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Surprise Rain Day

Bobby Bass


DRYING OUT HERE yesterday we got rained on pretty good as a big storm fell on the other side of Lake Iwanttobethere and the lake did act as a buffer but still we got pretty wet here. High winds blew here but from my vantage point on the deck it does not look like we lost any branches. Good thing the rain barrels were put out as they are over flowing and two of the three new garden beds are filled with dirt so they are ready to be planted in. This coming weekend I will get the last bed filled with dirt by the grand kids who have agreed to return even after the long weekend they had last weekend. I had made arrangements with Stan and Jean to stop by with their ice cream truck and as payment to the grand kids they got to pick anything they wanted from the truck. Amazing what a double cookie dough malt can do for a sore back.


Thursday was the wife and mine thirty-ninth wedding anniversary, we had a bbq here as I am not up to do much traveling other then going to doctors appointments but family and friends came over. I just held court on the deck and sampled food and chatted with people if they made it past Duncans approval. He was bribed quite easily with a chunk of cookie or some pats on the head. I was treated to a couple of fishing stories but I had nothing to offer in return. All I can do is look at the Puddle Humper still covered in her tarp and waiting patiently for me to get better.


This is my third attempted at writing a story as I got side tracked with some calls that I needed to answer. All three times I had to get on my computer and lost what I was writing. Time for a new computer I think, this one is nine years old and I spent more time fixing things on it then it is worth. Sunshine Ray was calling for it to warm up today but that has not happen. I am sitting here at the desk wearing shorts on his forecast but have a space heater pointed at me, go figure. I was just talking to my neighbor Chuck how I have missed all of spring this year. I sure hope that I don’t do the same with summer. Spent a few days in the hospital which seems to be the normal thing for me every few weeks. Found out that I have a growth of my pituitary gland and will be going in for surgery here in a few weeks. Thought being that it may be the cause for a lot of the side effects that I am having. Just kind of a timing thing as they are finding more things wrong with me then right. Pretty much a no brainer to get it looked at and fixed but I am sure getting sick of being in the hospital and being called by my first name when I go through the door.

Son in law is enjoying working on the bridge over at Mystery River, He has more paid down time then working time and if he would stop setting himself on fire it would be a great job. They are burning off and replacing supports and he has lit his knee pads on fire a few time. No biggie he says till tells my daughter his wife that he needs to buy some new knee pads and shows her the holey burnt ones. Elmer and Vic are slaying the crappies on their new brush piles up at the RESORT and I may be borrowing tomatoes plants from Vic to plant in my own garden. Seems the wife forgot to water my seedlings and they don’t look very good here. The wife is finding out just how much stuff I do around the cabin now that I am not doing the stuff around the cabin. Matter of fact the grass needs to be cut but I think I will have the grandkids do that, they might actually think it is fun using the riding mower here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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