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Bobby Bass


AWESOME, HILARIOUS, KARDASHIAN I find that if I see any article on the Internet that has any of these three words in the title that if I skip the story I save myself a lot of time. Kardashian now makes the list for the second year in a row. The big city doctor had recommend that I spent less time at the keyboard and more time moving around and I agree. By the way I got my first doctor’s bill from the big city specialist and now I see how she can afford two different kinds of coffee, herbal tea and dark chocolates in candy dishes in her waiting room. Of course to look at it another way I think I would rather go see her then go to a place that has a popcorn machine.


Tahoe is not yet running but the problem has been solved. The battery was bad as my neighbor Chuck came over and we did some trouble shooting. Even though the battery said it was charged and the meter did to we popped open the battery covers and could see some slush, frozen battery. I was in and out of the cabin spending just short trips outside and I did find my 5/16th wrench. Turning it wearing gloves on was interesting but the connection proved not to be the problem. Chuck got his truck started and as long as it was warm we went to town and bought a new battery. On closer inspection of the old battery I found out it was ten years old. So I got my money out of it. Today is a little warmer then yesterday and the sun is shinning. A dusting of snow fell overnight so I am going to wait till the afternoon before I put the new battery in. I don’t think I can ever remember replacing a battery when it was nice out, like in the middle of summer.


The brown dog watched me work from a kitchen chair that is by the window. He sat on the chair and watched as I came and went. From time to time he would bark at me and since I speak lab I knew what he was saying. Mostly encouragement and how cold I looked out their fiddling with pliers and wrenches. Every time I came in he would get off the chair and come to the door and greet me and would go to the door again when it was time for me to go back out. That is as far as he went as he had no intention of going outside, he would rather sit on his chair and stay warm in the cabin. I did look back and see him through the window chewing on something, when I came in I found cookie crumbs on the floor and both the brown dog and my wife both looked at me and just said "What"


The wife took two apple pies from the freezer out and she is going to bake them. I thought we had no pies but somehow a couple have appeared. I figure after they are cooked I will give Chuck a call and tell him I have pie and maybe after we get the battery in the Tahoe we should eat pie and maybe have a glass or two of the hard apple cider he brewed. If the sun stays out I might even go in the greenhouse and take in some solar heat. I think I may just sit in my chair and watch Duncan run around in the cold and snow here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Wayne Walk

WELL I OVER did it the past few days working on my to do list and today I am paying for it. Both knees are stiff and sore and I had to take my time getting out of bed. Duncan was not too happy with my progress as he ran to the back door and back to me a few times trying to get me to move faster. With Duncan outside I took a look at the newly painted door and it looks good in the light of day, guess I didn’t miss any spots. Some sunshine coming through the cabin window’s and that is a surprise as Sunshine Ray did not have that in his forecast for today. The wife appeared and made breakfast and asked me what I was going to do for the day. I complained about my knees hurting and she reminded me of all the years I played football and softball and the hockey and volleyball didn’t help either. We won’t even mention the countless miles walked behind the dog’s bird hunting or fishing from a bouncing Puddle Humper in late fall damp weather, but you know I would do it all over again.


She came up with the idea maybe I should just take a rest day and maybe go up to the RESORT and visit the guys, I agreed and after breakfast I grabbed my go bag and the wife drove me up and dropped me off. I made my way into the Main Room and it was quiet, Vic was sitting in booth number one facing me and as I made my way across the floor he said "Well look who is here, John Wayne" I answered with "Who you calling John Wayne?" Vic with a smile just said "You sure have his walk" I smiled back and said " This is just how I walk when I am not trying to fall over" and I reached out to shake his hand and steady myself.


"Love what ya done to the place" and I was kidding as everything was exactly where I last remember it except for a big puzzle half together or half apart resting on the table in booth number three. Small tomato plants and pepper plants were growing on the window sills and Vic and I talked about the RESORT garden. After getting caught up Marv appeared and sat down to join us, we chatted some and he asked if I wanted to do lunch, told him I was not hungry but he got up anyway. A few minutes later he came back with a Hamms and a couple of steaming Coney’s and set them in front of me. They did look good but I only ate half of one and a few sips of the beer and was done. Vic looked at me with raised eyebrow and said " No appetite?" I nodded yes and pushed the plate over to him, he had no problem eating it and patted his belly afterwards as he dapped at his chin with a napkin.


I did after awhile make my way to the Bait Room as there was something I could do and that was make up our tackle order. Easy enough to do as I sat with the laptop at the small counter and started typing away. Did not take too long to spend our money and I was just a hundred dollars short of getting a bonus discount. Had everything pretty much covered so I decided to order a half dozen musky baits that put us over the top. The bonus discount I used to buy a mess of unpacked spoons in colorful fishermen catching colors. I already had a plan to hang them close to the door to catch guy’s eyes and give the that deer in the headlight look while we upsell them on minnows or crawler harnesses. So I am now back sitting in booth number one with a slice of apple pie that somehow I am going to choke down.. Well with maybe just a little more whipping cream, here at the RESORT at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 50 <><

Bobby Bass



I am now seeing a blood specialist who yesterday in my visit told me that my blood disorder is not curable BUT it is treatable and he has past experience with a patient and has a treatment plan. The next couple of days I will be undergoing yet more testing with another biopsy and a couple of different scans. Going to have some side effects from treatment that are going to effect my pleasant disorder. (Inside joke to those who know me) Treatment will start as early as next week after tests results are in and I will be going through three rounds spaced over 9 weeks. If treatment shows positive results then I will be heading on a road trip to either the Main U or Mayo for cell transplant. I don’t think I will be fishing on opener but if this works the DOC told me I should have a good chance at fishing this summer still. DOC seems like a real good guy but he is a walleye fishermen. Thank you all for the good thoughts they look like they are working Dan

Bobby Bass


WELL MY DRIVEWAY is a snow covered ice crusty frozen mess, didn’t take long for Mother Nature to put her take on things. Had to run into the Lodge this morning but first I had to get into the Tahoe. All the doors were froze from the wet snow that turned to rain and then back to snow and then froze overnight. Foolish me I just ran out to the truck with keys in hand and when I found the doors stuck I had to come back in the cabin for a proper coat and some gloves. The wife was looking over her cookbook at me and said that she had a bottle of that deicer stuff in her Jeep. I just kind of gave her a blank stare and we looked at each other like that for awhile until she said "I suppose the Jeep doors are froze to" I just nodded and shook my head.


Properly dressed I went back outside with Duncan ahead of me. I tried the driver's door but didn’t not try to hard. Nothing worse then breaking the handle on the driver's door because of a frozen door, been there done that. I did get the back door open and then had to climb between the front seats. Key in ignition I started the truck turned the heat on high and climbed back out. Duncan and I then walked down the drive to get the morning paper and mail. Couple of bills and a couple of Christmas cards and another seed catalog. Spring must really be coming early this next year I am thinking.


