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  1. fishingstar

    fishing border water

    do yo need a South Dakota license to fish Big Stone if you leave the lake on the South Dakota side.
  2. Looking for some trip advice. My dad and I are coming up to Minnesota for an ice camping trip between Jan 31-Feb 4. We have stayed in an ice castle on Mille Lacs the last few years and want to change it up. We have it narrowed down to Leech Lake and Red Lake. We fished Leech in the summer quite a few years ago with some success, but I am curious which lake people would recommend for an ice camping trip. Leech was intriguing for the potential perch bite as well, but I would love to hear some opinions. We are looking at going through a resort, so we can use their ice road access. Thanks for any help!
  3. Hey guys- anyone have any recommendations for Minnesota outdoors podcasts they like? Fishing, hunting or camping shows would be great. Thank you
  4. Hey guys, I am looking to keep busy this winter and am starting to make my own tackle. If you have any old Do-it lead jig molds you’re no longer using please shoot me a message and let me know what you have and how much you’d like for it. I can pay shipping costs. Thanks in advance. Tony
  5. Spencer Macdonald

    Wright County Fishing Reports

    Good Evening, I'm spending more time this year fishing closer to home, which is wright county for me. I'm heading out to Buffalo lake for the first time. Going to walk out from the east ramp. Either going to fish the point just southwest or try and find a weed like in 10-13fow. Going to look for walleye and crappie in the weeds or crappies in a home. Let me know if I'm way off base. Thanks!
  6. Guys, I am looking to chase some Sunfish during the Labor Day weekend timeframe. Anyone have any hints besides Greenwood bay? I know there has to be places these fish are hiding. Any help would be appreciated. I am on the East Side by birch point. Although I am not against chasing to the other side of the lake if the winds aren't blowing stink.... Have a great day!
  7. I live in south mpls, near the chain of lakes and I love fishing for walleye but usually don’t have success from shore. Does anyone know some spots in my area for possible success and what techniques produce fish? thanks in advance
  8. Going up to visit family at Mille lacs 4th of July weekend. Given the current fishing restrictions and the fact that I don’t have a boat, does anyone know any good shore/kayak fishing lakes in the Mille lacs area?
  9. Following up my earlier search for advice on camping with a couple more questions in need of help. At least three of us (1 boat) coming up Saturday through most of next week. Thanks in advance for your input! 1. With the high water, are any public accesses actually closed? Or can you launch if you have a couple guys and waders/hip boots? (Or, as a backup, will resorts let you launch for a fee?) 2. What bait shops do you recommend either in Cook or Tower areas or elsewhere? 3. Assuming 150-foot (or 300-foot?) no-wake restiction, how long of a boat ride from the West Basin to get to the East Basin in decent conditions? Of course, we welcome tips on tactics for walleye and smallies. Sounds like it's minnows-leeches for eyes in classic early-season habitat. For smallies, there is 3 of us so we fish different tactics until one of us figures it out. I'm guessing smallies will be pre-spawn. Or are they on beds? Again, thanks in advance for any advice. I'm in Central Minnesota/St. Cloud area. Happy to return the favor in this area.
  10. House was new in spring 2018. Spray foamed top to bottom. Extremely Light weight, all aluminum construction 1300-1400 pounds. You can easily pull with atv. with little tongue weight. Foldable and removable bunk, we used a cot for 2nd bed. -6 catch covers w/ sleeves -Nuway furnace, needs no electricity to operate manually, also hooked up to thermostat -12V low amp draw circulating fans -30A 115v to 12VDC power converter/battery charger with gen/power hookup -battery box with 12VDC-115v inverter, and battery meter (newer 31 battery negotiable) - LED hole light and beverage holder above every hole -LED interior and porch lights -Tv/dvd combo on swing wall mount -Pioneer stereo with 4 speakers -Loose spare tire (white steel rim) -Window Air Conditioner This house can go all weekend on a single battery without a generator. No exterior damage anywhere, tires great. Looking to possibly upgrade. Located 20 miles north of Rapids. Thanks!
  11. I want to put solar trickle charger on 12 v deep cycle trolling battery. would appreciate any experience good or bad. fingers crossed for opener
  12. Hey everyone in the metro are I have tons of willow cats/madtoms. My number is 763-290-4710
  13. Hello! My first post here, but I’m looking to take my family on a week long fishing trip with species of choice being Walleye. We have gone to Canada in the past, but we’re hoping to go somewhere closer to home in northern Minnesota. I’ve been looking at Winni, Bowstring, or Kabetogama. but am open to other options. I read Kabetogama got slammed because of the border being closed. We are looking to go the first or second week of July. So time is of the essence on the lake decision as things are pretty booked up already. Bonus for any specific resorts you love. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!
  14. With products in every outdoor category including Hunting, Fishing, Shooting Sports, Camping, Apparel, Tools and Equipment, and Outboard, fishing board we’re sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Outdoors luis guide, We sell some of the World’s Biggest and Best Brands for the great outdoors. And we sell them at the very best prices in the business. Shop, discover now :https://outdoorsluis.com/product-category/reloading-powder/
  15. Hello, Former Minnesotan coming up to spend time with my folks the second week in June. We’re staying on TenMile Lake. I’ve been reading forums, looking at Social Map, LakeFinder, etc. it appears Ten Mile is a fairly unique lake, very deep and very clear. My first guess given the clarity would be a night bite, but I’m not sure I’d be up for night fishing in a strange lake with a strange boat. I’ve read that this lake warms up later than other local lakes, so should I be considering what might be recommend approaches for say late May? Obviously weather would affect that. Would Crappie still be spawning? Are there good cabbage patches? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also feel free to message me. Obviously, time with my folks is the priority, but it would be nice to have a little fish fry since we are staying on the lake. Thanks Again, Clemmy
  16. After more than a year, thankfully we have been allowed to return to our Rainy Lake home. Hopefully the travel bans will not be repeated. Fall fishing is as good as it gets. Walleye and bass are making their fall transition and are schooled up. Find the right spot and let the party begin! Thanks to Muskies for feeding my addiction while I was stuck in the U.S. If you can get to Ontario, come now!
  17. Rippinlips14

