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I've been looking around for a small river boat, I came across this one. I like the fact that it is a four stroke, but I'm a little concerened that it is a glass boat. Any thoughts??


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Just looking at the pic I think your advantages would be:

Nice stabil boat.

Important when reaching over to land your 50lb cat!

Quiet hull.

Flatheads are sound sensitive and aluminum boats tranfer a lot more noise to the water.

The disadvantage to a fiberglass boat are that they are heavier and if you hit something hard like a rock you could possibly do more damage.

The boat will draft a little more water so getting through shallow areas will be a little more difficult. ( Your travel might be limited at levels lower than around 6.5 on the Jordan guage)

Fiberglass is fairly tough but will take some damage from rocks. Depending on the thickness of the bottom of the hull I think you'd be OK if you bump a few stumps however.

Looks like a decent river worthy boat to me. Not a perfect river rig...but then again there is no perfect rig. There are always advantages and disadvantages to any boat.

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That's what I was thinking, I've looked up the specs which I thought were pretty good.

Length 13'8"

Beam 64"

Weight 280lbs

Transom 20"

Draft 3-6"

15hp 4 stroke

Just might be sittin in my driveway this week grin.gif

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Tro, did you get the boat? If not consider this before you buy, those seats look like they are pretty high nice to fish from but, what if you bouncin' across Vermilion? Just a thought. I like the casting platform in front and fiberglass is quiet compared to aluminum.

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