Made a detour to the wood pile and putting the mail in my pocket I loaded up an arm full of wood and Duncan dragged a chunk of birch back to the cabin. I just carried the wood right inside but Duncan got his chunk stuck in the door and I had to help him. I took off my coat and Duncan was patiently waiting by the biscuit box for his reward. We had a brief talk as I told him one piece of wood does not equal one biscuit, then I went ahead and gave him one anyway. Drank some OJ and looked at the bills then put my coat back on and back to the Tahoe, doors opened easy as a blast of hot air came out. Took my time driving down to the Lodge, Roads were in pretty bad shape, lots of ice and I saw a few tire tracks that were close to going into the ditch.


Well the good news is we got some snow and now we will have a white Christmas. I drove by the General Store and Big Earl was out front with his broom brushing off a monster of a snow blower parked right out front. He waved at me and I waved back, he knows I am still in the market for a snow blower but he does not know that my son stored his at my place and I am not going to let it go, at least not yet. At the Lodge the walkways are clear and as I drove up I could see smoke curling out of the main chimney. The sun was peaking out from behind some fast moving clouds and I stopped and watched, been awhile since we have had sunshine. A minute later and it, the sun was gone again so I went inside the Lodge.


We have ice making weather and snow on the ground, I know some people were hoping for it to stay brown for a while longer but I guess we are way past due. Have to admit the Christmas tree does look better with some snow in the background. A week from Christmas here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass


LUNCH CROWD IS pretty much all gone here at the Lodge this afternoon. The only guys left are Lodge members who have no where better to be. Gus has the day off but Honey Sauce is covering for him in the kitchen. I spent most of the morning putting delivery’s away and going over some pink slips in the office. Not the firing kind of pink slips but the phone message kind. When lunch came I put together Coney’s and ladled out bowls of chili. A few beers were poured but most of the guys who came in today are working and can’t be drinking. There was a lot of bragging going around and more then a few guys were trying to come up with excuses on why they didn’t have any deer in the freezer.


As soon as it was found out that you didn’t get a deer those who did would tell you about how they got theirs. I felt like a deer in the cross hairs as everyone knows I didn’t score and the story of me spooking one has been well told over and over. Seems now I cleaned miss a twenty pointer that was as big as a cow and just as wide. I gave up trying to correct the story and just let it grow. By next season people will be saying "Remember that huge state record buck that Bobby missed?" And others will nod and sip on their beers wishing they had a chance like that themselves. They of course would have had the deer mounted and hanging cuz they would not have missed.


Felt kind of good tying on the apron and watching other people work. Gus will be taking some well deserved time off and I will be here most of the days of the week. Thanksgiving a few days away and most business in town will be closed, we here at the Lodge will be open as we do put on a pretty big feed. I am supposed to be going to the mother in laws but it is my year for working the Lodge and there are a couple of good football games on TV, something I can never watch at the Mother in Laws. Vic is also having a big dinner at the Resort, I don’t really know who is going there, I think Marv and Elmer and Tess and Hammering Hank will be there along with Skinny. I may make an appearance as Marv is making apple pie.


The FELLOWS will all be working on Thanksgiving as they have started another business while I was away at deer camp. They now are all Uber drivers. This I am told is a no brainer has they do have the black limo that all they have to do is peel of the magnetic Del’s Pizza and Sub Shop sign from the doors. They also have Tiny’s Toyota, the one with the clearance lights on the roof. Story behind that is there was some rust coming through and Tiny had these lights laying around so he just mounted them over the rust holes. He needs the clearance lights for when he drives under the crossing gate at the railroad crossing. Business has been slow so far for them but they expect to get a lot of calls for Thanksgiving as they will working from the Lake Iwanttobethere inter county airport.


No real snow on the ground here and it looks like this El Neato weather system is going to hit us. After having two very heavy snow winters and last year being one of the worse snow and cold winters on record I am looking forward to it. Of course I do have the son’s snow blower at the cabin since he needed a place to store it this past summer and if we do get snow he may not get it back. I am going to work some short days as with no snow in the woods and the ground finally freezing I see some grouse hunting in the near future for Duncan and I. Might be some snowshoes hare hunting to as them poor guys really stick out running around in their white fur and the ground still brown. Some ice is forming on the lake and shanties are being uncovered along the shoreline. Right now we are all waiting to see what winter will bring us here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Two Days

BEEN A BUSY week here at Lake Iwanttobethere, matter of fact I have only sat down at the computer a couple of times this last week. Granddaughter number two was here for several days as she is on Christmas vacation and she likes coming here as part of her vacation. The other grand kids all made appearances as their parents went Christmas shopping. I don’t consider the time with the grand kids as baby-sitting but more like free labor. That is what my wife says. While the kids were here they shoveled the deck off of ice and filled the fire wood racks. I got the wood shop swept and even the fire ring cleaned. The china hutch was dusted along with the wife’s collection of bells that cover the little shelf’s over the top of the doorways. I had brought in the small scaffold inside the cabin and it was easy to convince the kids to take turns dusting stuff as they were pushed around on top of the scaffold. Their grandma was not around to see this happen. Also got all the ceiling fan blades clean and the light globes washed..


For some reason they will not do this kind of work at home but here at the cabin it is fun to wipe down my duck collection and look over the old reels that hang on the wall. The den walls are covered in 8x10 fishing pictures and the kids take extra care in cleaning up photos with them in them. One afternoon the granddaughter and I went shopping, mostly because I was trying to find out what she wanted but also I had to buy a few things. The wife and I take turns each Christmas doing the gift buying and this year it is her turn. But I still have to pick up things for a few friends and of course there is always the gift exchange at the Lodge. Speaking of the Lodge the gala Christmas Eve party is tonight and also our gift exchange. I am here at the Lodge right now and the place looks good, it will look even better tonight when we just have the Christmas lights on and a few drinks in me.


OK so back to shopping, the granddaughter and I went out and shopped, I like going out with her because shopping with a nine year old brings a different perspective. Adults tend to buy things practical where as kids tend to buy more fun things. I am of the school that a present should not be something you need but rather something you would never buy for yourself. You won’t see socks and neckties or gift cards from me. With our shopping done we took stuff back to the cabin and I wrapped while she made handmade gift tags. All done we admired our work with some hot cocoa and some cookies she had baked with her grandma. Her parents were going to pick her up in a half hour and she started putting her stuff into her back pack. That is when she told me she "Could really use another tackle box" I told her, "You can never have enough tackle boxes" and in my mind I was already shopping for a new tackle box.


Snowy, rainy weather in the forecast for today, already it is thirty-six out and with the overcast sky it is going to get even messier. What snow we have is piled up alongside the roadways with a dirty layer of dirt on top of it. I was going to stop at the car wash on my way into the Lodge this morning but when I came by there was a line out to Main Street. Seems everyone has the same idea. With the luggage rack on top of the Tahoe the ice/snow is trapped on the roof and with no sunshine it is not going anywhere till Spring at this rate. So I have the laptop open and it is quiet here at the bar. Drapes are pulled open but we have the Christmas lights all on. Vinny and Honey are going around checking lights to make sure everything is working for tonight’s gathering and Elmer is in the kitchen with Gus. They are taste testing a small batch of Eggnog before making the big batch for tonight. Guys have been coming in making quick stops to put presents under the big tree and to go down to the basement lockers to add or subtract presents hidden there. Stormy Clearweather is forecasting it will get cooler and we will get snow. We still have a few days before Christmas here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass


SUNSHINE IS POURING through the den window here at Lake Iwanttobethere. I have window cracked open and every once in a while I get whiff of fresh mud from the snow free flower bed outside of the window. Almost on cue several crows flew by and their cawing might be a signal to others that Spring is in the air. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a high of fifty-five where as Stormy Clearweather is it is only going to hit fifty. I am no weatherman but I like my chances of calling for a high of Sixty!


