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  1. Brittany pups available, great lines, proven breeder. Will not disappoint. Reach out if interested [email protected]
  2. With the late ice-out, has anyone talked to the local bait shops about what they will have available for opener this week? I've heard some "general" stories on the news about some shops shipping in bait from out of state. Did Joe complete the sale of Northwoods Bait? Are they going to be open? I'm trying to figure out if I need to grab minnows on my way up versus buying them up there.
  3. So I really got my first field test of my new Zodias Rod I purchased this spring. I did bring out both the ZDS70LA and ZDS70MLA. Since I only managed to hook up with fish on the Light power rod, it's really the only one that got the real test. Anyway for both rods casting is wonderful smooth and slick. I didn't put any additional effort other than the bare minimum. Lure retrieve also was wonderful for both rods and both rods don't even feel like 7 feet rods that's I've used in the past. I almost felt like they were shorter rods with feel in likeness to a typical 6'6" rod in use. Working lure retrieval on these rods feels like they're robust medium rods. At first I was wondering what's the ding ding sound while I was using the rod and it turns out that it was just the butt handle clanging onto some D rings on my clothing. I almost though that something in the rod was broken or either it was my reels. What a relief. I'm still not quite accustomed to this effortless casting motion and having a lure project itself so smoothly. Still not accustomed to a rod that in the casting motion is so well tuned. I did not even need any counterforce at the end of the casting stroke nor any need to grip the rod more firm to dampen the typical harmonic vibration that some rods exhibits. That monocoque butt handle design really upgrade the feel of these rods. While hooking up with some little white bass, the Light power rod loads up very well progressively. These are just fish in the 15-19 inch range so not to big nor are small either. Overall I could've confused my sense that it was a Moderate action Medium powered rod with the crispness of feel of a Light powered rod. Only a few times did I look down on the whole rod with the fish on did I notice that it was still a Light powered rod. I didn't have a need to put a hook set nor did I feel the pronounced tap on the inhale to drive a reactionary hook set. There is the feel of the bite, then the solid weight feel and the fish is securely hooked. Looking forward for more field testing of the Zodias rods.
  4. Maybe the next time the evil spell casting guy comes bye, we should all throw in a few bucks to cast a spell on all the spammers! Nice job on helping out reporting them all!
  5. Steve has a 17 1/2 foot bass boat that the engine went kaput on him. He is looking for a decent used one. It had a 115 hp Johnson 2 stroke. He would like to find one between 90 and 125 hp. Prefer 4 stroke but would consider a 2 stroke. The boat is a 1978 model so don't want to drop too much into it. One of his stepsons lives in Iowa and is heading up to Canada to fish in about a week. Said if he could find anything he will be coming back through Minnesota and would get it for him. Coming up blank in Kansas. Thanks. Text Steve at: (620) 727-4260
  6. For Sale 500+ Winchester Rem .223 55gr amd FC Rem .223 55gr ammo. Comes with metal ammo case and 3 Ar-15 30rd magazines preloaded. Stored in cool dry area. Just like new condition. Sold my AR so I have no need for it. Message me for pricing.
  7. slipperybob

