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  1. First Ice Slabs

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    • Wanderer
      Chains are a game changer too and cheaper.  Not as effective as tracks but still huge.
    • CigarGuy
      Would be nice, but $$$. Probably stick to my portable
    • Mike89
    • CigarGuy
      Thanks. Wonder if 4x6 would work better. I was thinking of 2x6 for skids. I got a side by side a couple years ago and got it stuck in some hard pack snow, I'm afraid to go on the lake now with too much snow and packed down snowmobile tracks. I have winches on the front and back, but too much work digging them out when you get stuck, especially after having the heart attack in Sept.
    • JerkinLips
      4'w x 8'L x 6.5'h.  1/2" plywood floor and roof with 2x3 framing.  2x4 for skids (bottom smooth with 1/8" plywood).  1/8" plywood walls with 2x2 frame and 1.5" styrofoam insulation.  It weighs about 120-130 pounds.   First year I pulled it out about 4 miles and had to pack a trail back to easily pull it off the lake with my snowmobile (studded track) in the morning when the snow was hard at the end of the season.  If I got chains for the Polaris Ranger I am sure that would pull a lot better.
    • StateofHockey
      Ice conditions at Moccasin point. Just a reminder to be very careful in and around channels. While I measured 4 1/2" around the corner from Moccasin point, if a guy went straight off the boat landing into the channel area he would very likely break though the thin ice due to currents.
    • Wanderer
      Nothing new for this year yet but am getting itchy to get out.  I need to get my 6 inch Nils auger bit tuned up.  I guess I do have a new 8.0 Ah battery for my drill this year to go with the two stock 5’s.   18 Ah oughtta get some ice shredded. 😁
    • jim curlee
      Found  a dandy 1956 in 308. The wife likes it, says she'd like one too. She would like one in a smaller calibre, 243, etc. I still have cash, also have a couple of Colt SA 22 handguns I could do some trading with. Thanks Jim
    • slipperybob
      Seems like, pretty much nothing significant has changed.  Except for braids, as they have achieved the next level with SK71 standard and with new weaving and other treatments a few years ago.   I use a bunch of variety.  The one with the least temperature change is......ASSO.  Then again they are dedicated ice fishing lines so they do come in small spools only.  Which is a total bummer if thinking about spooling for open water.  The strongest is still Stroft GTM, but it's a little more stiff in comparison to a lot of other softer lines.  These are specialty lines so you won't just run to the store and find them. Braids, the availability of 8 strands in smaller #test that are useful for ice fishing.  But wait, Sufix has just released this year 131 G-core braid.  That's 12 strands plus 1 core braid.  Now I wonder how much performance merits it will have.
    • CigarGuy
      What size is your house? What materials did you use? I'm afraid that I'll have trouble pulling it off the ice late season if I go too big.
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