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Bobby Bass


WELL MY DRIVEWAY is a snow covered ice crusty frozen mess, didn’t take long for Mother Nature to put her take on things. Had to run into the Lodge this morning but first I had to get into the Tahoe. All the doors were froze from the wet snow that turned to rain and then back to snow and then froze overnight. Foolish me I just ran out to the truck with keys in hand and when I found the doors stuck I had to come back in the cabin for a proper coat and some gloves. The wife was looking over her cookbook at me and said that she had a bottle of that deicer stuff in her Jeep. I just kind of gave her a blank stare and we looked at each other like that for awhile until she said "I suppose the Jeep doors are froze to" I just nodded and shook my head.


Properly dressed I went back outside with Duncan ahead of me. I tried the driver's door but didn’t not try to hard. Nothing worse then breaking the handle on the driver's door because of a frozen door, been there done that. I did get the back door open and then had to climb between the front seats. Key in ignition I started the truck turned the heat on high and climbed back out. Duncan and I then walked down the drive to get the morning paper and mail. Couple of bills and a couple of Christmas cards and another seed catalog. Spring must really be coming early this next year I am thinking.


Made a detour to the wood pile and putting the mail in my pocket I loaded up an arm full of wood and Duncan dragged a chunk of birch back to the cabin. I just carried the wood right inside but Duncan got his chunk stuck in the door and I had to help him. I took off my coat and Duncan was patiently waiting by the biscuit box for his reward. We had a brief talk as I told him one piece of wood does not equal one biscuit, then I went ahead and gave him one anyway. Drank some OJ and looked at the bills then put my coat back on and back to the Tahoe, doors opened easy as a blast of hot air came out. Took my time driving down to the Lodge, Roads were in pretty bad shape, lots of ice and I saw a few tire tracks that were close to going into the ditch.


Well the good news is we got some snow and now we will have a white Christmas. I drove by the General Store and Big Earl was out front with his broom brushing off a monster of a snow blower parked right out front. He waved at me and I waved back, he knows I am still in the market for a snow blower but he does not know that my son stored his at my place and I am not going to let it go, at least not yet. At the Lodge the walkways are clear and as I drove up I could see smoke curling out of the main chimney. The sun was peaking out from behind some fast moving clouds and I stopped and watched, been awhile since we have had sunshine. A minute later and it, the sun was gone again so I went inside the Lodge.


We have ice making weather and snow on the ground, I know some people were hoping for it to stay brown for a while longer but I guess we are way past due. Have to admit the Christmas tree does look better with some snow in the background. A week from Christmas here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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