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where to go out wth own sleeper

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What places are the best for going out with my own sleeper. Hope to go to LOW ans Red several times this winter. Have not always felt welome at LOW with the sleeper. Also what access fees do they charge.

Thanks for any info.

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I brought my sleeper out of Adrians. They had no problem with me using their road. They might want a season pss out of you. If the price is reasonable I think they deserve it. It's when they get out of line that gets me mad. It was two years ago and I think they got 10 bucks from me for the weekend. It probably has gone up by now. Good Luck

P.s. Also Morris point is an option, I did really well in early ice 22 ft last year.

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Hey der minndonn, most charge 5 bucks a day to access, or that's what it has been for a while now anyhow. As for best place, iffin your talking best fishing/catching that would change loctaion-wise thru the ice season.

Curious when you say 'not always felt welcome'? Hit them with their fee and it should be all good? We love tourists up this way! Some operators that run off of Adrian's road may get a bit touchy with the trails they plow off of main track to their set-ups, but it is public on the ice. Just don't set up on a trail eh!!!

Morris point resort would be a really good spot to consider early season, last year 'twas 5 bucks a day, week long road pass for 30. Speak with Al maybe if you wanna get off the main road a bit, I'm sure he'd work something out and good ol jason could plow you a trail maybe. Good folks there.

I'm gonna bump up a retro FM piece I did here a few years back with some "Things to do on the big pond", take a peek a that post for a bit more to stew.

Enjoy the winter season, happy holidays.


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