of are planned out and in motion to be as prepared as can be. I can’t do anything more but manage the load and ride it out. Not to curse myself but I told my wife last night, if I’m going to get this, I’m ready now. But I’d prefer to hold off until the predicted peak is over. @dutchboy II that’s probably considered a nonchalant view to you and some others but I AM looking weeks ahead at potential impacts that don’t involve my personal fishing opener. I’ve been reading the forum comments and trying not to interject too much but sometimes a guy just has to share some actual experience and straight talk from the past weeks of being submerged in the subject. I don’t seek information that aligns with my opinions, I let consistent information guide and sometimes change my opinions.
  35. 4 points
    Have hope. I feel as fisher people we have hope. If we were not hopeful, we would not spend time fishing. Please check out our latest adventure and stay HOPEFUL. https://youtu.be/MbIDtDvSnoQ
  36. 4 points
  37. 4 points
    I know they are looking at reduced limits but In think they're missing the boat if they don't add size restrictions on sunfish. I've mentioned a few times that every gill over 9" goes back with 1 over 10" as a trophy would make a positive impact. Add this to an10 fish limit and we'd see positive outcomes. I still cringe when 5 or 10, 10" gills leave the lake every day with the current reduced limits.
  38. 4 points
    Day 4 Very happy that each of you are here, reading and sharing. Such an awesome caring group and tough as nails to boot! You definitely have more fun. You're much more interesting than you likely realize. Thanks everyone! What do you have to be grateful for?
  39. 4 points
    Great picture, to me that says it all what life is about
  40. 4 points
    Saw 2 big Toms strutting with a group of 15 hens today. Still grouped up they should be starting to split here more and more in the days to come. Couple rain days and some sun will get some greenery going and fire them up ! Strut Zones will start to appear soon I hope
  41. 4 points
    I'm thankful that I got out of New Jersey safely and virus free, right before the anvil dropped. I then visited my elderly parents in Wisconsin and am extremely thankful that I didn't have any viruses to pass on to them. I know some people that have already died from this thing and know of quite a few others that are on ventilators in NJ and NY. I am also thankful for internet forums like this one, that keep my mind focused on other stuff! Thanks Rick.
  42. 4 points
    So far we can still go fish, but there are restrictions limited areas for walleye and pike fishing. As minnesota has closed seasons for our game fish, there is still panfish and catfishing to to be done. Although not many people fish cats as a food sores in this state I do feel many are missing out. I have even thought of trapping Crawfish, another species not gone after. Crawfish boils in Minnesota are not heard of, although there are crawfish that many did not know. I am doing taxidermy on fish and other critters that came in during the winter months. Soon I will be mounting up the bison head that came in. All before I start getting on the water for my fishing guide service. Our lakes are starting to break up in ice covering, just thinking three weeks ago, I was driving my pick-up and Ice Castle wheel house across and lake. I look forward to getting on the water soon or even just dawning my chest waders and walking the shores. I am amazed as the amount of aluminum cans along with other trash , I have picked up at public accesses. I started refilling my own 1lb propane, though they may only fill 2/3's the total amount, it's better than throwing them in the trash. I also refill my propane tanks through a filter system, which may cause for less gas going into the tanks which is fine with me. Easier to carry a couple small tanks for early river float fishing.
  43. 4 points
    Day 3 Even with social distancing, I am very thankful for 4 friends, God placed on this earth, who romped outdoors with me. Darrell, Tim, Ryan and Zach. My daughter made a funny video making her special iced coffee. It made me laugh. If I can get it from her, I will post it. Please look for something, anything you have to be thankful for in the moment, everyday...then... Share your story here in this journal, please. Frankly, your posts help myself and many others.
  44. 4 points
    They turned out Awesome !
  45. 4 points
    I'm grateful for my dog too. She listens better than my kid, she's calmer, she generally doesn't bother me, and when its time to go fishing or hunting, she springs into action with more excitement than I do.
  46. 4 points
    Thankful for my faith in God, my great wife, I have 3 nieces and a nephew do not see them too much. Be thankful for family all of you. I don't have hardly any family left but really enjoy those nieces and nephew when I see them. Thankful for the guys and gals on this site. I have learned lip reading even more and that is a huge help for me right now. I'm also thankful for my Yamaha boat motor best thing I ever bought Thankful my wife loves to fish and comes with anytime she can. She is laid off now but boy do I love being with her. I work second shift Mon-Thursday she works during the week and every weekend it feels like a second honey moon!
  47. 4 points
    I am grateful to have my faith in God, without my faith life's trials would be much more difficult to navigate. I am grateful for my family, they are source of a great deal of strength. There is nothing like raising my 2 favorite people on earth everyday. I screw up alot, they have always given me a reason to keep going forward. My wife is the most amazing woman in my life. She has to be great, to deal with me everyday. Grateful for my father and my sister, we have always had a close family, but going through my mother's battle and ultimate death from cancer this last year, I know it would have been next to impossible to deal with without them. I can't wait for this virus to leave so I can give both of them a huge hug again. I am grateful for the gifts of my life's journey, the great moments and the bad, everyday is great day, we get so few.
  48. 4 points
    For me it's family, friends and faith. My health has been good and I'm currently working through some things health wise. But I'm positive and have found more support and care than I could have imagined. For that, I truly felt blessed. I'm lucky to have a wife who loves me even with my short comings. Again, I'm a very lucky man. I have 6 granddaughters who love to hug and talk to papa. Makes me smile even now as I type this. My 3 adult children are doing well and actually call the old man for advise and like to hang out with me which I really enjoy. My folks are on their way home from south TX. We got to visit and fish with them there this winter. I feel fortunate to be able to do things with them yet. Finally getting out to fish and hunt with all of these freinds and family are what really make me feel like one fortunate guy.
  49. 4 points
    My Health and Family!! As a Kidney cancer survivor I cherish everyday being able to walk this fine earth we live on there was a time I wasn't sure I was going to be able to. The appreciation I have for the small things in life now are unimaginable. You soon learn the importance of the material things in your life and that is zilch. I will tell you from experience It doesn't matter how much money you have or if you own the biggest house, boat etc. The only thing that really matters is your Family, your friends and the most important the Good Lord. My family has always been the most important thing in my life. MY wife and my two daughters are the rocks that get me through the tough times. And give me a purpose in life. Without them my purpose in life would be cut in half. My wife has always been a big supporter of my hobbies as she knows the love and passion I have for the great outdoors fishing and hunting and I love her for that! My daughters they are getting older 22 and 17 but still aren't to old to hang out and reminisce with there old dad every once in a while. The three of them are my best 3 catches to date!!! Lastly all my friends they are always there to share moments, laughs, good times and are always willing to open a ear and listen offer advise when something is bothering me thanks guys!
  50. 3 points
    I generally fish close to home and after dark opening weekend. Just too crazy during the day and it's so quiet at night. Not to mention it can me very good fishing to boot.
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