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Fly fishing for muskies


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I was hoping to get another one or two yet this fall, based on the forecasts I think I'm done. This was from mid-October, glad I had the camera rolling

See Video in post below please......

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Awesome work! So jealous. Want to get in to fly fishing for skies next year. What gear do you use?

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Make sure you have gear that is up to the task. Most guys use a 10 or 11 weight rod. A sinking line of some sort slings those big flies a little easier, but if all your fishing is in shallow [<5']water stick to a floating line. I use a short leader that is about 3 feet of heavy [.026 ]mono tied to some 30 lb. knottable wire to prevent bite offs. As far as flies go, I like single hook streamers I tie myself, tied on super sharp 5/0 hooks. The fish in this video ate what would be described as a "deer hair headed deceiver" that I tied, it was not particularly big, maybe 8" long.

Fish water that has a strong population of muskies, and pick a day when the wind is calm. this makes boat control and casting the fly much more enjoyable.

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Here is the video back:



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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • papadarv
      Just got back home, checked Coon Lake, Anoka. 3" at East access off Lexington. Only 20 ft off shore lots of ice cracking. 1" at the easement access West shore 3 ft. off shore. Couple 100 ducks on open water adjacent shore. 4 guys fishing the channel one with a double Eskimo hub. They said the channel had 4". May be a challenge to get my required 6" before Christmas with December warmer NOAA forecast. New K-drill rocks.   20201204_125309.mp4
    • GopherFishing
      This was from today. West End, Wakemup Narrows and Frazer still have open water.  
    • Rick
      RIP Ron...he had a great run and he helped provide many great moments for me.   God bless and prayers sent!
    • Rick
      Welcome and what would you like your handle to be?
    • opsirc
      Try a lake in the canyon area the other day. Solid 4-5" most of the way out,  but got close to middle of the lake, chisel went thru on second hit. Looked like maybe 2",  decided to turn around and head back to shore. 
    • Skill-lessWanderer
      After I made the handle, I then saw yours...then I was like darn. 364 days until I can change it again so it’s not weird😂
    • ozzie
      wednesday I drove up to backus from Elk River along 10 and saw one portable out on Crow Wing Lake and other than that most lakes appeared to have for the most part just skimmed over.  the loop home from backus i went through crosslake and then over to 169 along mille lacs and there were some small lakes frozen over but did not see a sole out on them.
    • Mike89
      someone has to be first..........
    • gimruis
      Some bonehead decided to try driving out on Lake Bemidji this week already.  Of course he went through only 100 yards from shore.
    • gimruis
      I went yesterday for about 3.5 hours and got a couple.  Shoulda had a third with some better shooting.  I raised about 40 in addition to 5 deer.  The dog made a real nice retrieve on a wounded one too.
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