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  1. Does anyone have A 5 person sleeper ice house for rent during February 6th through the 10th?
  2. leech~~

    Porty Buyer Alert!

    Just picked up a Insulated Eskimo Wide1 Inferno one man at Runnings in Monticello on sale for $299.99 Their $599.99 on line at Walmart.
  3. During these changing times due to the pandemic and economic issues... Can you help others here by letting us know.... What are you grateful for? It would be great if we could see what you are appreciative of everyday. Kind of a community journal. For inspiration and a time to reflect on the wonderful things that surround us during changing times.
  4. Hey folks! well? I did it again! I bought myself a 50' Connie and I need some help on a place to put her on the hard and do a modest refit. Shes ok where she is for now but I will have to move her at some point. I'd like to be in a marina on the Mississippi if at all possible... then splash her and head south... any ideas? THANKS!
  5. Dinner Plate Keepers

    Ice Boyer lake

    I am attempting to ice fish Boyer this year. I'll be fishing mostly on Thursday's because of work. Anyone knowledgeable to the system that wouldn't mind a ice partner? Please reach out to me?
  6. Does anyone know the phone number to Northern Lights Rattle Reel? I ordered some hole lights from them a couple weeks ago and haven’t received them. I’ve tried emailing but haven’t got a response yet. I can’t find a phone number anywhere. Are they a reputable company? It seems sketchy they don’t have a phone number anywhere.
  7. Buy 35 Remington Hornady LEVERevolution Ammunition 200 Grain FTX Box of 20 At Affordable Price https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ 35 Remington ammo in STOCK At Outdoorsluis.com The venerable Remington cartridge is known for its performance at long ranges. 35 Remington ammo fires round-nosed bullets using the Hornady revolution series fires polymer-tipped spitzer projectiles that deliver enhanced shoot. We have 35 Remington ammo in stock available at our online ammo store and ready to ship. CHECKOUT Outdoorsluis.com https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ https://outdoorsluis.com/product/35-remington/ 449035 (1).webp
  8. New 2020 1875 Pro Guide. Helix 12 Mega SI graph. Can't read bottom when up on plane. I was going to adjust the transducer and this is what I found. Isn't the first rule in transducer placement to put it where there is "clean", undisturbed water flow?? It is below the bottom of the boat, maybe too far. It's a side imaging transducer so I feel the riggers wanted it close to the center of the boat. Where have others placed a side imaging transducer and have it read bottom when up on plane? I don't think you can move it closer to the center line. If you move it to the left of it's current position, the is the power strake in the front 1/3 of the boat. Any help is appreciated!!
  9. outdoors luis carries top-quality discount Outdoor and Hunting Gear, Guns, Ammo, Fishing Supplies and more - all at great low prices! Shop, discover now :https://outdoorsluis.com/product-category/hand-guns/
  10. I was wondering how many of our new members will be coming to the next get together? It would be nice to meet the people that has turned so many people way
  11. What's the most effective way of cleaning my boats, waders, fishing gear to prevent mud snails and algae staying attached. They're becoming an issue for many rivers and lakes and I don't want to be unknowingly spreading them if I visit water where they're present. Also, was wondering what's the most effective way of draining and cleaning my boat (motor, livewell, hull, bilge) to prevent zebra and Quagga mussels hiding there? Apparently that's a really common way they're transported...I know some states have mandatory inspections and blast everything with hot water
  12. Pretty much stock with upgrades, only mods are rattle reel brackets- -90" sidewall -hydraulic tandem axle frame -full Arctic Insulation package (walls, floor and ceiling) -9 hole layout -stainless steel Furrion appliances -A/C with Coleman Mach thermostat -large 110v/12v/LP fridge/freezer -power awning -interior and exterior LED lighting -wood look vinyl flooring -oversized 54" electric bunk in rear -MAXX bathroom power vent and remote -wood look vinyl flooring -fiberglass siding
  13. Who are some of your Favorite Fishing Hunting celebrity's you watch or Subscribe to on YouTube? For fishing hands down I love watching Tom Boley the man is real detailed and informative especially with his electronics and techniques. For hunting I really enjoy The Hunting Public. Just your basic average guys busting tail and getting it done in numerous states all on public land.