    Field Test: A Few bucket list items

    It's another ice fishing field test for a few items: The only fish I caught were a few crappies ranging from 6" to 10" and a perch at 9" in length. 13 Fishing Omen Ice Casting rod Medium power. The rod is paired with Shimano Curado 70HG and spooled with Stroft GTM 7.9# line. The lure I specifically chosen was Major Craft Jigpara Blade 3/16th oz. I would say the rod overall is pretty impressive at it's price point. While just holding it in hand empty it doesn't have any outstanding wow factor. However after putting a lure on and actually getting fish to strike at your lures and hooking up and fighting them in, I got a good feel for what it's performance merits are. The white painted tip section allows for a good contrast visual. The lure jigging allowed the vibration of the lure to come through. Even light fish strikes were felt, allowing me to put the hook set on. The rod performed within the range of what a medium powered rod should do. There is enough tip flex sensitivity and rod backbone. Shimano Curado BFS casting reel. I have two of them. One is spooled with 14# YGK G-Soul Upgrade and 10# YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid, both with a leader of Stroft GTM 7.9# line. The rods are Thorne Bros. Custom Panfish and Perch Sweetheart rods to 32" in length. I fished the YGK Upgrade line last season on a spinning reel set up so I basically had a good feel for that mono like line. It worked well in the BFS reel and on that one I was using Major Craft Jigpara tailspin 1/4 oz. lure. One thing I will note that even with the cross carbon drag on this reel, it felt like it was more so on the low end of drag force. I normally don't expect crappies to pull drag a lot, but the drag clicks very easily. Even at close to max setting the drag can still be pulled easily. YGK G-Soul SS112 Sinking Braid. The other Curado BFS with the SS112 Sinking Braid was attached a Flu Flu jig. I can't remember if it was 1/64th oz. or 1/80th oz. weight. It's basically the jig that I have to peel line off the spinning reel to get it sink. So doing the same with any other reel tells me how fast a sink rate this lure gets. Well to my surprise this is the fastest sink rate I've experienced. So the sinking braid line does aid in the sink rate, or rather it doesn't offer resistance to sinking on a vertical drop. Even when I peel enough line to lay on the water surface, it is pulled down with a good rate. While I was expecting the textured line to create some line buzz I wasn't feeling it. While hooked up to fish the Curado BFS drag was clicking so again I couldn't tell if there were any line buzz. Overall it's performed as an ice fishing line in the warmed up shack was phenomenal. It was a bit too windy and snow pellets was hailing down so I did not do any hole hopping, so no freeze check on the line was evaluated. The Eskimo 250XD was getting some high winds test today for sure. The worst thing imaginable happens as the wind changed direction 180 degrees. It was sudeenly full force blowing directly at the wide door side. I did not have the stakes on the skirt on the door nor on the one remaining hub tie down. I went out the door to secure it, and the shelter was about to blow away. Had to fight the wind and hold the door down. I merely only secure the hub strap tie down and went back inside before the wind really kicked up. I looked at the closed door and the blown in side effects of it. In a way it's good to have the two stabilizing poles there which helped a lot with the wind pressure. I stayed pretty much cooped up until the winds died down some. It was windy enough that ice pellets packed up the air vents and the window sides of the reflective overlap. On the pack up it was still windy, and I had struggled to put the shelter away as the wind whipped the shelter like an inverted umbrella. I was afraid the the shelter poles would snap or bust off one of the hubs but managed to secure it and finally flipped a twisted shelter back into order after some effort. This was probably the worst occurrence dealt with the shelter take down I had ever encounter. Simms Challenger insulated bibs and jacket: I wear a Large jacket and medium bibs. This is a serious upgrade for me, considering I've been wearing a Columbia jacket and snowpants that was purchased back in 1993. Of which last year after wearing it while treading through the ice storm and getting drenched, I was a very miserable. That day the ice fishing ordeal I experienced was wet and cold all day long. So this time with the Simms it is thinner and less bulky as in comparison as I dress under with just a normal sweat pants and a sweat shirt and a compression long sleeve shirt. Normally I would also add to another fleece jacket under and also another layer of usually compression pants. I was expecting to get cold but I never felt that way. Of course dragging the sled and sweating did not bother me at all. The suit must have done a very good job at preventing condensation build up. Temps was 14F and with quite a wind in my face easily at 15+mph. I am very impressed at the performance overall. Ryobi 18V Clamp Fan: I used it while I had the Big Buddy Heater on low. The fan was too powerful even on the low setting and I just got colder with it on. I will not use it in the future.
  8. 200 American Eagle 130gr .38 spec and Armscor 158gr .38 spec fmj rounds and 100 Remington 95gr fmj .380 rounds for sale. Stored in cool dry area. Still in original boxes, brand new. Message me for pricing.
  9. Grandkids lost interest. Come and get it. Let me know if you want it. \ Text 5072718395
  10. I tried searching for an old thread on this, but couldn't find one. Maybe we already discussed this topic but I'll bring it up anyway: For those of us coming from the Twin Cities (or anywhere else traveling I-35), what are your favorite places to eat along the way? Leaving out fast-food places: - Rock Creek cafe - Hwy 70 (it's probably been at least a decade since I've been there) - Sammy's Pizza - Cloquet - Gordy's - Cloquet (I haven't been there in a long time because I hate standing in line forever) - Family Tradition Restaurant - Cloquet - Wilbert Cafe - Cotton - Timber's Edge - near Evelyth (I've only been there once but it seemed good) If I'm close to the lake but want to stop before getting there, either: - South Switch for burgers - The Crescent for whatever is on special What other good ones are out there? I remember once reading about the Chickadee Cafe but have never gone there. Does the Log Cabin Tavern any good? Is it just booze?
  11. Where can I find a used pontoon boat table? The small plastic ones. Mine blew out and I couldn’t find it in the lake.
  12. slipperybob

    YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8

    It really was my first open water test of YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 and it was on both spinning and casting reels. On the spinning reel is 14# label spooled onto the Shimano Sustain 1000FE mounted on a Shimano Zodias 7' Light power rod. There is a short leader of Stroft GTM 5X 5.28# test of about 18 inches in length connected by an FG knot. On the casting reel is 25# label spooled onto a Shimano Bantam MGLXG model mounted on a Shimano Poison Adrena 6'11" Medium+ power rod. There is about a 5 feet length of 20# test Silverthread Xcalibur copolymer line connected by an FG knot. On the spool of both reels, there is a noticeable hard line body with this braid. It doesn't compress like that of other braids and it also has a linear structure in likeness to that of Berkley Fireline. No line color bleeding was noticed and there wasn't any water dripping from the spool. There is some water spray on the cast that is no more than monofilament lines would produce. Casting on spinning set up is smooth and flows very well. I was using an inline spinner for the most part and saw that there were some line twisting on the last few yards of line. Yet it did not coil up and continues to perform flawlessly. There is some noise from the line rubbing during the retrieve. However it is not a buzzing sound typical to other braids where one could feel and hear it. The line retrieval is still very much like a monofilament nylon line. On the casting reel the line also performed very well. The line having a body structure feel similar to that of Fireline, I was expecting some bird nest problems but it never happened. With a popper the line remain relatively subsurface and can also be easily popped upwards out of the water. I did not tie any lures that required a steady retrieve so I did not get a feel for the potential buzzing sound effect. Looking forward to more use with this line.
  13. slipperybob

    FG Knot - Diawa J-Braid x8

    It was just about two years ago when I decided to venture into a different braid line. Sufix Advance 832 braid was a preference of mine. So after receiving the Diawa braids, I gave it the good old line break test rundown on the knot to swivel. There were good results. Diawa J-Braid x8 .06 mm 6# knot break 8# 4 oz Diawa J-Braid x8 .13 mm 8# knot break 11# 9 oz Diawa J-Braid x8 .15 mm 10# knot break 13# Diawa J-Braid Grand x8 .06mm 6# knot break 6# 4 oz Diawa J-Braid Grand x8 .13 mm 8# knot break 10# 12 oz Diawa J-Braid Grand x8 .15 mm 10# knot break 16# 14 oz ***** I had always been line joining with a nail knot to nail knot for the longest time. I had also tried the albright and modified albright knot on few times. All this until I discovered the FG knot. Now I had never questioned the strength of the FG knot. All I knew before was that occassionally it slipped and unraveled after use. Since we are experiencing something of a polar vortex, I reckon I do some knot testing. Diawa J-Braid x8 6# FG to FG knot on 30# mono Three trials in # and oz.: 8#14, 9#3, 9#1 While the my direct knot to swivel yield a break at 8#4 oz., it does indicate that the FG knot with a mono is breaking at a higher threshold. While it wasn't much more for this braid line, it is giving me an indication that perhaps J-Braid x8 in itself has a higher resilience for direct knot tying. I will confirm this with a few other tests of J-Braid x8. Side note: I was physically comparing line feel between YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 14# with Diawa J-Braid x8 6# and both seem very close in appearance of line thickness and feel. Only G-Soul seem to have a slight more line body. Diawa J-Braid x8 10# FG to FG knot on 30# mono One trial knot break 17# 12 oz. I didn't feel like I needed to test the line any further. That one trial test was enough, especially with the results. So all the results thus far is confirming that the FG knot will be a better connection point to a lure and I should go with the extra care to do so. Bonus for Sufix 832 Advance braid FG knot testing as well. Sufix 832 Advance Braid 10# FG knot to FG knot on 30# mono Three trials all knot breaks in # and oz.: 15#, 20#, 19# 1 Sufix 832 Advance Ice Braid 4# FG knot to FG knot on 30# mono Three trials all knot breaks in # and oz.: 13#7, 12# 1, 12#12 In addition to note that in comparison to previous 832 tested on terminal tackle of a knot to swivel: Sufix 832 Ice Braid .10mm 4# knot break 9# 2 oz. Sufix 832 Braid .20 mm 10/4 knot break 17# 5 oz.
  14. Hello! New to this but I come across a lot of these threads and wanted to give it a try! I’ve done some fishing on canisteo mine pit for lake trout and have had some good days and very slow days. Was wondering if anybody fishes the taconite side for lake trout in the winter? When I’m out there I never see any traffic out that way so I’m curious if anybody has had success! Thanks Mojo88
  15. Hello Everyone, first time posting so excuse me if it’s in the wrong topic section. I just purchased my first boat last week, a 1958 15’ crestliner that I bought from someone in Wisconsin it hasn’t been registered since 2005. I looked on the MN dmv site before buying it and thought I had everything I needed, bill of sale, make, model and hull#. When I went to the dmv today they said I need a registration card? I know that the guy I bought it from didn’t register it. Has anyone ran into this issue? I contacted the guy waiting to see if he can deal with it on the Wisconsin side. Definitely annoyed right now and hoping something can be done if this guy isn’t helpful.
  16. Lets get off the Virus stuff and try and get some Topics rolling again besides that! Have some fun again ?What are some of the things that are long gone now that you remember or remember doing . This might show some of our ages especially some of the old timers ?. I remember hanging out at the 10 HI drive INN. Regular TV no cable. Landline phones with party lines. Sitting in the back seat of my parents car not a one of us had seat belts on not sure there were any even ? Walking to school. Pit keg party's where piles of people hung out and cops didn't bother you all the time and everyone intermingled no matter your age. Boom boxes. Being able to fish off bridges without getting hassled. Kick the bucket. Going to the Paramount for a movie. Most bridges were metal.
  17. slipperybob

    Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line

    Well it was some late spring fishing. I was actually trying to target some white bass. I really wanted to get a feel for how this line would perform. Again it was only the 6# test listed and spooled on the Shimano Twinpower 1000D spinning reel. The rod was the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" UL/M spinning rod extra fast action. Most of the lures I used was just the 1/8th oz Kastmaster, 1/8th oz Bluefox Flash spinner, and a small 1/8th Rebel teeny popper. The line performed as expected like any other braids. However more notable is how much smoother the ease of casting was. Perhaps that may be in part with the equipment combination. One other thing I noticed was how much more buoyant this line was. It really floats on the surface easily. Maybe being just a new line or perhaps just how thin the line is that resists breaking the surface water. When hooked up with fish, it was solid and responsive. I had unfortunately foul hooked a few carps and that really gave the equipment a full hard test run. The line held and did not break off. The reel was very responsive in the drag control. The rod was just about overpowered by the larger fish but there was still a lot of user input control. There was some minimal line dig in on the spool after pulling in those big carps. It was easily cleared on the next cast or two, but it was present and felt on the next cast on lure flight. When I hooked up with smaller fish of white bass, crappie, or bullheads, the whole system felt just right with very good reel drag response and rod control. White bass tend to put up a good fight when hooked and this was perfect set up for this scenario. The knot formation on this line is very good. The knots looked far better than most other braids. My knot also held and no issues of unraveling thus far. I also did not see any signs of line wear as with most typical braids you see this on the first day of fishing. This is the same line I had used from ice fishing and it's still holding well. As so far, it feels as if this line has outperform all other braids I've used for initial quality consistency. This is a very expensive line and after this field test, I had opted to try more of it. So as of now I have obtained some 20# and 30# test listed and will decide what to do with it in the near future.
  18. Place your bets. Winter isn't giving up its grips just yet. In contrast to last year, I'm going to predict a more normal ice-out of May 2nd.
  19. I’ve only had cameras at my place for a year or so now, but this is the kind of thing that I had hoped to see. There is a second video about ten minutes later of the wolf trotting back through my yard, so he must not have closed the deal. RingVideo_20230425_202623.mov Unfortunately I was not able to figure out how to upload the video directly into the post.
  20. Got this in the mail the other day. Doesn't say how many sites, looks like parking would be on the Raps Rd/Black Bay Rd side. Sorgie, this is close to you, have you heard anything? Not the best photos, my wife texted me a copy of the letter. I tried deleting duplicate photos, but didn't work.
  21. robbob


    Towns cat
  22. I'm curious about the beaver trapping scene in SE Minnesota (Northfield + Faribault area). Anyone here an experienced trapper?
  23. I just purchased a new travel trailer that I want to store inside over the winter. Anyone know of some available places? Whole unit is about 33 ft long. Hoping for area in the Brainerd lakes area. Thanks in advance for your help with this question.
  24. I heard that a cabin burned in the Partridge River (between Head-o-Lake and Black Bay). Any info on the cause? No injuries from what I heard.
  25. Hi all - new to the forum. I live in NE Wyoming and am an avid fly fisherman. While I love fishing for trout out west, warm water species on the fly is a blast. Me and a buddy are headed out this coming weekend for a BWCA trip. We have a couple of days on the front end of the trip to fish. I'm planning on towing my drift boat from NE Wyoming and have spot picked out in North Dakota to float for smallies on the fly. I'm looking at trying to get an additional float in somewhat near Ely before our entry into the Boundary Waters. It's a 16' drift boat and doesn't really draft much. I'm planning on having a small trolling motor just in case I need some additional power. Looking mainly to target smallmouth and pike. I've looked at a few areas to float, but wanted some advice. I have a few options that I think meet what I'm looking for: 1) St. Louis River near Hoyt Lakes. Looked like there are couple of access points to launch and take out below Hwy 110 2) Cloquet River - Hwy 7 to the mouth. 3) Bigfork River - From Ivan Crawford to Reedy Flats Can anyone provide any advice these or provide any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
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