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Bobby Bass


SUNDAY MORNING FOUND me simmering in a bed of sleep under a mound of quilts. The only reason I got out of bed was because Duncan found a way to work his way under the covers and stick his damp nose on my neck. Football day and I watched the game and then went over to my neighbor’s Chuck to just pass the time. He was putting gas in the snow thrower and had the tractor pointed in the right direction. Snow is supposed to start falling here soon but today we are still waiting. Red needle on the jumping bass almost hit forty and even now well after dark it is still to warm for snow. Of course tomorrow morning I may wake up and it will be white out but I don’t think it is going to last. I have this feeling that most of it will melt during the next week.


I was thinking of doing some grouse hunting tomorrow but with the snow coming I will instead go to work down at the Lodge and get some time in. Sunshine Ray is forecasting some sun later in the week and I think I will use it to my advantage by taking Duncan out for a few walks and also it is time to start doing some scouting for this years Christmas tree. I will not be bring a tree home just yet and I will not mention that I am going tree hunting other wise the Mother in law will put in an order for a tree and will tell my aunts that I am going tree hunting and before you know it I will be looking for trees and not for birds. I know this for a fact as it has happen before.


I will keep it on the down low so the relatives will give up on me and instead go down and see Big Earl at the General Store and buy one of his fresh cut trees. There are a couple of smaller trees up at the Resort that will make good Christmas trees. I have talked to the daughter and she has to check with her husband but it looks like I will take out the granddaughter to cut her family tree down. Just something about a nine year old swinging a ax makes a grandpa swell up with pride and the granddaughter's parents very nervous. I feel it is part of my job as a grand parent to let my kids feel a little nervous like I did when their grandpa took them out on adventures. Of course we could just go shoot a tree but I don’t think the granddaughter is ready for that and it would take a long time as she is only allowed to use a pellet rife right now.


I watched a little TV tonight and have been working on my Christmas list. Even though each year the wife and I take turns doing the Christmas shopping and it is the wife’s year there are a few people that I have on my list. Guys down at the Lodge and of course the Granddaughter, last year I found the biggest bear I could find, it was almost six feet tall and I already told her that she will be no longer getting any more bears. Her mother told me that she has no more room for teddy bears as that was number nine. Now I have to find something else to make her Christmas which is going to be hard as she will not tell me what she wants.


Just about time to call it a day, wind is coming up some as I sit in the den here I can hear the sound of the wind chimes banging lightly away. Wife is sitting in the living room watching TV and working on some knitting. Duncan is fast asleep alongside of her on the couch, feet sticking straight up in the air as he lays on his back with his head on a throw pillow. Some snow would make it feel like winter and maybe a tree may come home earlier then planned but then again I am not much for plans here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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