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    Camp Ripley 2020.

    Just heads up, if you haven't already heard. Camp Ripley youth hunt has been cancelled for 2020. Public hunts will not have a lottery, information and purchase dates will be released in August. This allows for a easier cancelation of the hunts. Thanks Covid.
  2. I can’t find varmint loads any where, Any help?
  3. Click here to see photos and vote.
  4. which Bait is best for rainbow and brown trout
  5. gimruis

    2020 Spring Turkey

    With the warmer weather, I'm starting to think spring. And that means turkey hunting. New rules for this year too. No lottery required except for a couple of wildlife management areas. So you can basically pick a season and buy it over the counter. Also, the permit is good statewide as you do not have to hunt in a specific zone. I kinda figured the lottery might eventually go away. Its been slowly reduced over the years and was only down to A & B for lottery the last few. What this could is add a lot of hunting pressure during a specific time period, however. If we see that some upcoming weather looks really good that might bring more hunters to purchase that specific season. https://files.dnr.state.mn.us/recreation/hunting/turkey/current/turkey_rules.pdf
  6. Had this moose come cruising into my yard 1 mile south of Grand Rapids last night. Stayed 45 minutes. VID_20200512_200823184.mp4
  7. monstermoose78

    Crazy times

    With all the craziness going on. I need turkey season to focus my mind on something. I need to shoot the crossbow soon and get the gear sprayed for ticks. I thought about getting a lay down hen but do I really need another turkey decoy? The turkeys are using the corn field on the neighbors land but I will cut them suckers off. I cleared a spot last year so I can shoot behind my blind. let’s get some good turkey talk going on in here!! Come on guys. Note from Editor: We have a Turkey contest going on HSO. You can win a "Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame Boxcall." Let's hear your turkey talk and see your pics here 1st, then...... Click here to enter the turkey contest.Win the Box call above....BUT RESPOND IN THIS THREAD 1ST!
  8. Ok so you have limited time to pull a deer in. You know there's deer within 1/4 mile due to sign. Around the rut maybe shortly before or during, what would you use to pull a buck into your set-up either blind or stand. Rattling and calling wont work just an attractant of some kind be it corn or liquids or such. What do you use and why? Thanks
  9. IceHawk

    Tools of the trade

    Starting to go through my Turkey vest and started practicing some of my turkey calling again. Yes Ill admit I'm no Will Primos In fact far from that but I can strike up a cord or two with the turkeys As far as calls go Ill start with some of the ones I personally use. LOCATOR CALLS - I use 3 different ones a Owl hoot, crow, pheasant cackle for location or pinnign down the location of a TOM. Shock gobbles work also but be very carefull it can draw hunters on public land so watch your backside. BOX- One of the easiest to use a great call for beginners. Easy to make some of the basic sounds on it. In fact probably the most common call in peoples Turkey vests. Tip use a box call rubber band or make sure call is secured or when walking through woods call will make some unwanted noises. Diaphragm calls-Probably one of the best but also the hardest. Takes some practice and is not for everyone. Some people will have a serious gag reflex when attempting to use one. Positive you can make quick putts purrs, clucks etc with one. Probably the best call to master and best for a ground hunter without blind. Takes away all hand movements when you got a Tom in close. Friction Calls- My Favorites I've been using friction calls for years. For Very windy days I use a Crystal top to strike out there cut through wind very loud birds can hear it from long ways off. For reaching up over a ridge distance on a more calm day you cant beat glass kind of a medium range call. Slate is the one I use when right in the woods calm days and have birds close by a very soft more subtle call that produces great results with birds in closer distances and face to face. Call conditioners- You will want to add a stone, sand paper, chalk to keep all your calls in good working condition. A high pitch unwanted squeal will send a Tom running in no time! Decoys- Big fan of Flextone have a feeding and resting hen and a Jake. Plus I have a Primos B-MOBILE when I have a aggressive dominate I'm after. At last resort and I have shot couple using a mojo scoot-and-shoot . This is a true rush if you haven't tried it! Blinds- Been using Ameristep doghouses for years, Setup 4 of them on my private property's in strategic locations but if all else fails have a vest and seat and will get right up in there faces if I have to. Just throwing out some of the tools of the trade that have helped me be very successful in Harvesting some nice Toms over the years.
  10. First time on this site. I’m from Prior Lake Mn, I am looking for private property to Turkey hunt on this coming April, will travel up to 1 hour away. I don’t know anyone in the area and with this Covid-19 happening this is why I’m reaching out otherwise I would be knocking on doors. I am 57 yrs old, responsible, law abiding. Please if you possibly have any leads PM me. Thank you for your time and good hunting.
  11. huntnfish