Yesterday I didn’t get much done as I had nothing really planned and it was of those bad days for me. This morning I woke up feeling better then when I went to bed which is the way it should be. I laid in bed for awhile planning my day out, if I am lucky I will get half of what I want to do get done, done. First off I was hankering for some chili so I got the fixings out and tried out my new chopper that I got for Christmas. I wanted it for dicing onions for Coney’s and it works good for it. This morning I did all my celery, onions and peppers, worked slick just like it was seen on TV. With Chili in the crock pot I moved on to other things, Shelf here in the den was cleared off so when the granddaughter comes over to visit tomorrow we will start some tobacco seed and peppers along with a few different tomatoes. The last pot of hot peppers were harvested with some going into the crock pot and the rest to the freezer. The plant and pot went outside and looks kind of strange with the pepper plant sitting green against the snow bank that rests up against the greenhouse


This afternoon's project is to shred some tobacco for cigarettes and I am going to roll a couple of cigars. The cigarette tobacco is dried enough to be used but I may be pushing the cigar leaf. It has been drying/curing now for seven months. I figure I will roll a few and let them age in the humidor. One of my buddies who grew leaf last year wants to see how it came out so I will let him be the tester. If he likes it he says he will grow more and we will split it. I will shred up a 50/50 blend of Burley and Virginia for the cigarettes. The cigars will be rolled out of Connecticut broad leaf and Dominican leaf. I will try a few different blends and see what it turns out like. That should take up a chunk of time.


With the warm weather the rag box for Duncan was put by the deck door. He patiently waits by the door to get his paws wiped off when he comes in. I think he goes out of his way to see how much mud he can get in between his toes and he sure does seem to like the attention he gets when I clean them out. The smell of chili is in the air and I have already turned it a few times. This batch should be better then the last batch that was made as the wife mislabeled peppers for the freezer. Instead a mix of green peppers and big hot peppers it was all hot peppers and almost uneatable. We just invited Elmer over for dinner and he had three bowls and took the left overs back to his place. He has a thing for hot foods. Well I just checked the temp and it is only forty-five out, needs to warm up fifteen more degrees to reach my prediction, But then again I never really said I was a weatherman, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 63 <><

Bobby Bass


HIGH NOON HERE at the cabin hidden on Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Some sun is shinning in the big windows here and no sooner do I move the chair to face the window then it disappears behind a cloud. It has done that three times to me so far but I will keep moving the chair because for that brief moment the sun feels good. Home alone as the wife went to town, just me and Duncan, chilling. The wife actually had to go to town and buy some more box tissue somehow I have used up all that we had here. In town no one is shaking hands and everyone is keeping an arms length distance away from each other. The cold that has been going around is a stubborn one as it hangs on for weeks. I know that I am not the only one as I have been on the phone talking with family and friends and everyone seems to have it or knows someone who does. I think the long fall and the sudden winter caught us all of guard.


Back here in my den I have been blowing my nose it seems like every five minutes. The wadded up tissue is then sent flying in the direction of the waste can in the corner. The daughter put up one of the little garbage can basketball nets and I am getting pretty good at bouncing it off the desk to the file cabinet to the backboard then in. Last night the wife made me a nice steak dinner with all the fixings, had a few bites then just sat and looked at it, no appetite. Of course it did not stop her from eating it.


Few more days and January is out of the way. Unless something happens cold wise I think we are in pretty good shape. Yesterday it did snow for awhile but then it warmed to the point where the snow became light rain. Over night everything froze and Duncan was running across the crusted snow on his morning rounds. Sometime today I will have to get out and knock icicles off the eves. Got some good ones hanging and I don’t want then to be falling by themselves when Duncan is underneath. Fishing has been slow from what I have heard. Not the best ice to start with and now we have gotten rain a few times so some slush is forming. Guys at the RESORT are doing OK but then again they know where there are a couple of brush piles are and the house is just a short walk away from the shore.


Boat show will be coming in just a few short weeks and I think I am going to take the fishing granddaughter to see it. I don’t have much interest but it would be her first one and I think she would enjoy seeing all the goodies. There is also that trout tank that travels with the shows and I would give her a fair chance of catching one. Sun has reappeared and I pushed my chair back from the desk and caught some rays. I am sure looking forward to getting out on the deck and sitting on the swing and getting some serious nap time in. I can almost hear the buzz of bees and honking of geese overhead. My day dream was interrupted by the wife coming through the back door with my tissue here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Time Fly's

DECIDED TO STAY at the cabin today, had a few things that needed to get done that I had kind of forgotten about. Early this morning the rain finally let up and a strong wind from out of the South was starting to dry the deck off. Of course it did help that by noon it was almost sixty out and I was soon outside just working in a sweatshirt. I put the riding lawnmower away after blowing it off with the leaf blower, next in was the tiller as the ground was just to soaked to use either one of them. Last of the leaves did not get mulched and the garden didn’t get that last till in. Shovels and rakes were put away and the snow thrower was gassed up and rolled to the front of the garage. Apple picker was tucked back up into the rafters and Duncan’s water bowl was brought into the cabin.


Of course this was all stuff that was supposed to have been done before I went to deer camp but had forgotten to do. I think in the back of my mind I had this plan on actually shooting a deer and I would be back from camp and would have this all done before the snow fell. Well, no deer and no snow but it looks like the snow coming is a sure thing and the deer is pretty iffy. As I was putting stuff away I was thinking why I dislike this part of fall. In the spring you take stuff out of storage as you need it, shovels and rakes and clothes line poles. Lawn mowers and weed wackers and leaf blowers. Brooms and hoses and hoes, all you have to put away in the spring is a couple of snow shovels and the snow blower and maybe some let over deicer.


With nothing left to do I decided that maybe I would take a walk out the back trail and sit on a stump and deer hunt. Just so happen I had my hunting stuff in the back of the Tahoe. Now I am not going to admit that this was planned but sometimes things just have a way of working out. The wife distracted Duncan and I slipped out and took the trail down to the big stump and I made myself comfortable. Sixty out, some wind and sunshine and I figured with all my apples missing that I had just as good a chance of scoring a deer here as I did up at the Hotel. A couple of hours later I saw no deer and the sun was gone. Wind was still blowing, matter of fact it felt like it was getting stronger and the rain started to fall, yup, Just like up at the Hotel.


