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Kerplunk! ...goes the gear.

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The FishinLogician and I decided to head out to the Belle Plaine ramp last Saturday night to get reaquainted with our favorite mistress(been on the lakes too much).

Up river several miles, find some spots, gettin' nothin'; fog starts rollin' in.

Since we had been caught in the pea soup earlier this year(remember WWG?), we decided to head back to the ramp and fish near sight of the launch. One deadhead(Whammo! Inertia is a buzzkill unless you're on the couch watchin' sports), and a couple foggy miles later, we're fishin' near the put-in/take-out.

Boatin' around lookin' for a spot, we clunk into some big fish that knocks his head on our boat. "Let's fish here", I say. What a genius I am.

So, we cast our rigs up near shore where there seems to be feeding going on. A few taps but no sets. The Logician decides to recast since his current spot is not producing, and me(in my very finite wisdom), I decide to lay my 2nd rod/reel combo down so he doesn't snag it on the backcast.


A little while later I decide I need somethin out of the backpack/tacklebox. I reach over, pick it up....KERPLUNLK!

"What was that?", I think to myself.

Tacklebox: check
Wallet: check
Camera: check.....

O.K., let's go fishing.

....um....where's my fishing rod please?...

My fishing rod/reel went kerplunking.

Bummer; night over for me.

I proceed to put on a brave face and say "whatever", but inside I'm bummed.

The reel? Very replacable(it's been replaced already).

The rod? A classic 20yr old fenwick glass rod with lot's of sentimental value and just "perfect" action(you know what I mean). Just a perfect all around rod. Man I loved that thing. I'll miss it.


The moral of this long boring diatribe?: Always put your rod combo in the rod holder if you're not using it. You'll be glad you did.

If any of you guys fishing a short ride south of the Belle Plaine launch dredge up an older model Fenwick glass rod with a Quantum pulse 30 reel on it...well...I guess it is "finders-keepers", but I'll buy back the Fenwick rod just for the memories.

See ya on the River.


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Bummer Buz! How deep is it? Did you try and hook it at all? If its really bummin you out we could try and get it if you know where you were.

I've got an anchor sitting on the bottom down by the St.Peter launch..all the rope still on it too. I guess when you throw the anchor in, you should make sure its tied off real good! I made it myself.... but still.


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Chaulk that up as a learning experience - LOL

I did have one rod that was stole by a carp, but then the hook on my buddies rod hooked onto the bail of my rod as the carp was dragging it down stream. I got my rod back and fought a pig carp until it got snagged on a dead head just on the edge of a drop off that I wasn't going to find out how deep it got. So I broke my line. Cray how my rod got hooked. The reel is still used to this day, but I broke the rod that next year. It was a good run.

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Thanks DARK. I won't be needing any counseling, just kind of a drag. Like E says, a learning experience.

We were actually only in 5 feet of water on the south side of the river, beach-type area. I gave it a few drags with the anchor, but it was late, foggy, and too darned cold for July I might add, and so we called it a night.

The gal at the Holiday in Jordan comforted me with a free box of Krispie Cremes...so I got that goin' for me smile.gif.


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I feel your pain, I threw a real nice quantum casting reel and rod over last summer, had some weeds on so was just going to give it a spin to get them off and kerplunk!!!! I watched it sink just out of arms reach. I never could dredge it up, after an hour of dragging weighted trebles across the bottom I finaly gave in. It wasn't my first and I'm sure it won't be the last that I see donated to the fishing gods...although I hope to limit the frequency of this by my previous experiences. Just wanted to let you know we've all done it.

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Thats nothing....
I just throw stuff in all the time for no good reason! smile.gifSometimes its not even my stuff!!

Sorry you lost your favorite rod.If I happen to snag it someday....I'll just add it to my stuff! grin.gif

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Losin' stuff like that is a big bummer. I remember my one trip up to Lake Vermillion...

Luckily it wasn't my stuff. My girlfriends brother accidently knocked his open tacklebox off the boat dock into about 6 feet of water. I grabbed my snorkling stuff and dove in after it. I was able to get most of the jigs and everything else up. Caught a few crawfish in the process. grin.gif

But 3 days later his grip wasn't tight enough while casting and he lost a $210 rod and $180 reel in about 20 feet of water. Well, he marked the spot, we went back to the cabin and got my gear and a waterproof flashlight (so we hoped). I jumped in, swam down about 10 feet and ran out of air. I dove in from the side of the boat this time, more of a straight down so I could hit bottom quicker.

No good! I hit bottom but was so dang cold that I quickly shot back up. No way I was gonna try to stay down that deep in that cold of water without a wetsuit (which I didn't have). Since then, I've been wanting to take a refresher course for SCUBA and search the bottoms of lakes for such treasures.

But what a bummer! $400 of equipment gone, just like that.

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Early last Sept, I tossed away - literally - I was casting, and it just kept going - a brand new Amb. 4600 reel, and a graphite rod I had built that spring. I had used the setup a grand total of about 1/2 hour when it happened - never even caught a fish w/ it. That hurt, not $400 of hurt, but I had a lot of hours in that rod. A buddy and I went back w/ a underwater camera, spent a afternoon looking, but never did find it.


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    • Wanderer
      I’ve only seen teal one morning on the river.  Absolutely nothing in all the evenings I’ve been out.  Hard to get excited about hunting around home. 😒
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    • monstermoose78
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    • smurfy
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    • Wanderer
      Who are these leech and kettle guys going back and forth??? 😉
    • leech~~
      Well just for the Halibut, you could try salmon or Cod! 😆
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