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Sprit in the Sky

Bobby Bass


SO I WAS running this morning I had the song Sprit in the Sky by Norman Greebaum stuck in my head. It was warm out and I was running into a slight breeze, I am sure it was a breeze because I don’t think I can run that fast to make the air feel like it is moving past me. Other then the sound of a guitar in my ears it was quiet out, could not even hear the sound of my shoes slapping on the damp black asphalt. I was moving right along as the white painted strips on the road were going by quick under my feet. A puddle of water ahead and I just gave a little extra push and I sailed over the top dry to continue running on the other side. Shortcut ahead and I jumped the ditch and hit the grass avoiding a log and a couple of rocks and was back in rhythm again just running.


I felt good, no one else out and I was running, arms pumping as I came around the corner to the small hill that I know leads to a long path back home. Almost around the corner I get a stitch in my side but I run through it and then I am on cruise. Going down hill stretching it out feeling good, sucking in sweet tasting air and seeing the finish line just ahead. Not really a line just a short pine tree that I sprint to and as I pass I ease up and coast to a stop. Hands on knees I look back at where I came from and smile. Sure does feel good to have a good dream to wake up from.


I laid in bed and listen to the last few lines of Sprit in the Sky playing on the radio. Duncan was on his side laying next to my side and we looked at each other before I gave in first and patted him on the side. Put my feet on the floor and got out of bed slowly, these days it is a common practice as I don’t know how I am going to feel. A minute later and I declare this day to be a good day as I made my way to the bathroom and was not sore at all, put a smile on my face as I have a lot that needs to get done today.


Before I forget I open up the laptop and I wrote down a few lines about my dream, Been a long time since I have done any running especially running hard long and fast. Had to write it down before I forgot the feeling. So the day begins, I didn’t want to look at the thermometer but I kind of had to when I let Duncan outside. Minus 10 so I stood by the door and waiting for him, he was done with his business quickly. No sooner did I close the door then the phone rang, the first of several calls already this morning. The word was out, I have Girl Scout cookies. The fishing granddaughter is also a girl scout and last night I picked up a mess of cookies to bring back to the cabin here. Later today she is going to come over and we are going to make the round delivering. Some cookies were delivered last night and the word got out that I have cookies here so now the phone is ringing with offers to come to me to get their cookies. I don’t have a problem with that at all as I watch the sun get higher in the sky but the thermometer is taking its time going anywhere.


I am not in inventory control but my rough count shows we have about three hundred boxes of cookies in the hallway here. I will be keeping an eye on the thin mints and peanut butter ones to make sure I get mine. Of course several of the orders are not boxes but cases of the cookies. Coffee pot is on and I expect it will be refilled several times during the day as friends and relatives stop by to get cookies and chat. Later this afternoon my daughter told me she will come by with the cookies for the guys at the RESORT and the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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