I got back to the cabin before it really started to rain hard, I changed clothes as the wife came in and told me she heard that Joe had died. First thing I did was look up on the wall where my picture of Lady my first black lab hung. Everyone around here knows who Joe was, he was a dog trainer who trained dog trainers. I had met Joe when I got my first lab looking for some pointers. I knew his son who told his dad I had gotten a dog and Joe told his son to send me and the dog on over. I spent some time watching and learning and with pointers from Joe, Lady became a pretty good gun dog. Joe had moved away and I had lost contact with him but hearing his name brought back a lot of memories of Lady and Joe’s pointers. That was over thirty-five years ago, funny how time fly’s even here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Thunder Dome

WOKE UP TO some snow on the deck this morning, kind of a surprise because it was not in Sunshine Rays forecast. Then again a lot of things are not in Sunshine Rays forecasts. On this Thanksgiving the family is scattered, one son is trying to make it to the mother in laws house for dinner tonight but last I heard he was two states away. Daughter found a good deal on a cabin rental and took my granddaughters and her husband for a much needed break. Her husband is a steel worker and has been working ten hour six days a week for most of the summer and almost all of the fall. In the trades you have to work when you can work as you don’t get to choose too much. Of course having said that the steel workers up this way are having no problem finding work. The son in law told me he is going to spend three days in front of a roaring fire and spend quality time with his girls.


The other daughter and son will be at the mother in laws but I will be at the Lodge where I am now. Something new for my neighbor Chuck as his family this holiday as they have rented out the community center in town and have invited every relative they can find to a huge pot luck Thanksgiving. As noted in a previous story Vic will be having a big turkey dinner at the Resort and Elmer and Gus and Tess and Marv and Hammering Hank along with Skinny will be there. I am sure some of the FELLOWS will also drop by since Marv will be baking pies. Vic is roasting not one but two turkeys as he likes turkey leftovers.


I have the daughters two dogs with me along with Duncan here at the Lodge. The daughter’s dogs are super friendly and of course Duncan is known by all the members. The dogs have found places to lay down and be out of the way but do get up to greet lodge members coming in and of course will accept any and all pats on the sides. We are not the only ones open in town, Gas N Go is open as people still need gas and Ma and Pa’s grocery is also open. I know this because all day we have had lodge members stop off at Ma and Pa’s and then come to the Lodge to made a donations for dinner. We have some members here that just don’t have any relatives close enough to get to so they come here for dinner and we also have some older couples who find it hard to make the big meal so we do it for them. As the day goes on lodge members will come and go either to drop some goodies off or to see if Gus needs any help in the kitchen.


A few will sit at the cherry bar for a short one and exchange HIYA’s with members. Some members will come in to kill time on their way to other places. A couple of guys came in having spent the morning grouse hunting and they were successful. Duncan took special interest in sniffing their boots. Here we have the drapes pulled wide open, a good fire going in the fireplace and the TV has the football game on. Honey Sauce has some soft music on and every so often she comes out from the kitchen with a platter of hot cookies which don’t last long once they are set down on the bar. Smell of turkey and pumpkin pie and laughter is in the air. A donated jug of hard cider sits on the bar next to the coffee urn. Those who sample the cider squeeze their eyes tight for a moment before claiming that the cider "Hits the spot"


I will be here for awhile then will make the rounds before going home. Me and the dogs will stop off at the community center then swing by the mother in laws. The dogs will of course chase her cats when we arrive ( I am counting on that ) and after a piece of apple pie I will be on my way. Me and the dogs will next head to the Resort for a turkey sandwich and maybe the last half of the football game. Tomorrow is Black Friday and it is best if we just hide out at the Resort while the wife heads out shopping. I have never gone shopping on Black Friday as I refer to the crazy day as "Thunderdome" two must enter but only one leaves shopping here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

The Mountie

BACK IN THE day before radio I was told by my late grandfather that they would sit around the camp fire and tell stories of their parents or friends or once in a while the crazy uncle. Now I was pretty young then and I think we did have a radio but grandpa would just say that we didn’t. Grandpa was a story teller and he could spin a yarn or two, I wish I had listen to then better so I could retell them here. Most of them were about things I didn’t not have a clue about. Grandma and grandpa lived in a walk up apartment that had several flights of stairs before you got to the hallway that went down the length of a magazine warehouse. It was a great place to be a little kid as on the same floor as my grandparent's apartment was also where they stored magazine and paperback book racks. The racks were kept in cardboard boxes and the warehouse was like a giant tetris game. Here is where my brother and I built forts with sliding cardboard walls and secret doors. Thinking back we were like rats in a maze.


I don’t know why I am thinking about this now maybe because I am thinking that I should some how leave the story here for my own kids and grand kids to read about. Maybe grandpa had a pretty good idea there about turning the radio off and just telling stories. I remember he always seem to just wear a white tee shirt with suspenders and in his hand there would be a hand rolled cigarette that he would let the ash burn long before flicking it in a small glass ashtray. From time to time he would sip on a short beer in a short glass and he would cross his legs and he had on these huge leather work boots. I remember his clothes but not his face, just that he had stubble on it but I don’t think shaving was a real priority with him. Grandma was a mound of white hair and a house dress always brings cookies or rolls to the table where me and my brother would sit and listen to stories not really trying to remember them being more interested in the cookies and rolls.


The apartment was huge and the dinning room was like a great room. On the wall hung a picture, well not a picture it was more like giant painting. It was bigger then I could spread my arms wide and even higher. It was a painting of huge trees in a woods and in the center was a mounted Mountie on horseback. I remember that because the rider was huge and many a story was told about the picture but I don’t remember. I think my grandpa or his pa had something to do with the picture and I wish I could remember, I bet it would have made good story to tell here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

The Letter

Dear Santa Claus,

Do you know Norman the gnome? Or my elf on the shelf that’s name is Emily ? Does she really fly to you every night to tell you if I was naughty or nice? Thank you for the present. Do you know the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny ? How did you become Santa Claus ? Are you and Saint Nick the same person or are you brothers ? Do you have any sisters ? It was very nice of you to send me that box of stuff. Please tell Mrs. Claus thank you for the sugar cookies recipe. What’s your favorite holiday besides Christmas ? How old are you ? How do you know what to get all the nice chidden ? How did you get all of your reindeers? Where does the coal come from?


My nine year old granddaughter was over last night and today while I was busy in the kitchen acting as her short order cook she asked if she could work on the computer some. I set her up and showed her how to use the spell check. Being nine and growing up in a modern world she is pretty savvy already and soon I could hear her clicking away and asking my ECHO that sits on the desk how to spell things she is not sure of. When breakfast was ready she came to eat and then we got distracted, something that nine year olds and old guys seem to do a lot. Of course our distraction today was to go and cut down two perfect Christmas trees.

After her parents picked her and her perfect tree up I wandered back into the den and found her letter on the screen, I saved it for her to finish on her next visit. So just now I sat down here at the desk and opened up the writing program and read her letter. I am sharing it with you untouched and unedited as a peek into a nine year olds imagination.

