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Bobby Bass


AWESOME, HILARIOUS, KARDASHIAN I find that if I see any article on the Internet that has any of these three words in the title that if I skip the story I save myself a lot of time. Kardashian now makes the list for the second year in a row. The big city doctor had recommend that I spent less time at the keyboard and more time moving around and I agree. By the way I got my first doctor’s bill from the big city specialist and now I see how she can afford two different kinds of coffee, herbal tea and dark chocolates in candy dishes in her waiting room. Of course to look at it another way I think I would rather go see her then go to a place that has a popcorn machine.


Tahoe is not yet running but the problem has been solved. The battery was bad as my neighbor Chuck came over and we did some trouble shooting. Even though the battery said it was charged and the meter did to we popped open the battery covers and could see some slush, frozen battery. I was in and out of the cabin spending just short trips outside and I did find my 5/16th wrench. Turning it wearing gloves on was interesting but the connection proved not to be the problem. Chuck got his truck started and as long as it was warm we went to town and bought a new battery. On closer inspection of the old battery I found out it was ten years old. So I got my money out of it. Today is a little warmer then yesterday and the sun is shinning. A dusting of snow fell overnight so I am going to wait till the afternoon before I put the new battery in. I don’t think I can ever remember replacing a battery when it was nice out, like in the middle of summer.


The brown dog watched me work from a kitchen chair that is by the window. He sat on the chair and watched as I came and went. From time to time he would bark at me and since I speak lab I knew what he was saying. Mostly encouragement and how cold I looked out their fiddling with pliers and wrenches. Every time I came in he would get off the chair and come to the door and greet me and would go to the door again when it was time for me to go back out. That is as far as he went as he had no intention of going outside, he would rather sit on his chair and stay warm in the cabin. I did look back and see him through the window chewing on something, when I came in I found cookie crumbs on the floor and both the brown dog and my wife both looked at me and just said "What"


The wife took two apple pies from the freezer out and she is going to bake them. I thought we had no pies but somehow a couple have appeared. I figure after they are cooked I will give Chuck a call and tell him I have pie and maybe after we get the battery in the Tahoe we should eat pie and maybe have a glass or two of the hard apple cider he brewed. If the sun stays out I might even go in the greenhouse and take in some solar heat. I think I may just sit in my chair and watch Duncan run around in the cold and snow here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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