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The Gift

Bobby Bass


A VERY PRODUCTIVE day today here at the cabin on Hidden Bay. Some light rain fell which is helping with the snow melt and no dripping from the eves as the snow is all gone along with the little ice dams there were on the out buildings roofs. My son in law's birthday today and along with his wife, my daughter I set up a surprise present. Since I know that I am not going to make eighty and even seventy may be a reach I am working on gifting my rifles and shotguns away. I want to keep things in the family and I know the son in law has to borrow a gun for deer hunting. My thought for his thirty fifth birthday was to gift him a thirty-five year old 30-30 with scope and hard case.


So this morning I got it out from the gun cabinet and clean it up, oiled and before you know it the smell in the den was rich with gun cleaning solvent and wipe clothes. I ended up cleaning all the guns and can mark it off my Spring cleaning do list. I brought the rife over to the son in law's house with a story that his wife had given me the OK to store a gun there for a couple of weeks. I brought the gun over and he didn’t think twice about it and we did some cake and then I gave him fat little card. He opened the card to find two keys for the case and I told him what was inside was actually his present. He open it up looked at me and shook my hand and just said thank you. Just the response I was looking for, he then picked it up and checked the rifle out and shook my hand again.


Back at the cabin after doing a little car shopping at Reed’s Auto Place. Am looking to trade off the wife’s Jeep for something else. Getting to point where it needs more work then I want to put it in so I am looking to dump it off in a trade, which surprising the wife approved. But then again for the last month she has been driving the Tahoe while I have been laid up and is getting a little too comfortable in it if you know what I mean. So I get back to the cabin and find out that one of my sons had been by and cleaned all the carpet while I was out with the wife at the son in laws. I did have to put furniture back but I got clean carpets.

So I am sitting in the den with the smell of gun oil still hanging in the air and Duncan lying at my feet under the desk. Got a lot done today compared to a typical day the last few months. Am feeling pretty good as a matter of fact. I also am feeling good about making the son in law's day and mine also. Lots of stuff that I no longer need but have here. Hate to see it just given away, I like the idea of doing some gifting and filling some other relative's fishing boxes with the forty some years of fishing tackle that I have in the Puddle Humper and in storage. I always buy to much and you know that as I give fishing tackle away then I will have open slots in my tackle boxes. No sense in telling the wife I will probable be in need for some new fishing tackle here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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