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Wayne Walk

Bobby Bass


WELL I OVER did it the past few days working on my to do list and today I am paying for it. Both knees are stiff and sore and I had to take my time getting out of bed. Duncan was not too happy with my progress as he ran to the back door and back to me a few times trying to get me to move faster. With Duncan outside I took a look at the newly painted door and it looks good in the light of day, guess I didn’t miss any spots. Some sunshine coming through the cabin window’s and that is a surprise as Sunshine Ray did not have that in his forecast for today. The wife appeared and made breakfast and asked me what I was going to do for the day. I complained about my knees hurting and she reminded me of all the years I played football and softball and the hockey and volleyball didn’t help either. We won’t even mention the countless miles walked behind the dog’s bird hunting or fishing from a bouncing Puddle Humper in late fall damp weather, but you know I would do it all over again.


She came up with the idea maybe I should just take a rest day and maybe go up to the RESORT and visit the guys, I agreed and after breakfast I grabbed my go bag and the wife drove me up and dropped me off. I made my way into the Main Room and it was quiet, Vic was sitting in booth number one facing me and as I made my way across the floor he said "Well look who is here, John Wayne" I answered with "Who you calling John Wayne?" Vic with a smile just said "You sure have his walk" I smiled back and said " This is just how I walk when I am not trying to fall over" and I reached out to shake his hand and steady myself.


"Love what ya done to the place" and I was kidding as everything was exactly where I last remember it except for a big puzzle half together or half apart resting on the table in booth number three. Small tomato plants and pepper plants were growing on the window sills and Vic and I talked about the RESORT garden. After getting caught up Marv appeared and sat down to join us, we chatted some and he asked if I wanted to do lunch, told him I was not hungry but he got up anyway. A few minutes later he came back with a Hamms and a couple of steaming Coney’s and set them in front of me. They did look good but I only ate half of one and a few sips of the beer and was done. Vic looked at me with raised eyebrow and said " No appetite?" I nodded yes and pushed the plate over to him, he had no problem eating it and patted his belly afterwards as he dapped at his chin with a napkin.


I did after awhile make my way to the Bait Room as there was something I could do and that was make up our tackle order. Easy enough to do as I sat with the laptop at the small counter and started typing away. Did not take too long to spend our money and I was just a hundred dollars short of getting a bonus discount. Had everything pretty much covered so I decided to order a half dozen musky baits that put us over the top. The bonus discount I used to buy a mess of unpacked spoons in colorful fishermen catching colors. I already had a plan to hang them close to the door to catch guy’s eyes and give the that deer in the headlight look while we upsell them on minnows or crawler harnesses. So I am now back sitting in booth number one with a slice of apple pie that somehow I am going to choke down.. Well with maybe just a little more whipping cream, here at the RESORT at Lake Iwanttobethere

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