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Spent Saturday on the river and Sunday on the Lake. Saturday was fairly slow. Fished many miles of river with about the same one-here one-there results. Only about 20 fish caught total with one 28"er accounting for our only big fish. It came pulling cranks. Slow reports from everyone we talked to. Perfect weather so I don't know what the problem was.

Sunday we spent the day on the lake @ Morris and fishing was great. About 130-140 fish caught total between 2 boats and 6 guys. Went through an unbelievable amount of shiner minnows. Dead ones that layed in the bottom of the boat for hours even worked. Just a piece of a shiner worked. We slip bobbered and jigged, with jigging doing a little better. Not a single fish over 17" but lots of nice 14-16"ers. Two decent northerns, lots of nice saugers and GIGANTIC perch. One measured 14 1/2". Get up there now while the weather is nice. Later KJK.

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Gosh I love fishin the lake in the fall. It is as close

to a sure thing as I have ever had in fishing. The Morris

Gap or Lighthouse Gap from 14 to 20 feet deep and you

really really get into fish.

There are some big fish on occasion but the number of nice,

real nice keepers is what I like. Fish of all sizes and

a Pout or Sturgeon once in a while to mix it up.

The ONLY thing that has ever messed this up is the wind and

I think the cold and wind just makes it harder to sit out

there. With a good anchor fishing can still be good, being

out there sucks!

Here is what I like the most. It doesn't matter how many

scoops of minnows you bring out there they are all gone

by 3pm!

It was good to see you Kainz boys out on such a nice

sunny mild November day. Glad it went well, are you

comming back? It looks like another decent weekend.

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Looks like house hunting weekend here in the RRV for me. If the weather stays nice, I'll be back on the 18&19th or even Thanksgiving for sure if it's tolerable weather. What kind of numbers did you and Mike end up with?? I'm hoping mother nature lets us be in boats til mid-December cool.gif

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Stop all that non-sense White-Tips. Like Dale says in mid summer. I can't wait for this baby to freeze solid.

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Tips, good running into you at the ballet Saturday! Mondays fishing was darn good too, threw the hook on the same waypoint in the gap as the week before. Not another boat as far as the eye could see, 22fow with a white or bubblegum jig still working good. Alas a trip when the fish are snappin' good when friends from afar are up!

Maybe hit it Friday again, weather looking good to go, hope the fish are still as cooperative.


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The ballet was definetly a great time. I told Briggsy to have'em up for the Spring and Fall Classics. That would guarantee a full field for Kevin's tournaments. A good friend from Bemidji is going up Friday and possibly Saturday til noon. I'll post his results when I get them.

Ripper, I'll be home for Turkey weekend. If the river isn't frozen I'm dropping my boat in for sure, and we'll go jig by the chief for a while.

I'm gonna try get ahold of BW Eddy and see if he can fish around here this weekend.

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