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About this blog

I fish the Minneapolis metro area and want help finding and catching fish.

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Bed Fishing Tips and Tactics

March and the early spring months are coming and that means bed fishing! I am not an experienced angler with bed fishing so could you please comment what I should look for, what  I should use, and techniques to catch the big females. Thanks!


Bass Lakes

I am looking for good LMB lakes near the metro that can catch 5-6 pounders. An help would be advised.


Fish in Mt.Normandale Lake

Hey guys,

Just fished at Mt.Normandale Lake today and caught a few Northern and fat pre-spawn bass that were only about 2-3 pounds. I have been doing research on this lake and it was apparently popular at around 2008 and read that people have caught TROPHY bass there (6lbs+) and very large pike (35'+). I have seen a few large bass and pike there and there but I do not see or catch what they caught in 2008. I also noticed that there were people that fished the lake much more in 2010. I rarely EVER see people fish there now. Is the lake over fished? Are there still trophies in there? Any comments would help.

Thank you!


Does anyone fish Mt.Normandale lake?

Does anyone fish this lake? I catch some pike and bass but are there trophies? If there are, what are some effective strategies? And I heard they were draining the lake a while ago. Have they drained the lake? 

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