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    • Hookmaster
      New 2020 boat. Livewell is leaking into the boat. Upon further review I found the leak. It's on the white fitting of the recirculation system where the water goes back into the livewell. I'm sure the rigger broke the little nipple on the right side when he installed the fuel/water separating filter as the gray gas line is right there. My question is where does the tubing from the little nipple go? The front livewell?  
    • Wanderer
      Agreed, the eyes didn’t look healthy and didn’t have much spunk, even for walleyes.  We caught some off the dock fishing leeches under floats in about 8-9 fow.   Lots of boats out!  I don’t visit Mille Lacs much so I don’t know if the memorial crowd was more than usual but I have a feeling it wasn’t.  Except for the rain showers that moved through we could count anywhere from 45 -100 boats from the dock at any given time.
    • rumeye
      My brother was up there on Sunday with the Nephew and had a 70 fish day. He said most were 18 to 21 inches with a few 22 23's and 24's mixed in. Think they also got a few 25 and 26ers. Leech's lindy rigging off Agate reef and Half moon deep side 21 ft plus. 
    • rumeye
      Did some Crappie fishing in the area over the weekend the bite was on. Grandson had a blast. Wife also had a good day fishing for once. They were some very nice sized fish. Plain hook and minnow and ice fishing teardrop lures in green did the trick with minnow. One day plain hook ruled next day green jigs did.
    • rumeye
      Some nice Catfish down further towards Pokegama also.  
    • SkunkedAgain
      In my 15+ years of ownership, I have never seen boat traffic like we had in Black Bay over the week/weekend. During the week there were 5-10 boats and each day while this weekend there were 20-30 boats from morning-to-night hunting crappies. There was no hot spot, just boats everywhere.    When I finally went home last night after 1.5 weeks up, I noted that someone backed their trailer into the dock at The Landing. The rubber bumper was hanging off. It must have been a hoot to sit around watching all of the boats going in and out.
    • Vlewis128
      No one has any advice?
    • SkunkedAgain
      We were accidentally finding them on beds near shore. Tried to avoid pulling them off of course.
    • Coleman
      So, I gave up on eyes this weekend.  Figured it was time for a change.     I fished for Crappie, they were much more willing to bite.  They are mostly all shallow, 2-4'.  I caught them on minnows and tube jig.  I just scanned the shallows looking for schools.     Funny thing, I was fishing the Edgeton Rd Bridge, caught a solid 9" gill, then next cast something picked up my tube, I set the hook, I see a bright white belly turn, and the jig popped out.  I guess the issue with a tiny jig and a ultra light rod.  I think it was a 24'ish  walleye.  Next cast I stuck a 14" walleye.  Then two dudes in bass boats came chugging along at about 6mph with their motor trimmed to high hell and stirred everything up.  Thought that was nice of them.     So, I also did see a large grouping of blue gill beds on the main sand flat on Horseshoe.  Only a few bites.  I could see fish in them with SI.  Also tried weed edges for gill in about 9-10', and just dinks.  Threw a crawler at the shore, and started hammering 8-9" gills.     So fish can be caught, just have to try and figure out what they want.  With more consistent weather should come a better bite.  
    • Vlewis128
      Hi all. I am currently at Rush Lake near Perham at Four Seaons Resort. We’ve been here three days and have caught basically nothing. Can anyone give me some advice on walleyes here? Where to go and good baits for this lake? I’ll take any advice on any type of fish you might experience with on this lake. Never been here before.....
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