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The Equipment Endeavor Effect

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Shimano Poison Adrena: PAD2610ULMA



Shimano Poison Adrena Spinning RodPAD2610ULMA


This is a 6'10" rod with an Ultralight tip section transition into a Medium backbone rod.  It is listed with an Extra-Fast action tip.  In a way that make sense.  I bought the rod on an impulse just because I was sort of wanting an Ultralight power rod.  After using the Zodias rods for sometime and I found them to be well performing rods I just really got curious about a higher dollar value rod in the same likeness.  In a way I am repeating the same thing I found in St. Croix Rods years ago when I purchased my first Premiere spinning rod and then jumped on the chance of a Legend Elite spinning rod.  The Poison Adrena being an impulse buy partially due to Thanksgiving Black Friday deal has a lot to do with it.  

I think the best feature of this rod is the full Carbon Monocoque handle design shaped to likeness of a split grip silhouette style.  So that leaves the locking nut on the top side as the fore grip.  The locking nut being machined aluminum is a contrast in feel and material for that function.   There are some ported hole integrated into the forward reel set assembly. The rod has 8 line guides plus tip guide of SiC rings and the tip being a titanium frame with SiC ring insert.   There is no traditional hook keeper on the rod.  The entire handle is measured to about 12 1/4" and the rear handle length is about 8 1/4" long.

I set onto the rod with a Shimano Twinpower 1000FD reel to check for balance and it seems to match very well.  There is however some spacing between the reel seat on the lock position that detracts from the overall reel seat.  In part it has something to do with the slightly larger reel foot of this reel.   I went to double check the fit with a different reel I had lying around with a significantly smaller reel foot and it was fully lined up on the close position.  Actually this reel has an extra small foot so it actually was still loose.  So back to the Twinpower reel.  I thread the line through the line guides and gave it my typical line pull flex load to see how the rod bends.  It feels a bit more like an UL+ tip as in part to the Extra-Fast action and that Medium power backbone.  In a way I think this rod should finesse a bit better than the Zodias rod in Light power. 


I gave the rod a few backyard practice casts with a 1/4 practice plug and the rod feels like a shorter rod feeling.  It does not give off the 7' rod feeling at all.  Wish I could feel the lure contact open water.

So it will be a long wait till next spring to give it whirl field test.


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