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Which backwater lakes are the most fruitful in pool 2 of the Mississippi River? Referring to primarily either Pig's Eye, Pickerel, or something similar and nearby. Preferably for walleye but I also enjoy getting after bass and pike. Thanks for sharing experience. As specific as you can get would be great, because it's often difficult to find current information that isn't from 2010!

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If you like carp, these places are great! Pickerel is a carry on canoe access, and only electric motors are allowed. Pigs Eye is only 4 feet deep, and is literally nothing but carp! Also, they park barges in the channel connected to the river. I’ve heard of people getting their boats trapped in the lake because barges are completely blocking the channel.

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Well glad I asked! I had found some less reliable information that suggested otherwise. Any other areas in the pool with less current (kayak) that would be worth the venture?

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I believe there’s a canoe access on the north side of cloud island. Or somewhere in that vicinity. I went there a few years ago (not fishing), and it looked really nice. I heard it’s great for spring crappies and whities.

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    • leech~~
      By leech~~
      Can't seem to ever get a sled ride together anymore on the other side of the wall.
      Any guys with a sled and porty want to get together for a meetup and fish somewhere some weekend for the day or weekend if way up north?
      Crappies-Walleyes both? 
      Mill Lacs, Brainerd area................?   The more the merrier, safety in numbers helps if someone needs a pull or getting out of slush.
      Not a big plan. Meet at a lake. Stare at the lake map, mark a spot or spots on the gps and head out.
      Not really worried about a cookout, but we could just cuts into fishing time.  Bring our own lunch, bait and pop or? 
      Don't want to count out wheelers with portys but hope you can hang if its deep or slushy. 😕
      Oh forget the Public service announcement: Portys must be fished at least 6' feet apart or more!. Wearing a mask is a good idea on a cold sled ride. No talking about Trump, Biden or God will also keep us safe from each other! 😆
      So again, no big complicated plan. Meet up, check map, go fishing! 👍

    • Duckhunt
      By Duckhunt
      House was new in spring 2018. Spray foamed top to bottom. Extremely Light weight, all aluminum construction 1300-1400 pounds. You can easily pull with atv. with little tongue weight. Foldable and removable bunk, we used a cot for 2nd bed.
      -6 catch covers w/ sleeves
      -Nuway furnace, needs no electricity to operate manually, also hooked up to thermostat
      -12V low amp draw circulating fans -30A 115v to 12VDC power converter/battery charger with gen/power hookup
      -battery box with 12VDC-115v inverter, and battery meter (newer 31 battery negotiable)
      - LED hole light and beverage holder above every hole
      -LED interior and porch lights
      -Tv/dvd combo on swing wall mount
      -Pioneer stereo with 4 speakers -Loose spare tire (white steel rim)
      -Window Air Conditioner
      This house can go all weekend on a single battery without a generator. No exterior damage anywhere, tires great. Looking to possibly upgrade. Located 20 miles north of Rapids. Thanks!

    • Dal72ice
      By Dal72ice
      Leech Lake.  I am wondering what to expect.  I think I might go out on Boy bay using the public landing on Sugar Point.  First are there any safety concerns, ice conditions to worry about, Landing safe?  Second what can I expect for fish? Kind of looking for some nice panfish during the day and a stray walleye or two towards evening
    • Adudenurse
      By Adudenurse
      Alright, looking for insight from some people who know more about sitting and waiting for fish than I do.  Last year I bough some tip ups and had some luck on them but now I see it appears to be all the rage to use the IFish Pro stuff and use a rod and reel.  Anybody out there feel like these actually do any better than a standard old tip up or is it just about not having a mess of line on the ice after having a flag.  Moved to MN from mostly fishing northerns on tip ups which didn't seem to care about things not spinning as smooth as these darn walleyes do around here.  Would a rod and reel system like the ifish pro or finicky fooler actually help to have less false flags? I'm at a bit of a loss here with the more picky fish.
    • papadarv
      By papadarv
      12/3/20 a female posted 4" ice on the Coon lake channel with photo of someone in a hub fishing. A comment stated someone also caught a 24" walleye in the channel. Over the years you may see a half dozen anglers early ice on the channel. Saturday 12/5 I stopped by the channel and counted about 54 anglers crowded in the 300' x 800' channed and 6 or so cars driving around looking for a place to park. Yesterday 60+ crowded the channel. Really hard to fix stupid. Walleye slot over 17". Won't be long before DNR Walleye reduction changes.

    • SergeantJas
      By SergeantJas
      I am new to ice fishing and the aitkin area.  I am wondering what is the best colors and even jigs for walleye and crappies in the aitkin area.   Its my 1st year of icexfishing.  I've always been into open water before.
    • DangerDanTheFlyMan
      By DangerDanTheFlyMan
      Hi Everyone, this is my first post here.
      I am looking for some tips or tricks to break down some of the water in the Northeast part of Vermilion for ice fishing opportunities. We will be up in that area for a week at the start of January and I have no idea how to know what the ice conditions typically are that time of year. We are debating on bringing snowmobiles or an ATV, but I'm not even sure what works better up there this time of year.
      For people who fish up in this area often:
      Do you seem to have better luck trying the big lakes, or breaking down smaller bodies of water? Is it worth the trip to try and snowmobile / hike / dogsled your gear up into any of the BWCA lakes? If you were brand new to this area, where would you try first for the safest ice, and best chance at some fun fishing early Janurary? Or are most lakes "safe" by then? Are typical walleye / Crappie presentations good in this area? Any go to baits or hooks?  
      I'm not looking for honey holes or specific GPS locations (unless you're willing to share), but I'm more interested in how to break down some of the smaller bays and channels in Vermilion for Walleye and Crappie. Part of the fun for me is finding them on my own by putting together information.
      Any tips are much appreciated, and I'll share any knowledge I learn on our trip with you all.