She is a smart girl as are all of our grand kids and she takes after me in a few ways. She already is a big reader and is a couple of years ahead of her age group and it now appears she has a knack for writing. Maybe she will become a hard writing reporter it sure looks like she has some questions for Santa that need to be answered. She is at the age where she no longer really believes in Santa but she is also at the age that she wants to believe in Christmas. Some people stop believing in Santa and don’t sing Christmas songs or decorate with lights and bake Gingerbread men. She has two younger sisters at home only one and two years old. To them they have many Christmas’s ahead of them and she is going to enjoy sharing Santa with them. My wife is one of those kind of people as soon as the tree came into the cabin she was already waiting with her boxes of decorations. The granddaughter helped and I just stood back taste testing cookies from the cookie exchange. As I look over this I am starting to wonder, well where does Santa get his coal? We don’t have a mine here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

The Gift

A VERY PRODUCTIVE day today here at the cabin on Hidden Bay. Some light rain fell which is helping with the snow melt and no dripping from the eves as the snow is all gone along with the little ice dams there were on the out buildings roofs. My son in law's birthday today and along with his wife, my daughter I set up a surprise present. Since I know that I am not going to make eighty and even seventy may be a reach I am working on gifting my rifles and shotguns away. I want to keep things in the family and I know the son in law has to borrow a gun for deer hunting. My thought for his thirty fifth birthday was to gift him a thirty-five year old 30-30 with scope and hard case.


So this morning I got it out from the gun cabinet and clean it up, oiled and before you know it the smell in the den was rich with gun cleaning solvent and wipe clothes. I ended up cleaning all the guns and can mark it off my Spring cleaning do list. I brought the rife over to the son in law's house with a story that his wife had given me the OK to store a gun there for a couple of weeks. I brought the gun over and he didn’t think twice about it and we did some cake and then I gave him fat little card. He opened the card to find two keys for the case and I told him what was inside was actually his present. He open it up looked at me and shook my hand and just said thank you. Just the response I was looking for, he then picked it up and checked the rifle out and shook my hand again.


Back at the cabin after doing a little car shopping at Reed’s Auto Place. Am looking to trade off the wife’s Jeep for something else. Getting to point where it needs more work then I want to put it in so I am looking to dump it off in a trade, which surprising the wife approved. But then again for the last month she has been driving the Tahoe while I have been laid up and is getting a little too comfortable in it if you know what I mean. So I get back to the cabin and find out that one of my sons had been by and cleaned all the carpet while I was out with the wife at the son in laws. I did have to put furniture back but I got clean carpets.

So I am sitting in the den with the smell of gun oil still hanging in the air and Duncan lying at my feet under the desk. Got a lot done today compared to a typical day the last few months. Am feeling pretty good as a matter of fact. I also am feeling good about making the son in law's day and mine also. Lots of stuff that I no longer need but have here. Hate to see it just given away, I like the idea of doing some gifting and filling some other relative's fishing boxes with the forty some years of fishing tackle that I have in the Puddle Humper and in storage. I always buy to much and you know that as I give fishing tackle away then I will have open slots in my tackle boxes. No sense in telling the wife I will probable be in need for some new fishing tackle here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

That Guy

THAT GUY, I am that guy! I went back to the hospital on Friday for my last plasma washing that went off without a hitch. Since my sessions were done they pulled out the chest tube, applied pressure and a bandage and I was allowed to leave. Ten minutes later I am at the emergency entrance waiting for my wife to bring the truck around and I reach down and find myself wet on my side. My pressure bandage had not held and I was bleeding, a lot of excitement there for a few minutes as I yelled for some help and several nurses came to bring me to the emergency room. I held my hand to my chest as blood poured out around my fingers and we got me to a room and some gloved up nurses. I ended up spending another day in the hospital as they had to give me a transfusion of two units of blood to get me good to go home again. This is the short version I don’t think I am going to write a long version of this story, but it was finally nice to get rather then receive blood for a change... Just saying I am that guy when this kind of stuff seems to happen.

Bobby Bass



DRIVE INTO THE Lodge was a wet one this morning. I woke expecting to see some snow on the ground but as I let Duncan out he made his morning trip quick, it was raining. I left Duncan at home, I would have brought him with but he had already climbed back into bed with the wife, I could hear her yelling about his wet feet as I closed the cabin door shut behind me. I had to wait at the end of the drive as the garbage was being picked up then headed to town. I had to stop again for the school bus, lights flashing and I saw the bus had its snow plow mounted, maybe we are going to get some snow I thought. Everyone was driving with their lights on as the rain continued to fall all the way to town. Well almost everyone, there are always a few who never turn their lights on saving them for something.


I drove past the Gas N Go and I see the price of gas has fallen a few more cents, below two dollars and it has been awhile since we have seen that. A few pick up trucks with plows are parked in the lot. Guys leaning on hoods with steam coming up from coffee cups looking upwards for snow. Parked in my spot at the Lodge and came in the back door. Shook off my cap and hug it and my coat on the back of the office door. Exchanged HIYA’s with Gus who was just rolling the yellow bucket and mop to the main door. If it keeps raining like this the entrance rug will soon be soaked.


Members came in one at a time and took up spaces on the stools at the bar or the tables by the fire. Drapes were pulled back and the deck door was cracked just wide enough that you could hear the rain coming off the roof to splatter on the deck before slipping between the cracks in the boards to fall to the ground to run down the hill to empty into the lake. Public access below the Lodge was empty except for a county plow truck idling away. The truck looked heavy sitting there with a big plow resting on the ground and a full load of sand in the back. The Lodge was pretty quiet, it gets this way this time of the year. Most of the guys don’t come in to late afternoon and it is just the regulars here till the lunch hour. I get most of my work done in the morning so I didn’t even notice till someone said something.


It was snowing! I happen to glance at the neon clock on the wall and the old black hands on the clock were pointed at ten-thirty. For some reason it stuck in my head as I walked around the bar to join a few of the guys who were standing up close to the big deck windows. Their noses pressed up against the glass like little kids. I pulled the deck door to the side opening it up and stepped out onto the deck, The rain had been replaced with big heavy snow flakes that were falling from the sky. Not the little flakes or the big fluffy flakes that fall like a maple leafs these guys were heavy and if Elmer had his hearing aid turned up he would say he could hear them hit the railin. It only took a few minutes but soon everything had a layer of fresh white snow. I looked at the wall thermometer and it said thirty-four I guess Mother Nature had enough of this waiting and snow and maybe winter has arrived here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Ten years Ago

November 11th

Today just happens to be the tenth anniversary of Lake Iwanttobethere, never thought I would still be writing about this small hidden town of fishermen.. Bobby

Bobby Bass

Tap Beer

NAPS ARE NO longer a dirty word around the cabin here on Hidden Bay. I spent two days staying awake and then have been doing some serious nap time to catch up. If I could I would walk down to Lake Iwanttobethere and give her broad back a coupe of pats, she kept the Spring snow storm away from us who live on her shores. We did get a lot of rain almost, three inches last I heard. But that was better then the 6-8 icy inches of snow that fell away from the lake and then another 4 inches of snow that fell on top of that making snow removal conditions difficult at best. We did get some of the 30 - 50 mile an hour winds that came off the lake but from what I can see here in the den I did not lose any shingles and the power stayed on the whole time. The RESORT however did lose power for awhile and cabin two lost some shingles but that is on the schedule to get roofed this summer so not a big deal.


