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bullhead question

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Hey all, question for you flathead guys. I know you all like bullheads for bait. Do you have a preference in the species of Bullhead? I guess Bullhead is a kinda generic name and could also include the Stonecat and Madtoms in some regions. So is their a preference in the particular species of Bullheads that you guys prefer? I'd guess most catch their own for bait, but are Bullheads availiable in baitshops down thatta way?


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Most of the bullheads that I get are black bullheads.

The black bullhead is more common in the rivers where flatheads are present more than any other kind of bullhead.

In addition they are pretty easy to get. wink.gif

Some bait shops that cater to the catman do carry bullheads, but very few.

I have used madtoms or stonecats, but only for walleye. The ones that I catch are a little on the small side for big flatheads. "The bigger the bait"

I Da Man and Dirk W have been working on lifting the 7" legal length limit on using bullheads for bait.

It sounds promising but only time will tell....

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Thanks Dennis. What kind of price do the baitshops charge for those Bullheads? Would 5 to 7 inch Stonecats make for good Flathead bait? When you say the Stonecats you catch are on the small side are you talking small like 'Willowcat' small?

I do remember threads about the push for reg change so you'all can use bigger baitfish, hope it works out. Now that petition I would sign!!!


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I never have purchased bullheads, but if my memory serves me right (it doesn't very often smile.gif) they were about the same price as jumbo suckers. 12 to 14 bucks a dozen???

I have to admitt, I might not know the difference between a stonecat and a willowcat. But the ones I sometime get in my seine are 3 to 5". Little yellow buggers that look like tiny flatheads. Flatish head with a long body and a round tail. Sting like the dickens!!

Not sure if a 7" stonecat would make for a good cat bait. If they are lively I think they would. Thats what makes bullheads so good. They stay lively, fighting against the line.

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R & R bait in New Ulm has bullheads from time to time in the summer, he sells them for 25 cents, doesn't pay to catch them for that price, most of them are in the 6 to 6 1/2 in range.

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I might grab a few at .25 cents a pop if they're decent. 169 Sports in Belle Plaine used to have them but that was pretty much just for the league guys. One thing about hunting Mudeyes...its a challenge to hunt the bait too. I would imagine more riverside bait shops will offer bullheads as they become more popular....don't forget walleyes love um too!

As for legal vs not legal bullheads....a 7" bullhead is a minnow and a 8" bullhead is a gamefish? Go Figure.

Black Bullheadblackbullhead.jpg

Yellow Bullheadyellowbullhead.jpg



(Thanks to Konrad Schmidt for reference photos)

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