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Bobby Bass


SUNSHINE IS POURING through the den window here at Lake Iwanttobethere. I have window cracked open and every once in a while I get whiff of fresh mud from the snow free flower bed outside of the window. Almost on cue several crows flew by and their cawing might be a signal to others that Spring is in the air. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a high of fifty-five where as Stormy Clearweather is it is only going to hit fifty. I am no weatherman but I like my chances of calling for a high of Sixty!


Yesterday I didn’t get much done as I had nothing really planned and it was of those bad days for me. This morning I woke up feeling better then when I went to bed which is the way it should be. I laid in bed for awhile planning my day out, if I am lucky I will get half of what I want to do get done, done. First off I was hankering for some chili so I got the fixings out and tried out my new chopper that I got for Christmas. I wanted it for dicing onions for Coney’s and it works good for it. This morning I did all my celery, onions and peppers, worked slick just like it was seen on TV. With Chili in the crock pot I moved on to other things, Shelf here in the den was cleared off so when the granddaughter comes over to visit tomorrow we will start some tobacco seed and peppers along with a few different tomatoes. The last pot of hot peppers were harvested with some going into the crock pot and the rest to the freezer. The plant and pot went outside and looks kind of strange with the pepper plant sitting green against the snow bank that rests up against the greenhouse


This afternoon's project is to shred some tobacco for cigarettes and I am going to roll a couple of cigars. The cigarette tobacco is dried enough to be used but I may be pushing the cigar leaf. It has been drying/curing now for seven months. I figure I will roll a few and let them age in the humidor. One of my buddies who grew leaf last year wants to see how it came out so I will let him be the tester. If he likes it he says he will grow more and we will split it. I will shred up a 50/50 blend of Burley and Virginia for the cigarettes. The cigars will be rolled out of Connecticut broad leaf and Dominican leaf. I will try a few different blends and see what it turns out like. That should take up a chunk of time.


With the warm weather the rag box for Duncan was put by the deck door. He patiently waits by the door to get his paws wiped off when he comes in. I think he goes out of his way to see how much mud he can get in between his toes and he sure does seem to like the attention he gets when I clean them out. The smell of chili is in the air and I have already turned it a few times. This batch should be better then the last batch that was made as the wife mislabeled peppers for the freezer. Instead a mix of green peppers and big hot peppers it was all hot peppers and almost uneatable. We just invited Elmer over for dinner and he had three bowls and took the left overs back to his place. He has a thing for hot foods. Well I just checked the temp and it is only forty-five out, needs to warm up fifteen more degrees to reach my prediction, But then again I never really said I was a weatherman, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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