I spent time down at the Lodge on Saint Patty’s day, I am always surprised by how many Irish folk we have that show up for the quarter tap beer. Even Sammy the Tailor was sporting an Irish green cap and I am pretty sure he is not Irish. The wife drove me down and told me I could stay an hour as long as I didn’t drink and I was good. First thing I noticed was the two steps going in to the back door were gone and instead there was a small ramp with a hand hold, Nice of the guys as it meant I would not have to use the winding access at the front entrance. Next thing I noticed was a power door on the back door that not only worked the screen door but the inside door. I hit the button and watched the doors open up, dang thing cost more then what we paid for the doors.


Once inside I was greeted by Lodge members and used as an excuse for Gus to tell everyone the next round was on the house, as long as it was green beer. I was directed to go behind the bar where there was a rather large package wrapped in green foil gift wrap with a green Bolder hat perched on the top. Lodge members and the FELLOWS gather around as I put on the hat and tore the package open. I had no idea what to expect and what I found was a custom built wood bar stool. It had a seat belt on it, extended arm rests and a very cool feature. The stool had wheels so I could roll myself around behind the bar but it also had a lever. I pulled the lever up and four pegs replaced the wheels so I could not roll. The FELLOWS told me they had gotten the idea off a bass boat that they saw down at the boat show. They also told me they working on some more improvements and this was just the prototype, heck they think they may be able to sell them!


The wife of course already knew all about the present and she did not come and pick me up for several hours. The padded leather seat was also nice and in jest I mentioned if it was heated that would make it all that more sweet. Before you knew it the FELLOWS had their yellow legal pads out and with a couple of pitchers of green beer were hard at work making modification’s to the prototype. I parked myself behind the tap with the green beer and pretty much just poured free taps for the night. Yesterday was not only my birthday {753} but my neighbor’s Maple Syrup Chuck’s birthday {696} Happy Birthday buddy from all of us here at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 52 <><

Bobby Bass

Swing Nap

WELL SUMMER IS here, maybe not on the calendar but after June first we count it as having started. I was in town today, ran some errands and made small talk as I sat in the Tahoe. The wife did all the driving and I did all the sitting. Grandsons will be here for the weekend so I have bunch of projects for them to do but I needed to pick up things. Garden is not all in but we will take care of that this weekend as long as the weather holds out. I think tomorrow is going to be a rain day so I will be working inside the cabin. Of course when I say I will be working it just means I will be directing traffic. Just a few more days of school and I will keep the grand kids busy if I can keep them coming over. Of course along with work they will be plenty of time to fish and swim off the dock.


My neighbor Chuck is working to get me out fishing, so much that he has dragged the pontoon boat down to the shore and has started to convert it back from the ice fishing shanty to a floating boat again. I have told him I really want to fish out of the Puddle Humper but it still sits quietly under its tarp in the boathouse waiting to be uncovered. It has been over two months since I developed the blood clot in my leg I am hoping anytime here it will finally go away and I will get the use of my leg back and with that I will be able to drive again and of course fish. Tomorrow if the rain stays away I am going to see if I can get up on the riding mower and cut some grass. Watching the wife mow is driving me nuts as she mows under the trees like she is using a vacuum cleaner, back and forth back and forth.


Normally by this time of the season I would have a few fish caught and would have visited a few of my spring honey holes, not this year though. Chuck has not been out fishing either, we have not really had very many nice evenings to go out fishing so we figured we have not missed out on to many chances. I think Elmer knows I have not been able to get down to the dock and pitch a sucker out as I did have the granddaughter check his bucket and there were no sucker minnows in it. I almost went to the Masterbaiters shop and bought some but I gave it a second thought as it has been awhile since I have had to buy my own.


Cabin should be busy with the grandsons here and am also watching the city dogs of the daughters. I think Duncan will be teaching the city dogs how to chase rabbits not catching mind you as the two in the garden have made him look pretty sad in his attempt to catch them. Lilacs are in full bloom and there are several vases in the cabin holding them. Apple tree in front of the cabin is in full bloom and it looks like it may be a good year for apples if the blossoms can just hang on a while longer. The neighbor's bees are showing up at my place as I noticed they have been banging against the glass of the windows, sometimes it almost sounds like hail hitting the glass. Yesterday I did come home and sat on the swing, the wife tossed a few covers on me and before you knew it I had polished off about a three hour nap. Felt good at the time but then I had a hard time going to sleep last night. Tonight I am watching a little basketball to make me sleepy here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Surprise Rain Day

DRYING OUT HERE yesterday we got rained on pretty good as a big storm fell on the other side of Lake Iwanttobethere and the lake did act as a buffer but still we got pretty wet here. High winds blew here but from my vantage point on the deck it does not look like we lost any branches. Good thing the rain barrels were put out as they are over flowing and two of the three new garden beds are filled with dirt so they are ready to be planted in. This coming weekend I will get the last bed filled with dirt by the grand kids who have agreed to return even after the long weekend they had last weekend. I had made arrangements with Stan and Jean to stop by with their ice cream truck and as payment to the grand kids they got to pick anything they wanted from the truck. Amazing what a double cookie dough malt can do for a sore back.


Thursday was the wife and mine thirty-ninth wedding anniversary, we had a bbq here as I am not up to do much traveling other then going to doctors appointments but family and friends came over. I just held court on the deck and sampled food and chatted with people if they made it past Duncans approval. He was bribed quite easily with a chunk of cookie or some pats on the head. I was treated to a couple of fishing stories but I had nothing to offer in return. All I can do is look at the Puddle Humper still covered in her tarp and waiting patiently for me to get better.


This is my third attempted at writing a story as I got side tracked with some calls that I needed to answer. All three times I had to get on my computer and lost what I was writing. Time for a new computer I think, this one is nine years old and I spent more time fixing things on it then it is worth. Sunshine Ray was calling for it to warm up today but that has not happen. I am sitting here at the desk wearing shorts on his forecast but have a space heater pointed at me, go figure. I was just talking to my neighbor Chuck how I have missed all of spring this year. I sure hope that I don’t do the same with summer. Spent a few days in the hospital which seems to be the normal thing for me every few weeks. Found out that I have a growth of my pituitary gland and will be going in for surgery here in a few weeks. Thought being that it may be the cause for a lot of the side effects that I am having. Just kind of a timing thing as they are finding more things wrong with me then right. Pretty much a no brainer to get it looked at and fixed but I am sure getting sick of being in the hospital and being called by my first name when I go through the door.