    Shotgun zones

    It looks like MN is considering getting rid of the shotgun zones. https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/sports/outdoors/4994139-Shotgun-zone-elimination-bill-gains-traction-in-Minnesota I used to hunt in a shotgun zone but now hunt in the big woods with a rifle. The thing that always confused me with the shotgun only zone was that you could hunt with a rifle caliber pistol. I know Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and others have started allowing straight wall rifle cartridges instead of just shotguns.
  12. www.Wausota.com please Call Owner Emery + Lyn Edwards for cabins Available in spring and summer and fall hunting great!!! Also fishing AWESOME good Luck and be safe!!! Dan
  13. For info for this year's HSO/FM Turkey Conest follow the link below. 2020 HSO/FM Turkey Quest
  14. Your best pics/video, spurs, beards, fans, mounts.
  15. The North Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Trust has a Super North Dakota 2020 Unlimited Whitetail Deer Tag we are raffling --good for any open season, any open unit. Hunters can hunt from September through early January, bow, rifle or muzzleloader. Hunter must use legal weapon for each season. We are a non-profit, The North Dakota Natural Resource Conservation Trust. We are using this tag to promote conservation in the State of North Dakota. Tickets can be bought at www.lincolnoakesnursery.com Drawing will be held August 3rd 2020 at 10 am at Lincoln Oakes Nursery, Bismarck North Dakota need not be present to win. Sincerely, Brian Johnston CEO NDASCD [email protected] 701-223-8575
  16. Well, my annual trip was only an extended weekend this year, as I had to use my actual vacation to go to Florida for a wedding. Drove up Friday morning after work, and was able to hit Two Island Lake for a few hours in the evening. As soon as we boated to my secret spot, a storm cloud moved over and the wind was insane! Temps dropped, and I only caught a few smallies. on Saturday we went to Greenwood Lake. Even though we caught about 50 bass, it was still a slow day. Weather was perfect. Bugs were horrible! My dad caught a nice lake trout. My daughter caught her first northern pike, and I also caught one. Fished this lake for 30 years and never even seen a pike, now they’re taking over! Fished Hungry Jack on the final day. Weather was once again perfect! Only caught a few bass. My son absolutely loves fishing off the resort’s dock. So the kids had a blast catching sunnies (including my daughter’s first). Was a bummer we only got to stay up there a few days. My dad stayed until today, but I haven’t heard how he did. Didn’t see any moose. Was also the first time I’ve been up there and did not catch a trout. We got our fill of Sven & Ole’s and world’s best donuts. We might try to go back up next month.
  17. Village fishing fish catching fishing videos fishing videos fishing unique fishing Catch fishing Daily Fishing Life fishing videos daily Top Fishing Videos Village fishing Best fishing best fishing videos fish and fishing big fish hunting fish lover Fish Hunting Videos Traditional Fishing Primitive Fishing Primitive Fishing Fishing trend
  18. Net fishing in Asia is a traditional fishing method. I hope you enjoy. tilapia tilapia fishing tilapia fish catching Village fishing fish catching fishing videos fishing videos bd fishing bd unique fishing Catch fishing Daily Fishing Life fishing videos daily Top Fishing Videos bd Village fishing Best fishing best fishing videos fish and fishing big fish hunting fish lover Fish Hunting Videos Traditional Fishing Primitive Fishing Primitive Fishing BD
  19. This is another traditional fishing video and its very popular all over the world. Hope you enjoy. Watch and enjoy.
  20. Hi Guys, Check out our traditional fishing video.This is traditional native village fishing and its very popular all over the world. I hope you enjoy.
  21. 9/24/18 Hunted a shallow, public lake on opening day with my Dad and two friends. Hunted the same lake on Sunday with my Dad and my son Parker, on his first duck hunt at age 6. Saturday the four of us hunted from two boats. Beautiful morning. Unfortunately, most of the hunters within earshot of us started shooting well before shooting time--some fourteen minutes early. Shame on those people. We passed up on teal, shovelers, and wood ducks in the decoys before shooting time, as the law and ethics demand. We saw a lot of ducks, were buzzed and burned by many, and managed to harvest three wood ducks, two ringnecks, a shoveler, and a greenwing teal. Sunday three generations of Smutkas had teal buzzing through the decoys all morning. Lots of excitement for 6 year old Parker. We harvested four bluewings and two greenwings. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
  22. 10/11/16 Central MN Decent first three weekends of the waterfowl season in central MN. Been water hunting only so far, on permanent water. Ducks are dispersed with all the temporary flood water around from all the rain. Crops are slowly coming out, will probably be behind schedule due to wet conditions. We have harvested mallards, wood ducks, BWT, GWT, shovelers, pintails, redheads, ringnecks, ruddy ducks,and Canada geese so far. Locals the first two weekends, but the cold front last week move a lot of local ducks out and a few new birds moved in out of ND and Canada. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
  23. .243 with scope, 4+1 Magazine. Black synthetic. Excellent. Call (612) 743-9885, leave message. $300.
  24. tealitup

    Bear Pictures

    Lets see the successful bear hunting pictures from 2017! I didn't get drawn but would love to see what everyone harvested.
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