  14. Well it's hard to fix the damage once the worms have taken over! It's been a fun ride!
  15. Guys, I am looking to chase some Sunfish during the Labor Day weekend timeframe. Anyone have any hints besides Greenwood bay? I know there has to be places these fish are hiding. Any help would be appreciated. I am on the East Side by birch point. Although I am not against chasing to the other side of the lake if the winds aren't blowing stink.... Have a great day!
  16. Running shoes are great for fishing because they provide protection from grit and thorns, but there are some considerations. First, make sure the shoes are not too tall. Running shoes are not designed to be worn while wading, so if you plan on wading the water while wearing them, you may find yourself in more dangerous situations than you intended. Welding boots are another option if you’re looking for a way to keep your feet protected while walking along rocky shorelines and other uneven surfaces. Running shoes that have good traction and a hard sole work best for fishing as well, as you’ll be able to walk across rocks and other uneven surfaces with ease. For those who are looking to customize their footwear while they fish, there is an option: slip-on shoes that have a rubber sole. Like running shoes, these will offer protection from thorns and larger rocks, as well as a comfortable fit that makes it easier to maneuver on rough terrain.
  17. just had to feel the power...
  18. Hey guys I'm trying to make myself a new dark house. I would like it to be 6x6 or 6x8. The one I have right now is a 4x4 and it just isn't working for me anymore. I need a new one but it has to be light enough to be pulled by my snowmobile or four-wheeler. I've seen some built out of 2x2 boards and some out of old insulated garage doors. Any building advice or floorplans would be great. Thanks
  19. I have a 1990s Minn kota power drive 795 MX I need to find a foot control pedal or one that can be modified to work with it does anybody know anything about them?
  20. Who makes a good fillet knife that will hold an edge?
  21. Hi all - new to the forum. I live in NE Wyoming and am an avid fly fisherman. While I love fishing for trout out west, warm water species on the fly is a blast. Me and a buddy are headed out this coming weekend for a BWCA trip. We have a couple of days on the front end of the trip to fish. I'm planning on towing my drift boat from NE Wyoming and have spot picked out in North Dakota to float for smallies on the fly. I'm looking at trying to get an additional float in somewhat near Ely before our entry into the Boundary Waters. It's a 16' drift boat and doesn't really draft much. I'm planning on having a small trolling motor just in case I need some additional power. Looking mainly to target smallmouth and pike. I've looked at a few areas to float, but wanted some advice. I have a few options that I think meet what I'm looking for: 1) St. Louis River near Hoyt Lakes. Looked like there are couple of access points to launch and take out below Hwy 110 2) Cloquet River - Hwy 7 to the mouth. 3) Bigfork River - From Ivan Crawford to Reedy Flats Can anyone provide any advice these or provide any other recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  22. OUTDOORS Bait shop owner makes otherworldly move to gold mining in Area 51 Listen with Speechify Kelly and Joe Kruchowski have sold Joe’s iconic bait shop in Cook, Minn., a must-stop outlet for anglers headed to Crane Lake, Rainy Lake and many others. They are moving to Area 51 in Nevada to mine gold. 10 By DENNIS ANDERSON , STAR TRIBUNE July 30, 2022 - 8:09 PM News that Joe Kruchowski had sold his bait shop and was moving to Area 51 didn't take me by surprise, though I was unnerved when I learned he wouldn't be traveling in his '76 AMC Pacer. Instead, he will trek more conventionally, in a motor home, behind which, on a trailer, will follow his Nissan Juke NISMO RS, a rocket on wheels. Area 51, as you will recall, is in Nevada, and Joe and his wife, Kelly, have purchased a gold mine there. As career changes go, this is a whopper, from peddling fatheads and shiners to crushing rocks. But then, as Barry Andrew Hay, front man of Golden Earring, croons in "Radar Love,'' day or night, the newsman sings his same song. So, who's to say in these wacky times that whopper-like life changes aren't warranted. St. Paul's Como Lake is looking — and smelling — better Lost and then found: Luigi the Lab survives nearly a month in and around the BWCA Baitwise, Joe has been the man since he bought Northwoods Bait and Tackle in 1993. The shop is perched hard by Hwy. 53 in Cook, a northern Minnesota burg that is home to slightly more than 500 residents. Joe might peddle more rainbow chubs than anyone in the state, and anglers vectoring north from Chicago, Kansas City and Des Moines, as well as the Twin Cities, are drawn to his shop like sinners to an altar, eager especially now in midsummer to swap creditworthy plastic or cold