Son in law is enjoying working on the bridge over at Mystery River, He has more paid down time then working time and if he would stop setting himself on fire it would be a great job. They are burning off and replacing supports and he has lit his knee pads on fire a few time. No biggie he says till tells my daughter his wife that he needs to buy some new knee pads and shows her the holey burnt ones. Elmer and Vic are slaying the crappies on their new brush piles up at the RESORT and I may be borrowing tomatoes plants from Vic to plant in my own garden. Seems the wife forgot to water my seedlings and they don’t look very good here. The wife is finding out just how much stuff I do around the cabin now that I am not doing the stuff around the cabin. Matter of fact the grass needs to be cut but I think I will have the grandkids do that, they might actually think it is fun using the riding mower here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Super Sunday

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY has arrived and I am busy working on the short honey do list here at the cabin. Tomorrow I head down to the big city for my first treatment and I have no idea how that is going to work out so I am working on the do list. Weather is cooperating as it is forty-one out and things are melting. Have spent time with the ice chisel cleaning off the deck and I really should go into town and wash the Tahoe. It is about as dirty as I have seen it in a long time. Duncan has been with me most of the time as the last few weeks he has really been hanging around me a lot. In all the busy that has been going around I failed to write anything about his 60 month birthday!


Duncan should be in his prime now and he is still playing the part of a puppy when he wants attention. He has gone from the hiding behind me stage when someone comes over to the bark and stands bravely next to me stage to the now stand in front of me and the "I got this boss stage" when someone comes to the door. After inspecting everyone he will give the OK and let them come into the cabin but no one gets to sit right next to me on the couch but him. He also has gone from sleeping at the end of the bed to trying to take my pillow from me now. Of course the old dogs did the same thing and it is nice waking up and having those eyes of his looking right back into mine. I still miss Buddy and Barney every day but he, Duncan is doing his best to fill the void. Matter of fact I just moved the doggie stairs away from the bed that the old dogs used because Duncan pretty much just steps right into bed with just a little hop.


I put together a seed order and that should be arriving here soon, will be time to start some in the trays. Going to expand my gutter garden system this year and I think do away with planting tatters in the ground. I am going to try growing some tatters in containers though. The space for tatters will now house a watermelon patch as I am going to erect a low ground greenhouse/hothouse and once again try and grow me some watermelon. Some tobacco will be planted but I think only the type used for cigar leaf. I am not going to plant many but just enough to give me another different age leaf for wrappers. My leaf that I am curing is still not ready to smoke but I keep rotating and airing it out every couple of weeks. I am hoping by mid summer I will start rolling cigars and will give them to my neighbor Elmer to try and see what color his face turns.


Summer fishing is in the air, don’t know if I will be able to go out by myself or if I am going to have to plan my fishing days with a partner. I may have to start taking the wife fishing with me I kind of asked her and she didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either. My fishing calendar has some days marked off but they are all in pencil so they can be changed. The daughter will go for sure but she only has so many days off in the summer and she does have things she wants to do. Depending on how I feel I may be making a lot of short trips or I just might be watching a bobber off the dock a lot. I don’t think I am going to get the old rowboat that cleaning and coat of paint like I had planned. But then again I just might feel good enough to stick to my list. This is after all Lake Iwanttobethere and things happen here that don’t happen anywhere else. Like maybe Denver winning the Super Bowl! Enjoy the game I will here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

96 <><

Bobby Bass


WINTER MAY BE here at Lake Iwanttobethere. This morning when I went to the bathroom I noticed it was darker then usual, that is because the skylight was covered in snow. I got dressed and made my way to the deck door to let Duncan out. I had to hold the door open for a few extra seconds as he was tentatively checking out the snow with his front paw. He decided it was OK and then put it in four wheel paw and took off across the deck and out into the yard. It was soon apparent that his goal was to leave a paw print on every square foot of the property. I put on a hat and jacket and took out the gloves from inside the pocket and stepped out onto the deck. I could feel the snow go "Squish" under my shoes and before I even lifted the shovel that was leaning up against the cabin I knew it was that heavy, wet, heart attack snow.


I tried to push a shovel wide path of snow across the deck but only made it half way. I had to lift the shovel and start on the other side of the pile I had built up. One nice thing about first snow I was able to push the snow on the shovel right under the railing and out into the yard. A few snowfalls from now and the snow will be up even with the deck and I will have to lift or take the snow blower out and toss the snow out over the railings. I took several breaks just resting on my shovel and watched the brown dog crisscross the fresh clean snow like a destroyer hunting a sub. I jokingly shouted out that he missed a spot and he glanced at me and changed course a few points to run directly over the spot I had pointed at. I shook my head and went back to shoveling.


Good snow for making a snowman I thought as I lifted the heavy sticky snow off to the side of the sidewalk, too bad the grand kids are all in school. With the shoveling all done or at least as much as I was going to shovel I open a bag of deicer and filled a couple of coffee cans. I took one can and tossed some deicer on the steps and in front of the doors. It was misting out and I stopped and turned my face up and watched small rain drops falling. Not good I was thinking and I tossed a few more handfuls of the deicer. Shoveling done I put the shovel back up against the side of the cabin and kicked my shoes up against the side of the cabin to knock the snow off. I was about to call for Duncan but he was standing right behind me. I let him in and he stopped and waited for me to take off my coat and grab a towel to give him his rub down.


Made my way to the den sat in my chair and made a note on the daily to do list that I shoveled snow. Then I checked it off. No sooner did I lean back in my chair and swivel it to look out the big window then the drizzle turned into snowflakes. Big Snowflakes the size of quarters that take awhile to fall and so many of them that I can no longer see across the lake. The first shoveling of the season is not going to last very long the way the snow is coming down I thought. Duncan is whining at the back door, I can see him looking out as the snow covers up all his hard work. I get up and walk over and pat him on the back and tell him I know exactly how he feels, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Sprit in the Sky

SO I WAS running this morning I had the song Sprit in the Sky by Norman Greebaum stuck in my head. It was warm out and I was running into a slight breeze, I am sure it was a breeze because I don’t think I can run that fast to make the air feel like it is moving past me. Other then the sound of a guitar in my ears it was quiet out, could not even hear the sound of my shoes slapping on the damp black asphalt. I was moving right along as the white painted strips on the road were going by quick under my feet. A puddle of water ahead and I just gave a little extra push and I sailed over the top dry to continue running on the other side. Shortcut ahead and I jumped the ditch and hit the grass avoiding a log and a couple of rocks and was back in rhythm again just running.


I felt good, no one else out and I was running, arms pumping as I came around the corner to the small hill that I know leads to a long path back home. Almost around the corner I get a stitch in my side but I run through it and then I am on cruise. Going down hill stretching it out feeling good, sucking in sweet tasting air and seeing the finish line just ahead. Not really a line just a short pine tree that I sprint to and as I pass I ease up and coast to a stop. Hands on knees I look back at where I came from and smile. Sure does feel good to have a good dream to wake up from.


I laid in bed and listen to the last few lines of Sprit in the Sky playing on the radio. Duncan was on his side laying next to my side and we looked at each other before I gave in first and patted him on the side. Put my feet on the floor and got out of bed slowly, these days it is a common practice as I don’t know how I am going to feel. A minute later and I declare this day to be a good day as I made my way to the bathroom and was not sore at all, put a smile on my face as I have a lot that needs to get done today.


