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    • whateverisbiting
      Yes no one including heath and economics experts can predict but like I stated this should be about balance and not about preventing.  If we were in prevention mode, it could drive the world into deep depression.  The desperation could lead to much bigger issues.  Desperate times leads to desperate measures.  Guns and ammo are flying off the shelf at the same rate as toilet paper.  Strange days indeed.   For those that are high risk, the advice does not change for you in any scenario.  You need to stay isolated until this is past us; that has to be frustrating and scary.  By slowing it down, that means staying in isolation longer.   I also feel terrible for the people living paycheck to paycheck now with no paycheck and trying to navigate the overwhelmed government system to get some much needed relief through unemployment checks.   Communities that are resourceful and find ways to operate effectively under social distancing guidelines will be fine.  Those that choose to shut down could face tough economic times ahead.
    • smurfy
      oh man some of them decoy carvers are some real artists. last year at the decoy show in Alex some guy had a ruffed grouse he carved. was that awesome...………….but he wanted 3 grand for it. I think Mike 89 bought it!!!🤣
    • dutchboy II
      Figured you might like that.  🤪  Fact is I like looking at the talent some people have painting these things. I'm always amazed when I go to a Muskie show also. Can't afford them, but like looking at them. 
    • smurfy
      my guess that unless your a member of seal team it would be impossible to get up!!!!!!!
    • smurfy
      nice to see you coming around Dutchy!!!!!!!!😂👍
    • smurfy
      so if this makes any sense, you guys make very valid points, on both sides. for me depends on the wave of the day is.   I believe they just don't know enough about this yet. one part of me says I don't want nothing to do with getting this, the other part, like wanderer says, i"m ok with getting it then moving on. really I or anyone can really control if you get it or not unless you don't leave your house house forever. I have a few of what they could consider underlying conditions, I had heart bypass surgery in 2011, I smoke and I have a very controlled case of diabetes but believe I am healthy enough to withstand this COVID-19 should I get it somehow.   as far as opener, I gave up going opener years ago. I just don't like the zoo at accesses or on the lakes. if I hit an access with no vehicles......i'm in heaven. 
    • Tom Sawyer
      Very excited about burning up the water this year. Fishing fast is an understatement .....   https://www.wired2fish.com/tackle-reviews/abu-garcia-revo-rocket-10-11-casting-reel-review/#slide_1
    • Wanderer
      Government organizations are starting to admit the probability of that scenario.     Like I’ve typed before, I’m concerned but not scared.  I’ve had my training to deal with this situation that “would probably never happen” and took it seriously.  Maybe that’s why I’m calmer than most about the actual virus.  Plus I don’t have underlying conditions that put me at a higher risk.  Things that I have to take care of are planned out and in motion to be as prepared as can be.  I can’t do anything more but manage the load and ride it out.   Not to curse myself but I told my wife last night, if I’m going to get this, I’m ready now.  But I’d prefer to hold off until the predicted peak is over.   @dutchboy II that’s probably considered a nonchalant view to you and some others but I AM looking weeks ahead at potential impacts that don’t involve my personal fishing opener.  I’ve been reading the forum comments and trying not to interject too much but sometimes a guy just has to share some actual experience and straight talk from the past weeks of being submerged in the subject.     I don’t seek information that aligns with my opinions, I let consistent information guide and sometimes change my opinions.
    • dutchboy II
      I don't think the medical community, government agency's or the internet forums know what has, is or will happen with the virus. I think everybody is throwing mud against the wall on best case, worse case scenarios. Best case is a month from now everything is trending back to normal. Worse case people are dropping dead with no end in sight. Are we as humans, not sportsman, willing to risk the worse case just because it may inconvenience our plans for the opener?   I think it's time we give this some serious thought. Way to much non nonchalance in my opinion.  
    • BobT
      On a somewhat related side note, I have experienced fuel issues with biodiesel. Two years ago my Allis-Chalmers 190XT began to give me a lot of trouble. It fluctuated up and down a lot at idle, no power, and just plain horrible performance. I suspected it had to be something with the injector fuel pump and considering its age, 1968 model, this wasn't surprising. I brought my tractor in for repair. After they tested it, they agreed with my fuel pump theory.   When I went to pick it up after it was repaired I asked what the pump re-builder determined to be the problem. The diagnosis was "biofuel damage." I asked what that meant and was told that the fuel pump was damaged from biodiesel fuel. So, I did some digging and learned that with biodiesel there are inherent potential issues along with the benefits. Using biodiesel fuels can result in a net improvement of emissions and can improve cetane levels. On the other hand, bio-diesel fuel has its drawbacks particularly when it comes to storage.   It depends a lot on how it is stored but on average, old school diesel fuel had a shelf life from 1-2 years before it began to break down. With the introduction of today's low sulfur requirements, the shelf life of diesel fuel dropped to about 6-8 months on average depending on storage methods. Biodiesel, however, due to its organic materials, has an average shelf life of 4-6 weeks depending on storage methods. Because a portion of the biodiesel is composed from organic matter, it is subject to bacterial and mold growth and this can be damaging to fuel injector pumps.   Until then I was not aware that I had been using biodiesel so I contacted my supplier to ask if I had been using biodiesel. He sais, "Yes. It has been required by law in MN for the past 10 years." I use about 130-150 gallons of diesel fuel per year in my farming operation so I usually fill my storage tank once each year. My tank is located on the north side of my tree grove so it is not exposed to direct sunlight, which helps improve its shelf life but not enough to avoid issues completely. My supplier now includes an additive in my tank to keep bacterial and mold growth in check.    Most of my neighbors use more fuel and so theirs doesn't sit long enough to become an issue. Same thing for highway vehicles. Just a word of warning. If you have a diesel pickup and you let it set for long periods of time, it might be good to consider protecting it from this issue. Also, since home heating oil sits most of the summer, it wouldn't hurt to think about that as well.
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