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YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8



So onto a little experiment with the FG knot testing of the YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 and I crudely  tied it onto some Fluorocarbon leader of either 30 or 40 lb test.  I only did that one section and went to tie off the other end to a swivel like I normally would do so.  For the results the FG knot would not break and held throughout my test.

I tried a variation of knots this time and use a different choice of line to act as a buffer for the knot.

Line upon itself yield a result of 5# 9 oz.
Line with 80# braid yield a result of 5# 8 oz.
Palomar knot: 4# 9 oz.
Double Palomar knot: 5# 3 oz.
Line with 4# gamma polyflex: 5# 9 oz.
Mock FG onto a line clip: 7# 14 oz.

Well if anything, it seems this line has a very strong FG knot compatibility.  Typically it's my FG knot slipping and falling apart before the line breaks.  Next up is FG to FG to double check how well an actual FG knot holds on me.  Using the 14# YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 and connecting to 30# mono.  It's kind of a test of whether a sloppy tied FG knot will hold.  In the past I've had FG knots slipped on my connection during use.  It would be obvious if the tag ends starts to unravel but sometimes it's the FG knot loops that gets loosen up.  So I understand the importance of a well snugged down FG knot tying process needs to be in order to be effective.  Well with such a tiny and light braid, that kind of tying pressure is not possible.  At most it will just be snug and must be moderately done in the process otherwise the whole loops are pulled out even before they set down.  For the test purpose the loops will only be done to 10 count only, that's about 10 per side and is kept rather short.  Two slip knots with the mono and then two onto the main line.  This is just bare minimum.

The results with three trials. 8#4, 8#15, 9#14.

I was very sloppy on my first FG knot trial.  There was obvious a knot break but the whole FG knot did not unravel.  The other end with the other FG knot held.  There was also line pinch burn damage on the mono on the broken end after I removed the remaining broken FG knot..  The second trial was used on the same line, but I was more attentive to my knot tying.  Again this knot also showed the same characteristic of a knot break due to line pinch again.  It's a very typical braid break just right at the knot.  The third trial on the same line, now I was much more attentive to my FG knot tying this time.  Wow, best results so far and was on the same line.

16# YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 on FG to FG knot on 30# mono

Three trials: 13#10, 14#1, 13#13


This is a huge difference comparing to my direct conventional tackle knot.  Again the line breaks were right at the knot with the exception of one trial where I felt the knot slipping during my pull and it actually broke at the far bottom of the knot at the opposite end.  Perhaps my initial loop must've crossed and that may have caused a pinch spot.  I never figure that the FG knot would lend to better knot strength and this is giving results that tells me it's something I should put into practical use

Final note that while using mono on the FG knot, I did not see the recoil effect on the braid line when I did a straight knot to knot trial of just the braid.  The mono stretch must've absorbed the the recoil.  As I was expecting lower knot results from a sequential trial, I am see this now that having a shock absorbing effect changes the results.  The braid line is protected while the knot pinch where it is at the weakest point will break.


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