cash for nightcrawlers, leeches and, especially, insights into where-they're-biting. Joe Kruchowski, owner of Northwoods Bait and Tackle in Cook, Minn., in front of his shop. A car aficionado, Kruchowski often has a unique vehicle parked in front of his shop. Here it’s a vintage AMC Pacer. Kelly, in many ways Joe's spiritual adviser, also will soon be an Area 51 resident. The two were in the Nevada desert last winter and on Joe's days off from flipping burgers at the Little A'Le'Inn (more on this later) in Rachel, Nev., he and Kelly enjoyed watching America's Top Guns dogfight high overhead with their counterparts from allied nations worldwide. And when the red-white-and-blue, contrail-trailing F-15s, F-22s and F-35s ignited their afterburners, Joe and Kelly knew well that window-shattering sonic booms would quickly follow, and they covered their ears. Our soon-to-be Minnesota expats first met when they were 10 years old and Kelly had traveled from her southern California home to Chisholm, not far from Cook, where Joe lived, to visit her grandmother. They met again in their teens. But they didn't become a couple until about six years ago, when Kelly walked through the door of Northwoods Bait and Tackle and, as Joe puts it, "We both knew we would be in love forever." Iron Range-bred and born, Joe will be leaving the only home he has ever known when he and Kelly head west. He has forgotten more about bait than most people know, and for many winters, piling through deep snow, he trapped bobcat, fox, fisher, marten and coyotes, and one time fashioned a bed spread from 20 beaver pelts he had fleshed, spread and dried before sewing them together. Yet like the thousands of people worldwide who are drawn each year to Area 51, or at least its perimeter, Joe for many years had the secret government base on his bucket list. Maybe the government is in fact stashing ET and a bunch of his (her? their?) extraterrestrial buddies at the installation. Or maybe not. Either way, in Rachel, Nev., population 48, any speculation that occurs on the topic is uttered at the aforementioned Little A'Le'Inn, the only business in town — and one that, as its sign says, welcomes earthlings. Joe Kruchowski, owner of Northwoods Bait and Tackle in Cook, Minn., in fhis shop, scooping bait. This winter you can find him in Area 51 in Nevada, mining gold and flipping burgers. Notably, in addition to being a restaurant, the Little A'Le'Inn is a bar, or at least part of it is. A white line on its floor separates the area where food alone is the attraction from the adjoining expanse where booze also can be swigged. Entry to the latter is limited to patrons 21 years of age and older, though given that 10 hours or more can pass before a sheriff's deputy can reach Rachel, the chance that any underage, line-crossing scoundrel will be pinched is slim. "Kelly and I hit it off real good with the owner of the Little A'Le'Inn,'' Joe said. "So last winter I cooked there a few days a week. I had gone to chef school in the early 1980s, so I was qualified. It was mostly burgers and fries, short-order stuff." Aside from the Little A'Le'Inn, Rachel lacks most amenities, a gas station for one — the nearest is 65 miles away. Also, the closest hospital is 100 miles down the road, and if you need to get there quickly, you (or someone) will be driving, not carted by air ambulance, because, except for America's best and fastest, Area 51 is a no-fly zone. "Though there's not much in Rachel, it's unbelievable who comes there and to Area 51 every year from all over the world," Kelly said. All of which is preface to the news, teased earlier, that Joe and Kelly have purchased a gold mine not far from Rachel, specifically a pile of mine rubble raised decades ago that measures two blocks long by a half-block wide by 130 feet tall. "The rocks were dug up before the technology existed to crush it and extract the gold, silver, platinum and other precious minerals from it," Joe said. "In September, when we head back to Nevada, I'll cook at the Little A'Le'Inn a few days a week, and Kelly and I and a few friends will mine gold the other days." Joe Kruchowski, owner of Northwoods Bait and Tackle in Cook, Minn., mined for gold last year in Nevada, and now he and his wife, Kelly, are 48% owners of a mine — or at least a pile of rock that has been mined. To help finance the move, when Joe and Kelly departed Area 51 this past spring to return to Cook in their motorhome, they loaded their Nissan Juke NISMO RS onto a trailer, filled it with 3,000 pounds of rocks from their pile and hooked the trailer to the motorhome. So much weight was in the Nissan, Joe said, that the car's doors bowed. "We're selling the rocks in Cook out of a store next to the bait shop," Joe said. "Rock collectors buy them, and some people want to crush them and potentially make a ring or other piece of jewelry from the gold they find." Sounds exciting. And sensible, in its way, for these wacky times. Go get 'em, Joe and Kelly.
