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What to do when encountering a barge?

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Hello, I am new to the forums here.

I am going to try fishing on the Minnesota river between hwy 77 and 35w. I have a 14ft aluminum boat with a 10hp motor. I don't have much experience boating on the river and i was looking for some tips on what do when encountering a barge and any other river boating info that would be helpful.


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JR98 - boating on a river isn't any different than on a lake as far as encountering another boat , or in your case a barge . If you are going to meet the barge head on , we'll then stay to the right , if you want to pass or overtake from behind ,well then pass on the left . If your anchored and fishing the barge must yield to you , but remember if your trolling ,  you must maneuver your boat to be on the right of that moving barge or a boat if needed. . Now with any boat or barge ,it's best to watch real close and be defensive, as sometimes other boats may not see you ,or are just boneheads .

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I haven't replied on this one just because I haven't had to deal with barges in that stretch of river, or in a boat of that size.

Bigfatbert pretty much covered the right of way piece.  You can find some info in the Minnesota Boating Regulations book, or on line too.  

My biggest concern when I was running the Mississippi in my bass fishing days was how to deal with wake.  They push a lot of water and that was the thing I had to pay the most attention to.  The wake will raise and lower you boat so if you're in shallow water you might bump the bottom.  And if you're driving, you have to deal with the swell.  

In a bass boat the answer was slow down. In a 14 ft boat with a 10 hp it might be keep the power up and steer into the wake.  Regardless, the point I'm trying to make is pay attention so you don't get slapped around too bad. 

Good luck!

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On 9/15/2017 at 10:33 AM, Bigfatbert said:

If your anchored and fishing the barge must yield to you ,

This may be in some reg somewhere but I sure as He!! would not try proving the law and playing chicken with a freeking Barge, they don't yield or turn on a football field of Dimes! Move your ars out of the way and like Wanderer suggested keep your bow pointed into any wave or wake they are leaving. In a tight river I would not try and go by or beach on or next to shore as they can suck down and then push up a lot of water in the whole river before and after they pass by.  Stay safe.

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