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Bobby Bass


LUNCH CROWD IS pretty much all gone here at the Lodge this afternoon. The only guys left are Lodge members who have no where better to be. Gus has the day off but Honey Sauce is covering for him in the kitchen. I spent most of the morning putting delivery’s away and going over some pink slips in the office. Not the firing kind of pink slips but the phone message kind. When lunch came I put together Coney’s and ladled out bowls of chili. A few beers were poured but most of the guys who came in today are working and can’t be drinking. There was a lot of bragging going around and more then a few guys were trying to come up with excuses on why they didn’t have any deer in the freezer.


As soon as it was found out that you didn’t get a deer those who did would tell you about how they got theirs. I felt like a deer in the cross hairs as everyone knows I didn’t score and the story of me spooking one has been well told over and over. Seems now I cleaned miss a twenty pointer that was as big as a cow and just as wide. I gave up trying to correct the story and just let it grow. By next season people will be saying "Remember that huge state record buck that Bobby missed?" And others will nod and sip on their beers wishing they had a chance like that themselves. They of course would have had the deer mounted and hanging cuz they would not have missed.


Felt kind of good tying on the apron and watching other people work. Gus will be taking some well deserved time off and I will be here most of the days of the week. Thanksgiving a few days away and most business in town will be closed, we here at the Lodge will be open as we do put on a pretty big feed. I am supposed to be going to the mother in laws but it is my year for working the Lodge and there are a couple of good football games on TV, something I can never watch at the Mother in Laws. Vic is also having a big dinner at the Resort, I don’t really know who is going there, I think Marv and Elmer and Tess and Hammering Hank will be there along with Skinny. I may make an appearance as Marv is making apple pie.


The FELLOWS will all be working on Thanksgiving as they have started another business while I was away at deer camp. They now are all Uber drivers. This I am told is a no brainer has they do have the black limo that all they have to do is peel of the magnetic Del’s Pizza and Sub Shop sign from the doors. They also have Tiny’s Toyota, the one with the clearance lights on the roof. Story behind that is there was some rust coming through and Tiny had these lights laying around so he just mounted them over the rust holes. He needs the clearance lights for when he drives under the crossing gate at the railroad crossing. Business has been slow so far for them but they expect to get a lot of calls for Thanksgiving as they will working from the Lake Iwanttobethere inter county airport.


No real snow on the ground here and it looks like this El Neato weather system is going to hit us. After having two very heavy snow winters and last year being one of the worse snow and cold winters on record I am looking forward to it. Of course I do have the son’s snow blower at the cabin since he needed a place to store it this past summer and if we do get snow he may not get it back. I am going to work some short days as with no snow in the woods and the ground finally freezing I see some grouse hunting in the near future for Duncan and I. Might be some snowshoes hare hunting to as them poor guys really stick out running around in their white fur and the ground still brown. Some ice is forming on the lake and shanties are being uncovered along the shoreline. Right now we are all waiting to see what winter will bring us here on the shores of Lake Iwanttobethere


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