    • Sunset Lodge
      By Sunset Lodge
      12.8.20 Sunset Lodge Fishing & Ice Update - Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods
      Hello from Sunset Lodge on Oak Island!
      We got ice!
      Lower than normal current levels have led to better than average, more consistent early ice conditions in the Northwest Angle. Wind and warm temps have kept the main lake south of Garden Island open until just recently.
      As usual, ice conditions are always changing and there remain many areas that are still unsafe for travel. With the cold weather and little snow in the forecast we are likely to see improved and more stable ice thickness across the lake.
      Our fish houses are resting on 8-11 inches of ice and are within a 10 minute ride of the resort.
      Fishing pressure is low and catching is excellent! We have a very strong morning and evening bite with good action in between. Active fish are smashing rattle baits and most fish will accept a jig and a minnow.
      Traffic is low and conditions are ideal for an early ice getaway, we are accepting fly-in reservations starting Monday the 14th! Our runway is marked and is currently sitting on 11 inches of ice. If you don’t have your own plane, we are partnered with Lake Country Air, they are currently flying to us from multiple Northern Minnesota locations
      Beaver Air Tours: https://www.facebook.com/BeaverAirTours
      Snowmobile traffic across Lake of the Woods is not advised at this time. We will keep you updated or you can check the Northwest Angle Edge Riders Facebook page for more up to date trail conditions. https://www.facebook.com/NorthwestAngleEdgeRiders

      Go here for the Northwest Angle Guest Ice Road - 2020 updates. As soon as the ice road is open. we'll send an email with a link to purchase your ice road pass and you'll be all set! https://www.facebook.com/nwaiceroad

      If you haven't booked your winter ice fishing trip left we have some availability remaining! You can now Book Now online or fill out our Check Availability form. www.minnesotafishingresorts.com 

      As you can imagine, our phone stays pretty busy. If you get our voicemail, please leave a message or contact us via email. Ice & fishing updates will be posted on our Sunset Lodge Facebook page so please check there before calling for updates.

      Looking forward to seeing you soon!
      Sunset Lodge

    • Dakota003
      By Dakota003
      Moved to area last winter and don’t know much about any lakes in the metro. Panfish is by far the most fun for myself and would like to get into walleyes. Would really appreciate some suggestions on where to go within the metro and try out this upcoming ice fishing season. 
    • evinrudespeed
      By evinrudespeed
      So the weather really tanked!! I was hoping to fish until November before winterizing the boat.
      Anyone been out...either reservoirs or up Hwy 53? Any idea of when landings start pulling docks...probably on DNR site huh?
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Sorgy
      When I first saw the picture I was thinking Black Creek- ding. ding. ding. We have a winner.  Years ago we hiked in off of 24 and found a consistent 6 or 7 feet and not a mark on our locators.  I have to believe that there is winter kill most years up there.   I will probably never drill another hole in Black Lake.   I like reading the current reports and a huge thank you to all that share good information. I will share info thru Private Messages but not so much on the big old internet. Unfortunately with the lack of snow and the Covid-19 running around I have been staying away from the cabin for the most part. Hopefully in the later part of February I can start making more regular visits and start the search for Crappies and Whitefish.   Good Luck - Stay Well   Steve    
    • BigVwalters
      Pretty sure there is a tiny trail through the woods that goes to black from Vermilion.  
    • Sherman
      Anyone with recent ice reports and vehicle travel? Appreciated thanks
    • SkunkedAgain
      There are unicorns and golden walleye awaiting any fisherman brave enough to get there!   I sledded to Black Lake two weeks ago via the creek. There wasn't a ton of snow for going over land and there were definitely areas of thin ice. I had to skip across an open spot as well but made it into Black Lake. There I found areas with real bad slush, so I kept my throttle pinched and did a big loop and got out of there.   Most important for you StateOfHockey, is that you were riding with buddies that could help get you out.
    • Duckhunt
    • StateofHockey
      I never got that far.
    • smurfy
      so any updates??? on slush, snow amounts on the lakes. headed back up somewhere around the 29th. mainly concerned about smaller lakes. would make life much easier for this old fat guy if i could drive my truck out. 🤣
    • gimruis
      You could always just make a quick trip to the seafood case at the grocery store.  They won't have fresh caught sunfish but they'll have a wide variety of other seafood including fish.
    • gimruis
      Ok so I'm not a Deephaven resident so I can't even get a pass to park there.  In other words, there is no public parking someone with a trailer at that access then.   Guess I won't consider that a an option or real public access if there's no parking.
    • Wanderer
      @pikeguy2003 the bite has slowed all over from what I’ve been seeing and hearing.  Pretty easy to blame it on last week’s cold front and now we have another, but we’re getting into the harder part of the season.   That said, someone is always on them somewhere and hopefully they’ll let you know!  I’m replying for 2 reasons: one, so you don’t just get crickets 😉 and two, my interest in Tonka has been reignited lately.     Looking over the maps last night I was reminded of the holes on flats and the basins outside the many coves where they frequent in the spring.  Drill some of those areas out from shallow to deep.  If you find good weeds shallow they could still be in there but will head to the basin if not.   Sorry, that’s the best I can do without being there!
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