    Swede grove lake

    Has anybody given Swede a try lately it’s been years since I have and last time was after a winter kill. Didn’t see to much then wondering if it’s come back
  18. Hello Folks, I have never posted on a fishing forum before. Looking for advice from folks who have visited the nicer resorts from Mille Lacs and up. . . Not interested in the house boat concept. MOSTLY, looking for good chance of fish catching SUCCESS during period from mid-July through August. Looking for actual resort names and Lake names. If info on definite places on Lakes, better yet. Probably a one time trip with brothers from Colorado, Iowa, and Illinois. . . One with limited experience. Have at it! thanks in advance.
  19. Going to VRBO rent now for June for top dollar but what if I can’t keep any fish or even fish for them? that situation is still a cluster
  20. slipperybob

    Evening Night Bite

    Well I missed the morning bite and I figured I would just make an attempt at the evening bite. I was planning to hit the local easy access community spot, but not really since I do have my own idea. I usually see people show up for the evening bite as I am leaving, so maybe they know something I don't. There were about half a dozen portables already occupying an area out there by the time I showed up. However I do not plan to fish that area, the spot I am going to go too is just a bit away from there. I drilled a hole and did a depth check and it came to 16 feet. Nothing else on sonar so I figure it's as good as any, since I just want to pitch up camp. As usual a one man set up and taking time to do it take me a good 20 minutes to 30 minutes, but I'm not really timing myself nor am I in any hurry. I just normally take my time to hand drill the anchors. It's not windy and probably didn't need it, however past experience proven to be my demise. Had to watch my shelter blown down the lake while I was hole hopping. At first I was like who's shelter is that, then notice it was mine. There's no one else on the lake duh! That was the worst walk back after chasing down the shelter and shouldering a flappy shelter walk of shame back. Anyway I like to set up my foam flooring, set my spacing organization for one man happy camping. After clearing out my ice holes and finally settled down. It was like no more than 10 minutes when I had a mark come through. Teased the fish a little and it smacked my jigging lure. Fish on with a little nice 14" walleye. Well at least I wasn't getting skunked and that's always worth it. I was now just staring at an empty sea again. No marks, no activity under the ice, just my jigging lure. So now comes my variety lures. I wanted to really try the Sebile Vibrato as it seems like a good field test. I was only using the smallest one at 1/8 oz. It vibes solid bare metal and the drop did flutter a bit but still fast drop rate. Baiting the treble hook totally killed the action and it was kind of useless. Since I was just staring at an empty sea, I went back to my routine lure choices. So doing well with the Major Craft Jigpara Blade bait in 1/4 oz. weight so that one of the main choices. The Lindy Rattl'n Flyer Spoon has always been a good producer for walleyes in the past so that was another main choice. The Rapala Slab Rap is a good profile so that in in the line up too, both #4 and #5. The Blue Fox Flash Jigging Spoon is a solid performer so that gets priority. Now I know my jigging techniques for catfish, crappies, and perch, but I need to work on my walleye technique. This trip was a big learning curve for me. For one thing I don't really know how to work my jigging technique for walleyes. I started with the normal crappie technique and it turned a few fish off. So I finally figured to change it to quivering the jig and that proved to work and gotten another walleye. Then I spent the next few hours just staring at an empty sea. Well once in a long time I did see a fish mark come through. I thrown my kitchen sink at it. Eventually it was the old dead stick minnow and jigging to attract them strategy that worked later on into the night. I totally botch up and didn't even bring a dedicated dead stick combo out. So a jigging rod will be dead stick and it happened to be the Thorne Bros. Perch Sweetheart 32" custom with the Shimano Twin Power 1000XD spinning reel spooled with the Sufix 131 G-Core braided line. Well it was so boring that I took a snooze. Now normally I tether my rods so no fish would pull it into the drink. I didn't do. I woke up to a fish tugging on the dead stick. Lucky catch. Afterwards I notice that the fish would show up and swim away fairly quickly. This sort of tells me, I'm in the wrong spot. The long periods of dead sea and no signs of baitfish or any other activity. Some jigging with the Major Craft Jigpara Blade bait attracted another walleye in the zone. Again it turned away and went for the dead stick bait. What I was noticing was that these late night fish were pulling and swimming a lot harder compared to the first fish I hooked into. For sure it was giving the rod a work out as well as peeling drag from my reel. I was kind of glad to have this set up being fortunate too. For one thing I notice that the drag on this reel worked out far better than I expected. Not start up pressure nor dip in pressure. No jittery pulsation even with the drag clicking. Even the solid one piece handle was giving me no play and it was direct connection to the overall combo. The braid line remain very well managed and very well behave. I thought my Stradic reels were great but this was like a jump like comparing my Stradic to a Sahara reel. Overall, my walleye fishing skills is lacking. I need more training in that respect and glad to have equipment that helps me where I'm lacking.
  21. slipperybob

    Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line

    My first field test of the Sufix 131 G-Core Braided line in 6# spooled onto Shimano Twin Power 1000FD spinning reel paired onto Thorne Bros Perch Sweetheart 32" cutom. This would be one of the most expensive set up, both in reel and line. I was really trying to test it out on crappies, but it just happen to be walleyes that were hooked up today. While hooked up with fish, the combination was very high performance, it seem a bit too easy. The one piece handle has a solid transfer of power and feedback. The drag worked very well, smooth and sturdy, no start up pressure build or drop. The ability of the reel to line lay on the spool had more precision that I had expected, no bulge spots or dips. Perhaps it has something to do with the Sufix 131 G-Core braid being well rounded as well. The braid line at first showed very little line bubble on the sonar, but quickly vanish. I did had on moment that while setting the combo aside and using it again, I got the dreaded micro bubbles on the line and it showed it on the flasher. Again it vanished quickly after some use. In comparison Sufix 832 is more limp, but does have a subtle texture feel when feeling the Gore fiber. For the 131 the Gore Fiber is the core so it is an even smooth uniform feel. Not once did I feel like the braid hang up on itself on the underlying lines on the spool. It could've been attributed to the Twin Power spinning reel. Every lure drop was a very smooth line flow off the spool. As with any braid and hole hopping the ice up was terrible. Although the windy conditions also meant that regular monolines were also freezing within a moment. I will note that typically I am a bait casting reel in preference, I will say that the Shimano Twin Power has a performance merit in itself. It reminds me of both the Stella and the Stradic Ci4+ reel in a package. Eventually I would like to get this line on a bait casting reel and see how it's performance merits are.
  22. It's been awhile since I purchased any new braided lines. The last batch of lines was a bunch of Diawa J-Braid x8 and J-Braid Grand x8, a couple of Fireline Ultra 8, and Nanofil lines. On my list would be YGK G-Soul Upgrade X8 line and YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid line. Well, shopping cart, submitted. Well I ordered a few lines but I stayed with the small diameters again and keeping them under .200 mm for the most part. This will put it in the same frame as most of the other lines I've used in the past for ice fishing. So my impulsive line order came through and I ordered a variety of line tests. YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 14# at .131 mm 16# at .153 mm 22# at .171 mm 25# at .185 mm YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid 10# at .165 mm 14# at .185 mm All I can say is wow this line is thin. It feels significantly much thinner than anything I've felt. Even more thin than the J-Braid x8 Grand. Will have to give it some line break test and some side to side comparison later. The clear package spool is a great visual product. One can really see how nice the line is and how little room it takes. The appearance is so uniform and even as a braid, it looks like a single monofilament. Some preliminary line break test on the G-Soul Upgrade X-8 with all knot break failures. 14# listed with four trials: 6#15, 6#12, 7#0, 6#15 16# listed with four trials: 9#0, 9#15, 8#15, 8#15 22# listed with three trials: 13#10, 12#15, 12#10 YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid: 10# listed with three trials: knot break 9# 10, 9#1, 9#8 14# listed with three trials: knot break 10# 10, 9#15, 10#8 It's been a while since I've tied and manipulated the knot on thin PE lines. I can't remember what I did to achieve a higher strength. However, I'm glad to see a rather consistent breakage. It means two contributing factor. First I may be tying a rather consistent knot with how I'm tying. Second, the line is consistent in uniformity strength with the extrusion process. As much as I expected that I was not going to get the manufacture listed line break strength, after all that's not what I'm after. I'm after my real world use of the line and how the knot will hold for me. I tried looking for my 6# Diawa J-Braid to make a line to line comparison but couldn't find it at the moment. I did find some 10# J-Braid X8 and the 4# Berkley Nanofil line. The 14# G-Soul Upgrade looked thinner than 10# J-Braid while the 16# looked very much alike in diameter. The 4# Nanofil was just about equal in turns of line diameter thickness. The line is very pliable. Compare to Nanofil, it feels very much like it. The line feels so smooth and has a good body feel