Before I forget I open up the laptop and I wrote down a few lines about my dream, Been a long time since I have done any running especially running hard long and fast. Had to write it down before I forgot the feeling. So the day begins, I didn’t want to look at the thermometer but I kind of had to when I let Duncan outside. Minus 10 so I stood by the door and waiting for him, he was done with his business quickly. No sooner did I close the door then the phone rang, the first of several calls already this morning. The word was out, I have Girl Scout cookies. The fishing granddaughter is also a girl scout and last night I picked up a mess of cookies to bring back to the cabin here. Later today she is going to come over and we are going to make the round delivering. Some cookies were delivered last night and the word got out that I have cookies here so now the phone is ringing with offers to come to me to get their cookies. I don’t have a problem with that at all as I watch the sun get higher in the sky but the thermometer is taking its time going anywhere.


I am not in inventory control but my rough count shows we have about three hundred boxes of cookies in the hallway here. I will be keeping an eye on the thin mints and peanut butter ones to make sure I get mine. Of course several of the orders are not boxes but cases of the cookies. Coffee pot is on and I expect it will be refilled several times during the day as friends and relatives stop by to get cookies and chat. Later this afternoon my daughter told me she will come by with the cookies for the guys at the RESORT and the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Some Snow

DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS and of course now it decides to snow! Some light stuff fell over night and now here in mid afternoon it has started to really come down. Already the railings on the deck have about six inches on them and I have been out twice to shovel a path on the deck and clean the front stairs off. The wife just looks at me over her glasses as she sits at the kitchen table and asks why I just don't go and get the son's snow thrower out. I make myself some cocoa and tell her if I take the snow thrower out then I will have made a commitment to clean everything all up, and it is not done snowing.


I was kind of thinking about grabbing the shotgun and taking Duncan for a walk on the back trail but with it still snowing, the grouse will be hiding in the pines. I will wait and then Duncan and I will take a walk maybe tomorrow if the snow does not get too deep. Duncan and I did take a walk down to the mailbox, had to brush the snow off the box and inside I found a few late arriving cards and yet another seed catalog. This one I was actually looking forward to as it has the container corn seeds in it that I want to grow in my swimming pool grow bags this season. I followed Duncan’s paw prints back up the driveway and thought to myself how much distance does a dog travel. My brown dog goes no where in a straight line.


Walked right past the covered wood pile, we were good on that. The pile was starting to disappear under the snow matter of fact enough snow has fallen that all the grass is covered and even the raised beds in the garden have disappeared. I thought about clearing snow of the Tahoe but kept walking, I am not planning on driving anywhere for awhile. Been a busy week with Christmas Eve here at the cabin and the Lodge party the night before. Mother in law had all the family over for Christmas dinner and nothing unusual happen there. I was a little under the weather as I have a nice deep chest cold that I am blaming the granddaughter for passing it on to me. Not wanting to pass it on I stayed long enough to sample pie and left before the Tahoe got pinned in.


Christmas Eve morning the youngest daughter and I went and saw Star Wars at the local movie house. Place was pretty full and we were rewarded with a good movie. I bought the tickets and she bought the soda and popcorn, I think I got the better deal. We timed it just about right as no sooner did we get back home then the family started gathering for dinner and gift opening. Storm should blow itself out after dark tonight and I will have all day tomorrow to dig out and clean up. Might even get enough snow to make it worth it to dig out the snow thrower and push banks back some. I saw my neighbor Chuck and we waved at each other and he yelled something that the wind caught and took away before it could get to me. I yelled something back that I knew he would not hear and we waved again and went on our way. I went in the cabin and took my boots off and hung up my coat, I headed to the den with my seed catalog and the wife asked me what did Chuck want" I told her he said he will help clean snow up tomorrow, no sense is spending time outside now while it is still snowing, Merry Christmas and I’ll take at ya later, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Some Good News

For a change some good news! After the first week of treatment I improved some of my blood work tests and got approved for monetary help for the very expensive drug.treatment. In a few days I am going to go on a aggressive blood treatment where they are going to in four sessions withdraw all my blood and spin out the plasma, replace the plasma then put it back in. This should remove all the current floating loose chains in my blood and give me a quick shot of help for my kidneys. Will also during this time continue my Chemo but I should feel better. If I was a car it would be like getting an oil change and trannie flush. Steroids today so I will be up all night, doing a lot of reading and cruising the web..

Bobby Bass


SUNDAY MORNING FOUND me simmering in a bed of sleep under a mound of quilts. The only reason I got out of bed was because Duncan found a way to work his way under the covers and stick his damp nose on my neck. Football day and I watched the game and then went over to my neighbor’s Chuck to just pass the time. He was putting gas in the snow thrower and had the tractor pointed in the right direction. Snow is supposed to start falling here soon but today we are still waiting. Red needle on the jumping bass almost hit forty and even now well after dark it is still to warm for snow. Of course tomorrow morning I may wake up and it will be white out but I don’t think it is going to last. I have this feeling that most of it will melt during the next week.


I was thinking of doing some grouse hunting tomorrow but with the snow coming I will instead go to work down at the Lodge and get some time in. Sunshine Ray is forecasting some sun later in the week and I think I will use it to my advantage by taking Duncan out for a few walks and also it is time to start doing some scouting for this years Christmas tree. I will not be bring a tree home just yet and I will not mention that I am going tree hunting other wise the Mother in law will put in an order for a tree and will tell my aunts that I am going tree hunting and before you know it I will be looking for trees and not for birds. I know this for a fact as it has happen before.


I will keep it on the down low so the relatives will give up on me and instead go down and see Big Earl at the General Store and buy one of his fresh cut trees. There are a couple of smaller trees up at the Resort that will make good Christmas trees. I have talked to the daughter and she has to check with her husband but it looks like I will take out the granddaughter to cut her family tree down. Just something about a nine year old swinging a ax makes a grandpa swell up with pride and the granddaughter's parents very nervous. I feel it is part of my job as a grand parent to let my kids feel a little nervous like I did when their grandpa took them out on adventures. Of course we could just go shoot a tree but I don’t think the granddaughter is ready for that and it would take a long time as she is only allowed to use a pellet rife right now.


I watched a little TV tonight and have been working on my Christmas list. Even though each year the wife and I take turns doing the Christmas shopping and it is the wife’s year there are a few people that I have on my list. Guys down at the Lodge and of course the Granddaughter, last year I found the biggest bear I could find, it was almost six feet tall and I already told her that she will be no longer getting any more bears. Her mother told me that she has no more room for teddy bears as that was number nine. Now I have to find something else to make her Christmas which is going to be hard as she will not tell me what she wants.


Just about time to call it a day, wind is coming up some as I sit in the den here I can hear the sound of the wind chimes banging lightly away. Wife is sitting in the living room watching TV and working on some knitting. Duncan is fast asleep alongside of her on the couch, feet sticking straight up in the air as he lays on his back with his head on a throw pillow. Some snow would make it feel like winter and maybe a tree may come home earlier then planned but then again I am not much for plans here at Lake Iwanttobethere