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House was new in spring 2018. Spray foamed top to bottom. Extremely Light weight, all aluminum construction 1300-1400 pounds. You can easily pull with atv. with little tongue weight. Foldable and removable bunk, we used a cot for 2nd bed.

-6 catch covers w/ sleeves

-Nuway furnace, needs no electricity to operate manually, also hooked up to thermostat

-12V low amp draw circulating fans -30A 115v to 12VDC power converter/battery charger with gen/power hookup

-battery box with 12VDC-115v inverter, and battery meter (newer 31 battery negotiable)

- LED hole light and beverage holder above every hole

-LED interior and porch lights

-Tv/dvd combo on swing wall mount

-Pioneer stereo with 4 speakers -Loose spare tire (white steel rim)

-Window Air Conditioner

This house can go all weekend on a single battery without a generator. No exterior damage anywhere, tires great. Looking to possibly upgrade. Located 20 miles north of Rapids. Thanks!








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    • opsirc
      By opsirc
      I have noticed that East of Adrian's rd after crossing pine Island a mile or so is a second road that runs closer to the border. Anyone know who it belongs to, there seems to be a great deal of traffic on it and I have looked to see if it comes off Adrian's but can't find how to access it. Does sportmans have one out that way?
    • walleye101
      By walleye101
      Are Minnesota anglers aware of legislation currently in progress to lower the statewide bag limit from six to four?  I sure don't hear much discussion about it. 
    • whateverisbiting
      By whateverisbiting
      My buddy was on a dusk / night crappie bite so I joined him for a couple days of fun.  He has been getting increasingly good with a smoker and said he has caught a few whitefish in past years and would love to catch a few for the smoker.  Ironically, on the second day I saw a fish on the Markum a few feet under the ice and I recognized this from other catches as a potential white fish.  I brought it up an nabbed a nice one.  This got me thinking.  Anyone know why white fish cruise so close to the top of the ice?  Do minnows also cruise up high or is this a plankton thing?  Or both?  The crappies were either at 10' or on the bottom at 20'.  We did catch one crappie also at 5' but in two nights of fishing that was the only two fish marking that high.
    • black otter
      By black otter
      Maybe a dumb ? 
      Just got a used tandem axle ice castle. When lowering...which axle pin should be removed first? The one closest to front of fish house, or the one closest to the crank? Or does it not matter? 
    • lakesareaoutdoors
      By lakesareaoutdoors
      Fished Lake of the Woods yesterday during this tropical heat wave.. I'll tell you what, if you're planning on fishing in these temps, bring backup gear for your essentials (Heat, Auger, etc). Doing this was key for us yesterday when the buddy heater hose was acting up due to the cold. We had a fun day! Check out the video below:
    • eyeguy 54
      By eyeguy 54
      What’s your rod box. I grabbed a Flambeau today to upgrade since a good buddy made me a 36 inch ice rod. I added foam to the bottom and took out the dividers and it looks like it will work dandy. Got them all in and some boxes for different plastics.  Won’t know till it warms up!  All snug when I close it up. 

    • monstermoose78
      By monstermoose78
      I have boxes of 40 cal HST rounds 50 per box and I am trying to figure out what I should charge from them?
    • Rick G
      By Rick G
      Well, hope the title made you look😁. Getting real sick of the frozen tundra feel that has engulfed our neck of the woods the last week.  This kinda weather ain't much fun to be outside for more than a few min at a time... Starting to go a little crazy sitting around instead of being on the ice😒 Anybody making it out? 
    • Rick G
      By Rick G
      Here are a few pics of some of what I have been using this winter.  Everyone is well aware of how effective plastics can be for panfish... But have you tried the new hard baits? Most of the time, they don't need added bait, you can fish them plain.  I have found great success this winter with the Clam pinhead minnow, both the jointed and non jointed version. For some reason , the crappies and big bluegills love this bait..often preferring it unbaited, this is especially true for the jointed version.. I have been using small spoons with great success for years on panfish... just never found one that needed no bait.
      The Kenders K-rip and T-rip are some of the new style of minnow baits, they also fish better unbaited. The T-rip is so tiny, even smaller bluegills can take it, so the big ones definitely have no problem inhaling this bait.. The wonderbread and natural perch have been my go-to colors this winter.  
      Next time on the water, give either the T-rip of pinhead a try, you might be surprised how well you do😉 I sure was!

    • eyeguy 54
      By eyeguy 54
      Been using the micro ice flo green 3lb about 4 years now. Really like it. With the addition of the orange highlight rod from my favorite rod builder I thought  I would try the suffix ice magic. Seamed to work just as well and these eyes could see it nice when tying up a jig. What’s your go to line?

  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • grasshopper
      Did mine online 2 days ago. Easy enough    
    • smurfy
      Thinking I'm going to check out rice lake this week. Crappie palozza
    • IceHawk
      Very detailed and Great Report Rick! Way to grind and think outside the box 👍
    • IceHawk
    • Luzaich
      Just made a new post for 2021.. Won’t be long!
    • Luzaich
      It’s coming fast! I’m guessing March 26th for birchdale
    • Rick G
    • Rick G
      Got into a few good ones myself yesterday, the front coming in really caused the big ones the put the feed bag on for the day
    • Rick G
      Good Job Grandpa!!!!
    • Rick G
      With the incoming low pressure system we had coming in yesterday, I figured the fish would be snapping... They didn't disappoint😉. I started off the morning in 12-14 ft of water off a long shoreline flat. The Vexilar was lit up like a Christmas 🎄... Unfortunately, most of the fish were smaller bluegills with some very nice crappies hanging together. The trick was to drop my bait down, and if I don't get a crappie to race up within about 30-45 seconds and slam my bait, the bluegills would rush in to steal my offering.  This meant a heck of a lot of hole hopping, I bet I looked nuts jumping from hole to hole like a mad man🤣 By noon the crappies had totally left the area I was in, or so I thought.  I spent the next two hours drilling holes, up and down the shoreline, shallow and deep, all but the baby bluegills were missing, even the bass that roam the area quit biting.   I was just about ready to pack up and change lakes when I figured I'd drill a couple more holes super shallow, just for the hell of it... I drilled three holes that were 2-4ft deepish from bottom of the ice.  I dropped the camera down, because it was too shallow to use the Vexilar effectively, to my surprise the crappies had indeed moved through the weedline, to shallow pockets clear of vegitation . For the next two hours I fished between these super shallow holes, the crappies and a few nice bluegills were very aggressive and most hooked them selfs because they bit so hard. They were spooky though,  I found if I moved too much or made even a little noise, the fish would spook and it would take a few min to come back.   I started off the day using a jointed pinhead minnow to catch the deeper fish. The pinhead has become my go-to when on aggressive crappies or when working an area fast.  A insect mimicking bait definitely was key once they moved to the skinny water.   First pic was best of morning, sunny and beautiful out, I think I even got a little sunburn...lol Second pic was best one of the afternoon, after it became overcast
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