almost as if it is one single thread. There is also a self support and while holding about 4 to 5 inches horizontal of line material. That's quite amazing and almost feels like a levitation trick. Getting to about 6 to 7 inches it will be pull down by gravity and is no longer able to self support horizontally. Compressing the line by pinching and pushing together did not yield any strand separations. The weave is just too uniform and well packed. I was only able to see a sign of thread separation after multiple line break of the same sample. Even then I was not able separate the thread weave. Further note is that this time I did a really crude line test method. I kept using the same line even after the first break. Typically I expect that the sequent test should have yield less results. After all there were obvious signs of line damage even after the first line break test. I could see that the thread fluffed up where the fibers broke in multiple spots throughout the sample test line. Another telltale sign was how the line had contracted into a somewhat bunched deformity of random compressed doodle. This means that the fibers were stretched and rebounded. However it's odd that later test of the same sample would yield a higher break strength. This could hint that the line is still very strong even after some light stressed breakage. Similar line diameter .13mm comparison: 14# G-Soul Upgrade X-8 is within same break threshold and is below average. Diawa J-Braid Grand x8 .13 mm 8# knot break 10# 12 oz. Berkley NanoFil 6# .13mm knot break 9# 14 oz. Berkley Fireline Original .13 mm 4# knot break 6# 12 oz. Similar line diameter .15mm comparison: 16# G-Soul Upgrade X-8 is within same break threshold and is just below average. Diawa J-Braid x8 .15 mm 10# knot break 13# Diawa J-Braid Grand x8 .15 mm 10# knot break 16# 14 oz. Berkley Fireline Crystal .15 mm 6# knot break 8# 8 oz. Similar line diameter .171mm comparison: 22# G-Soul Upgrade X-8 is average break and slightly above. ASSO Sinking Braid .16mm 10# knot break 12# 5 oz. ASSO Sinking Braid .18mm 12# knot break 13# 10 oz. Berkley Fireline Original .18 mm 8# knot break 11# 6 oz.
  23. Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning Rod: PAD2610ULMA This is a 6'10" rod with an Ultralight tip section transition into a Medium backbone rod. It is listed with an Extra-Fast action tip. In a way that make sense. I bought the rod on an impulse just because I was sort of wanting an Ultralight power rod. After using the Zodias rods for sometime and I found them to be well performing rods I just really got curious about a higher dollar value rod in the same likeness. In a way I am repeating the same thing I found in St. Croix Rods years ago when I purchased my first Premiere spinning rod and then jumped on the chance of a Legend Elite spinning rod. The Poison Adrena being an impulse buy partially due to Thanksgiving Black Friday deal has a lot to do with it. I think the best feature of this rod is the full Carbon Monocoque handle design shaped to likeness of a split grip silhouette style. So that leaves the locking nut on the top side as the fore grip. The locking nut being machined aluminum is a contrast in feel and material for that function. There are some ported hole integrated into the forward reel set assembly. The rod has 8 line guides plus tip guide of SiC rings and the tip being a titanium frame with SiC ring insert. There is no traditional hook keeper on the rod. The entire handle is measured to about 12 1/4" and the rear handle length is about 8 1/4" long. I set onto the rod with a Shimano Twinpower 1000FD reel to check for balance and it seems to match very well. There is however some spacing between the reel seat on the lock position that detracts from the overall reel seat. In part it has something to do with the slightly larger reel foot of this reel. I went to double check the fit with a different reel I had lying around with a significantly smaller reel foot and it was fully lined up on the close position. Actually this reel has an extra small foot so it actually was still loose. So back to the Twinpower reel. I thread the line through the line guides and gave it my typical line pull flex load to see how the rod bends. It feels a bit more like an UL+ tip as in part to the Extra-Fast action and that Medium power backbone. In a way I think this rod should finesse a bit better than the Zodias rod in Light power. I gave the rod a few backyard practice casts with a 1/4 practice plug and the rod feels like a shorter rod feeling. It does not give off the 7' rod feeling at all. Wish I could feel the lure contact open water. So it will be a long wait till next spring to give it whirl field test.
  24. CaptainCanuck

