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Sufix 131 G-Core Braided Line



My first field test of the Sufix 131 G-Core Braided line in 6# spooled onto Shimano Twin Power 1000FD spinning reel paired onto Thorne Bros Perch Sweetheart 32" cutom.  This would be one of the most expensive set up, both in reel and line.  I was really trying to test it out on crappies, but it just happen to be walleyes that were hooked up today.  While hooked up with fish, the combination was very high performance, it seem a bit too easy.  The one piece handle has a solid transfer of power and feedback.  The drag worked very well, smooth and sturdy, no start up pressure build or drop.  The ability of the reel to line lay on the spool had more precision that I had expected, no bulge spots or dips.  Perhaps it has something to do with the Sufix 131 G-Core braid being well rounded as well.  The braid line at first showed very little line bubble on the sonar, but quickly vanish.  I did had on moment that while setting the combo aside and using it again, I got the dreaded micro bubbles on the line and it showed it on the flasher.  Again it vanished quickly after some use.


In comparison Sufix 832 is more limp, but does have a subtle texture feel when feeling the Gore fiber.  For the 131 the Gore Fiber is the core so it is an even smooth uniform feel.  Not once did I feel like the braid hang up on itself on the underlying lines on the spool.  It could've been attributed to the Twin Power spinning reel.  Every lure drop was a very smooth line flow off the spool.  As with any braid and hole hopping the ice up was terrible.  Although the windy conditions also  meant that regular monolines were also freezing within a moment.  I will note that typically I am a bait casting reel in preference, I will say that the Shimano Twin Power has a performance merit in itself.  It reminds me of both the Stella and the Stradic Ci4+ reel in a package.  Eventually I would like to get this line on a bait casting reel and see how it's performance merits are.



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