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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun

    • delcecchi
      Congratulations on Retirement!
    • JerkinLips
      Congratulations on retirement, CigarGuy.  It has been 2 years for me now and I know you will love it.  Can't say I have been fishing more than when I was working, but at least I can pick the best times to go.
    • Hookmaster
      Congratulations on your retirement CigarGuy. I retired in December and it's fantabulous!!!  😃
    • SkunkedAgain
      Congratulations on retiring. I hope the final day is a long lunch and a beer send-off.   I'll see you out there.
    • CigarGuy
      Just don't keep any 12-13" walleyes😀. Can't wait to visit your bay and catch some crappies. Tomorrow, Is my last day working, I'm officially retiring. I'll be chasing them all spring. Then on to the walleyes!! Can't wait....I better add that I'll be practicing c/r, if I'm lucky enough to catch a few 😀
    • BigVwalters
      @gimruis Hey this is a feed for info.  Not life lessons.  Get off this feed if all your here for is to argue.  Also your not helping your cause by saying you worked for the Dnr.  If the Dnr had it figured out,  there would be a minimum size.  Quit being a jackass. 
    • gunner55
      They were there yesterday afternoon when we came back to the lake. I'm not sure they were running yet as there wasn't anybody down at the water. It was a cold,  wet, nasty day though. Gates were closed & had a sign on it, no visitors this season in order to follow CV-19 protocols.
    • chucker1101
      i've used all at one point or another, and there isn't a big difference that i can see, on V at least. One consideration is the "Follow the Contour" option, if you use a Humminbird/Minnkota trolling option. It only works with LakeMaster.
    • Wakemup52
      I have used both and the Navionics chips come with the 1 foot contours. I prefer Humminbird products personally, and as Raven said, the LM chips made for Humminbird are impossible to beat IMO.
    • Raven77
      The latest Lakemaster maps have 1' contours for LV.  I can't imaging there is a better combination than Lakemaster mapping, Humminbird electronics, and Minnkota trolling motors with I-pilot link all linked by ethernet.  It's a totally integrated system and all pieces are designed to work together.  Add to that Contour Elite, which allows you to  study the maps on your computer and share information back and forth from your computer and your Humminbird unit.  Sorry to hijack the thread with Humminbird stuff as I know the OP asked about Lowrance.  Not sure how Lakemaster works with Lowrance.
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