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Troy Smutka

9/24/18     Hunted a shallow, public lake on opening day with my Dad and two friends. Hunted the same lake on Sunday with my Dad and my son Parker, on his first duck hunt at age 6. Saturday the four of us hunted from two boats. Beautiful morning. Unfortunately, most of the hunters within earshot of us started shooting well before shooting time--some fourteen minutes early. Shame on those people. We passed up on teal, shovelers, and wood ducks in the decoys before shooting time, as the law and ethics demand. We saw a lot of ducks, were buzzed and burned by many, and managed to harvest three wood ducks, two ringnecks, a shoveler, and a greenwing teal. Sunday three generations of Smutkas had teal buzzing through the decoys all morning. Lots of excitement for 6 year old Parker. We harvested four bluewings and two greenwings. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.





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Troy Smutka

10/1/18     Got out with my Dad and son Parker one day this weekend. Cloudy, cool, breezy, and hazy. Saw quite a few ducks, but had a tough time getting many into shooting range. The cold snap chased out a lot of the ducks around for opening weekend, but didn't bring in as many new ducks as I would have expected. We managed one mallard, one shoveler, and one bluewing teal. Parker is hooked, and wants to hunt every weekend. Episode of Fishing and Hunting the North Country about our opening weekend hunt is on my You Tube channel now. Hope the forecast for next weekend dries up some. Too much haze and rain, and too many east winds already for the new duck season. Pictures of Parker include a TOY shotgun. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.



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Those pics of Parker are classic. Especially the duck call.

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Troy Smutka

10/21/18     I have hunted in the Hutchinson area the last two weekends with my Dad, son, and some friends. Dakota ducks are trickling through central MN as the calendar migration has begun. With strong NW blows before or during the past two weekends, we have harvested mallards, gadwalls, redheads, bluebills, canvasbacks, and ringnecks, as well as a couple of geese hunting from a boat blind on some shallow lakes. This calendar migration should continue over the next couple weeks whenever we can get a strong NW or West wind. It will take some more cold and frozen water in Canada to get the big Canadian birds to come down--hopefully that happens before Thanksgiving. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.









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Troy Smutka

11/11/18     Winter rolled in early last week. Lots of ducks blew through central MN during the week with the small water freezing up. We got in a good hunt on a large, shallow central MN lake as the migration was happening. Many of the larger lakes in central MN froze up with the single digit lows Saturday morning. We broke some ice at the landing of a large, deep lake and boated through some ice to get out to the otherwise open lake to hunt a main lake point. My son, Dad, and I managed five ducks, though we mostly saw swans, common mergansers, goldeneyes, and buffleheads. My son wanted one nice drake bufflehead, so we took that as our fifth duck. Not sure if any water is going to be open after another night in single digits this upcoming week, but we will check it out this weekend. If not, we will be onto field hunting as a lot of mallards and geese hang out on a river in the area we hunt. Good luck, be safe, stay warm, and I will see you out there somewhere.






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Troy Smutka

11/25/18     All water frozen in central MN except rivers, so we field hunted one day to finish up our waterfowl season. Only one goose, but mallards were dropping in all morning. Hunted a harvested cornfield from layout blinds with eight dozen goose decoys, a dozen and a half mallards decoys, and six spinning wing mallard decoys. Birds were roosting on a river running through town about two miles away. First time shooting mallards in a field for my son, Parker, so he had a blast watching them drop right on top of us. Will be switching over to ice fishing now, and will be reporting in the Fishing Reports Clubs. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.




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      .243 with scope, 4+1 Magazine. Black synthetic. Excellent. Call (612) 743-9885, leave message. $300.
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      I discovered just recently that the May Township Board in Washington County MN is holding a public hearing on whether or not to block access to a public body of water from a public right a way. Stillwater is the county seat of Washington County. Specifically they want to stop you, hunters or fisherman from using Carnelian Creek to access Turtle Lake.  This was brought to the attention of the May Township Board by the Carnelian-Marine St Croix Watershed District. When I talked with Jim Shaver, Administrator of the Watershed district,  he said that the property owners that surround this creek and lake contacted him about hunting activity and potential trespassing on private property. The owners are also concerned about their animals that they have and dog trials that they hold on the property.
      Jim Shaver also told me that the Watershed District is concerned that if someone got hurt using that waterway, that the Watershed District would be liable because the Watershed District improved the creek so that the water would drain from Big Marine Lake through this creek, eventually ending up at the St. Croix River. I do not believe that the Watershed District has any liability.
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    • tealitup
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      Lets see the successful bear hunting pictures from 2017!  I didn't get drawn but would love to see what everyone harvested.
    • Troy Smutka
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      10/11/16 Central MN
           Decent first three weekends of the waterfowl season in central MN. Been water hunting only so far, on permanent water. Ducks are dispersed with all the temporary flood water around from all the rain. Crops are slowly coming out, will probably be behind schedule due to wet conditions. We have harvested mallards, wood ducks, BWT, GWT, shovelers, pintails, redheads, ringnecks, ruddy ducks,and Canada geese so far. Locals the first two weekends, but the cold front last week move a lot of local ducks out and a few new birds moved in out of ND and Canada. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.

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      Turkeys seem to be showing up every where again. I have been seeing lots of turkeys in small groups say 5 to 10 birds. Seen 3 toms strutting last night.
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      I was just thinking since resorts on red were letting people do it on 10 a couple weeks ago it would be good to go. 
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      Good for you! Seems like you got a fair deal. You will have a blast congrats on your new ride. 
    • AlwaysFishing23
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    • Parmer
      Is 10 inches good to safely bring an 8x16 ice castle fish house out with an atv. 4300#  I am thinking it is, just want reassurance. 
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      If you have Wifi available I would go with a security camera.  We have four Nest cameras running at our place.  They can be configured to send you a push notification on your phone and/or an email when motion is detected.  You can also view the video feed from your phone, tablet or PC.  My exterior cameras have been up for three years and have worked flawlessly even in -20F temperatures.
    • hayseed
      First time this year bought a Stealth cam and like it so far. Have used Bushnell with good luck, Brownings with mixed good and bad. Have a really bad Cuddyback. Had a Hawk Ghost cam which I ended up sending back. Ate batteries really fast. Of all I've used, Bushnell had the best pictures. 
    • going4it
      Had a wild game and never again. Leaked oil all over the sd card. I have stealth cams and they seem to hold up. I have bought some cheap ones from Walmart that are tasco (25-35$) they do a pretty good job for the price. You will be paying 2-300 for the ones that send pics to your phone plus monthly subscriptions. Depending on the island and if you have WiFi wondering if you couldn’t do video motion  that would show on the phone like ring or some of the others. Just some stuff to think about. 
    • leech~~
      That's great.   Are you sure it is a Classic 550 Fan?   I thought the 2000 Sport Touring and Trail Touring were 550 fans and the 2000 Classic Touring was a 500 Liq cooled?  I had a 2000 Sport Touring 550 fan. But I may be wrong?  🤔     
    • Walleye Guy
      Stay away from Wildgame Innovations cameras.  Attractive price points but very low end sequipment and the reliability is very poor.  I have had the best luck with Moultrie.  I have a couple camera fanatic hunting buddies that swear by Browning game cameras.   Thee are cameras that connect to the cell network and that can email you pictures.  Those products have a monthly or seasonal subscription price.