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Lake Iwanttobethere

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Bobby Bass


HIGH NOON HERE at the cabin hidden on Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Some sun is shinning in the big windows here and no sooner do I move the chair to face the window then it disappears behind a cloud. It has done that three times to me so far but I will keep moving the chair because for that brief moment the sun feels good. Home alone as the wife went to town, just me and Duncan, chilling. The wife actually had to go to town and buy some more box tissue somehow I have used up all that we had here. In town no one is shaking hands and everyone is keeping an arms length distance away from each other. The cold that has been going around is a stubborn one as it hangs on for weeks. I know that I am not the only one as I have been on the phone talking with family and friends and everyone seems to have it or knows someone who does. I think the long fall and the sudden winter caught us all of guard.


Back here in my den I have been blowing my nose it seems like every five minutes. The wadded up tissue is then sent flying in the direction of the waste can in the corner. The daughter put up one of the little garbage can basketball nets and I am getting pretty good at bouncing it off the desk to the file cabinet to the backboard then in. Last night the wife made me a nice steak dinner with all the fixings, had a few bites then just sat and looked at it, no appetite. Of course it did not stop her from eating it.


Few more days and January is out of the way. Unless something happens cold wise I think we are in pretty good shape. Yesterday it did snow for awhile but then it warmed to the point where the snow became light rain. Over night everything froze and Duncan was running across the crusted snow on his morning rounds. Sometime today I will have to get out and knock icicles off the eves. Got some good ones hanging and I don’t want then to be falling by themselves when Duncan is underneath. Fishing has been slow from what I have heard. Not the best ice to start with and now we have gotten rain a few times so some slush is forming. Guys at the RESORT are doing OK but then again they know where there are a couple of brush piles are and the house is just a short walk away from the shore.


Boat show will be coming in just a few short weeks and I think I am going to take the fishing granddaughter to see it. I don’t have much interest but it would be her first one and I think she would enjoy seeing all the goodies. There is also that trout tank that travels with the shows and I would give her a fair chance of catching one. Sun has reappeared and I pushed my chair back from the desk and caught some rays. I am sure looking forward to getting out on the deck and sitting on the swing and getting some serious nap time in. I can almost hear the buzz of bees and honking of geese overhead. My day dream was interrupted by the wife coming through the back door with my tissue here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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