    Rattle reel setup and tips?

    I bought a Catch Cover Rattlesnake Reel for some friends that have a permanent/hard sided shack in the Haliburton Region. The product itself is made in Minnesota and I believe they are more common in your end of the ice belt than across the border here. While hand lining technique and setup are probably the same for most tip ups, the rattle reel is still uncommon in my area as far as I know. I'd like to know what you would use on a lake with walleye and rainbow trout as the target species. My current best guess is 150 yards of 20lb tip up braid to a 10lb fluorocarbon leader with a bobber/float to regulate/mark the depth and a single hooked live minnow. What are you guys using with these rattle reels as far as line and tackle in regards to large walleye and rainbow trout? The 10lb should be enough if the fish is fought correctly with minimal drag applied as well as lots of line and room to run I think? The lake they are on has few if any other huts so a lot of line can be let out if necessary. If you have any tricks, advice or stories you're willing to share on this topic please post it as well. I'm almost starting from scratch other than the cardinal rule to never wrap your hand with the line. I've never actually fished with it but I think I've got a good idea how to operate it.t I think it will make a good and productive addition to the hut with a little advice from experience on how to fish with it properly.
  25. 13 Fishing Omen Ice casting 32" rod in Medium power I perused the 13 Fishing website looking at their products a month plus ago and saw that they listed some new ice rods for this year 2021-22. On it listed several spinning models featuring full reel seat and split grip reel seat models. So while just down at the local sports store, I happen by chance to spot an unusual looking rod and it turns out to be a bait casting model. Listed key feature on the product tag: J36T Blank Evolve Ported Reel Seat Portuguese 3A Full Grip Cork Handle Evolve Stainless Steel Guides with Titanium Inserts I did what I normally do when looking through the product. I line them up side by side and check for consistencies or inconsistencies among the exact same model. There are nuances and finding one that is of higher quality workmanship is sometimes the advantage of having a real physical product to examine. I choose that one rod that was just a tad bit longer than all the rest. The one that sticks out, in the literal sense. I eyeballed it to be roughly 1/4 inch longer and after bringing it home and measuring it's full length to 32 3/8th inches long. I did some quick measurements of the handle assembly and the length came to about 8 1/2 inches with the rear cork grip at 3 1/2 inches. I mounted onto it a Shimano Curado 70HG reel. The locking handle nut held it down securely with just a little gap between the reel seat and nut assembly. I threaded the line through the 4 line guides and then tip guide. Even thought the produce feature says Titanium inserts, they look a lot like ceramics. I gave it my typical fishermans' rod flex check. It feels to fall within the range of Medium power fast action. I gave it the loaded torsion twist check and did find quite a bit of roll over of line guides, especially the two ones from the tip guide. There is just barely line rub on the blank when all given a full load flex test. The rubberized reel seat feels good to the touch and there is a little bit of porting to give it some bling look. The cork is quite pitted and filled with filler. The handle shed quite a bit of dust after removing the plastic covering, probably from the finishing sanding. Still overall the rod is assembled with top notch quality. Definitely looking forward to using this rod this ice season.
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