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Gopher Hockey 2020

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After going 9 wins, 3 losses and 2 ties since Dec. 7th the Gophers Hockey team sits atop the Big Ten Standings and relevant again for the NCAA tourney sitting at 16 in the pairwise rankings.


They are tied with Penn State in the Big Ten Standings with each having 36 pts.  A huge battle is coming between them this weekend.


Another great thing in the race for 1st place in the Big Ten is that Penn State's Big Ten season is done after this battle. While the Gophers have 2 more games against Michigan, who sits with 33 pts, the following week to accumulate points.


There are two more teams at 31 points. So the Gopher's last 4 games in the Big Ten may determine not only who wins the Big Ten Title, where they are now in the drivers seat, but may determine if they even make it to the NCAA's.


Of course there's always the Big Ten Championship Tourney which produces an automatic bid.


What do you think folks?

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1 hour ago, Rick said:

What do you think folks?


I'll state my opinion Rick.  The Big Ten is just not very good.  The highest ranked team it has is what, Penn State at #11?  By comparison, the NCHC has three ranked teams in the top 7.  Minnesota may or may not qualify for the NCAAs.  There's no doubt they have improved as the season has gone along but realistically they're probably going to have to win the Big Ten tournament to ensure a spot.  Even Penn State which sits at 10, and Ohio State which sits at 13 in the pairwise, aren't locks.  I think its going to be one team from this conference into the NCAAs.


I've seen all of the local teams play either in person or on TV (North Dakota, Duluth, St Cloud, Mankato, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Bemidji State) and I think Mankato is the best of the bunch this year.  I didn't expect North Dakota or Bemidji State to be as good as they are this season either.

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