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Some Snow

Bobby Bass


DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS and of course now it decides to snow! Some light stuff fell over night and now here in mid afternoon it has started to really come down. Already the railings on the deck have about six inches on them and I have been out twice to shovel a path on the deck and clean the front stairs off. The wife just looks at me over her glasses as she sits at the kitchen table and asks why I just don't go and get the son's snow thrower out. I make myself some cocoa and tell her if I take the snow thrower out then I will have made a commitment to clean everything all up, and it is not done snowing.


I was kind of thinking about grabbing the shotgun and taking Duncan for a walk on the back trail but with it still snowing, the grouse will be hiding in the pines. I will wait and then Duncan and I will take a walk maybe tomorrow if the snow does not get too deep. Duncan and I did take a walk down to the mailbox, had to brush the snow off the box and inside I found a few late arriving cards and yet another seed catalog. This one I was actually looking forward to as it has the container corn seeds in it that I want to grow in my swimming pool grow bags this season. I followed Duncan’s paw prints back up the driveway and thought to myself how much distance does a dog travel. My brown dog goes no where in a straight line.


Walked right past the covered wood pile, we were good on that. The pile was starting to disappear under the snow matter of fact enough snow has fallen that all the grass is covered and even the raised beds in the garden have disappeared. I thought about clearing snow of the Tahoe but kept walking, I am not planning on driving anywhere for awhile. Been a busy week with Christmas Eve here at the cabin and the Lodge party the night before. Mother in law had all the family over for Christmas dinner and nothing unusual happen there. I was a little under the weather as I have a nice deep chest cold that I am blaming the granddaughter for passing it on to me. Not wanting to pass it on I stayed long enough to sample pie and left before the Tahoe got pinned in.


Christmas Eve morning the youngest daughter and I went and saw Star Wars at the local movie house. Place was pretty full and we were rewarded with a good movie. I bought the tickets and she bought the soda and popcorn, I think I got the better deal. We timed it just about right as no sooner did we get back home then the family started gathering for dinner and gift opening. Storm should blow itself out after dark tonight and I will have all day tomorrow to dig out and clean up. Might even get enough snow to make it worth it to dig out the snow thrower and push banks back some. I saw my neighbor Chuck and we waved at each other and he yelled something that the wind caught and took away before it could get to me. I yelled something back that I knew he would not hear and we waved again and went on our way. I went in the cabin and took my boots off and hung up my coat, I headed to the den with my seed catalog and the wife asked me what did Chuck want" I told her he said he will help clean snow up tomorrow, no sense is spending time outside now while it is still snowing, Merry Christmas and I’ll take at ya later, here at Lake Iwanttobethere


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