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Super Sunday

Bobby Bass


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY has arrived and I am busy working on the short honey do list here at the cabin. Tomorrow I head down to the big city for my first treatment and I have no idea how that is going to work out so I am working on the do list. Weather is cooperating as it is forty-one out and things are melting. Have spent time with the ice chisel cleaning off the deck and I really should go into town and wash the Tahoe. It is about as dirty as I have seen it in a long time. Duncan has been with me most of the time as the last few weeks he has really been hanging around me a lot. In all the busy that has been going around I failed to write anything about his 60 month birthday!


Duncan should be in his prime now and he is still playing the part of a puppy when he wants attention. He has gone from the hiding behind me stage when someone comes over to the bark and stands bravely next to me stage to the now stand in front of me and the "I got this boss stage" when someone comes to the door. After inspecting everyone he will give the OK and let them come into the cabin but no one gets to sit right next to me on the couch but him. He also has gone from sleeping at the end of the bed to trying to take my pillow from me now. Of course the old dogs did the same thing and it is nice waking up and having those eyes of his looking right back into mine. I still miss Buddy and Barney every day but he, Duncan is doing his best to fill the void. Matter of fact I just moved the doggie stairs away from the bed that the old dogs used because Duncan pretty much just steps right into bed with just a little hop.


I put together a seed order and that should be arriving here soon, will be time to start some in the trays. Going to expand my gutter garden system this year and I think do away with planting tatters in the ground. I am going to try growing some tatters in containers though. The space for tatters will now house a watermelon patch as I am going to erect a low ground greenhouse/hothouse and once again try and grow me some watermelon. Some tobacco will be planted but I think only the type used for cigar leaf. I am not going to plant many but just enough to give me another different age leaf for wrappers. My leaf that I am curing is still not ready to smoke but I keep rotating and airing it out every couple of weeks. I am hoping by mid summer I will start rolling cigars and will give them to my neighbor Elmer to try and see what color his face turns.


Summer fishing is in the air, don’t know if I will be able to go out by myself or if I am going to have to plan my fishing days with a partner. I may have to start taking the wife fishing with me I kind of asked her and she didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either. My fishing calendar has some days marked off but they are all in pencil so they can be changed. The daughter will go for sure but she only has so many days off in the summer and she does have things she wants to do. Depending on how I feel I may be making a lot of short trips or I just might be watching a bobber off the dock a lot. I don’t think I am going to get the old rowboat that cleaning and coat of paint like I had planned. But then again I just might feel good enough to stick to my list. This is after all Lake Iwanttobethere and things happen here that don’t happen anywhere else. Like maybe Denver winning the Super Bowl! Enjoy the game I will here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

96 <><

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I am quite sure that there are many here who would be more than happy to help you with ANYTHING  that you need done , I know that it is tough to ask anybody for help let alone strangers. But then again we are a Fishing Minnesota Family !!!!!! Don't be afraid to ask.


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Bobby Bass


Thanks Weathertite, right now you don't know how nice it is just to get comments. Being a kind of writer feedback is so important and this is not what  lot of people really want to hear about but it is going to be a big prt of what I write about for awhile. There are a lot of people going through this and no one sees them. kind of an out of sight out of mind experience. Now you got me sitting in waiting rooms watching.... Gee that sounded a little creepy:D

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