  23. slipperybob

    Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line

    Well it was some late spring fishing. I was actually trying to target some white bass. I really wanted to get a feel for how this line would perform. Again it was only the 6# test listed and spooled on the Shimano Twinpower 1000D spinning reel. The rod was the Shimano Poison Adrena 6'10" UL/M spinning rod extra fast action. Most of the lures I used was just the 1/8th oz Kastmaster, 1/8th oz Bluefox Flash spinner, and a small 1/8th Rebel teeny popper. The line performed as expected like any other braids. However more notable is how much smoother the ease of casting was. Perhaps that may be in part with the equipment combination. One other thing I noticed was how much more buoyant this line was. It really floats on the surface easily. Maybe being just a new line or perhaps just how thin the line is that resists breaking the surface water. When hooked up with fish, it was solid and responsive. I had unfortunately foul hooked a few carps and that really gave the equipment a full hard test run. The line held and did not break off. The reel was very responsive in the drag control. The rod was just about overpowered by the larger fish but there was still a lot of user input control. There was some minimal line dig in on the spool after pulling in those big carps. It was easily cleared on the next cast or two, but it was present and felt on the next cast on lure flight. When I hooked up with smaller fish of white bass, crappie, or bullheads, the whole system felt just right with very good reel drag response and rod control. White bass tend to put up a good fight when hooked and this was perfect set up for this scenario. The knot formation on this line is very good. The knots looked far better than most other braids. My knot also held and no issues of unraveling thus far. I also did not see any signs of line wear as with most typical braids you see this on the first day of fishing. This is the same line I had used from ice fishing and it's still holding well. As so far, it feels as if this line has outperform all other braids I've used for initial quality consistency. This is a very expensive line and after this field test, I had opted to try more of it. So as of now I have obtained some 20# and 30# test listed and will decide what to do with it in the near future.
  24. I'm looking at rebuilding my outhouse and possibly giving the ladies an alternative to the fly-filled pit privy. As far as I'm concerned as a guy, dropping a deuce in the hole once a weekend is no big deal. For ladies it's a different story since they go several times a day. I'm not excited at the prices of composting toilets but am doing the research. Mostly I'm trying to figure out from all of you if any of them work well in our part of the world. I see the Sun-Mar, Nature's Head, Incinolet, Envirolet, and Biolet toilets available. Does anyone have any experience with any of these?
  25. A high performance tactical .22 outfitted with Magpul®'s popular M-LOK™ system, the Smith & Wesson® M&P® 15-22™ Sport Rimfire Rifle gives shooters customizable shooting performance. Compatible with most standard AR15 components and accessories, the M&P 15-22 Sport features a 10" M&P slim handguard with M-LOK slots, readily accepting a variety of M-LOK-compatible, aftermarket accessories without removing the handguard. The gun itself features a carbon steel barrel with a corrosion-resistant Armornite® finish, a functioning AR-style rear charging handle. on sale at Cabelas for 449.00- rifle only This will come with -rifle -soft padded tactical case -scope asking $500 b/o 612-483-7599
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