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Lets get some new videos on here!  I got a couple quick videos of  big musky in the hole chasing around my decoys. https://youtu.be/jQt5bd6HUv4 https://youtu.be/om6ocAT3a0Q  

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Well these are my last video's of the year. I took them at the GTG at Minnewaska. I figured I better post them up so MJ would know that there really were fish down there, and we didn't bring our fish from a different lake.

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great videos, you finally let everyone know what the hot color was from saturday haha

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this was yesterday, the fish were just crazy for a while. took less than 5 minutes for the first one to show up, then it was pretty consistent action for a couple hours. saw a nice walleye, and a big dogfish too.


I was just watching this again and thought I would re post it. That was such a fun day!

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Awesome video, Sham. Those days when you have to stay on your toes to defend your decoys from multiple angles are the best. A live sucker would be dead in 2.2! Six fish in the hole at once is the most I have seen and it was literally impossible to keep the dekes from getting smashed. Looks like there were several unique fish in that swarm there, as well. Great stuff!

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Well guys I got out this morning for a little spearing close to home. Started out slow but after about 10:30 I had a lot of action until a pike finally stole my sucker minnow. Here is the first one that came in that wouldn't leave. He hit the sucker twice and my spoon twice before I got the camera rolling. Hope everyone enjoys.

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Thanks guys. I'm guessing it was mid 30 fish. It was in no hurry to leave, must have stuck around close to ten minutes.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Oohfersuure
      I would explore helical footings.  Why not? Below is a company I’ve worked with. Not sure if they work up north or if they know someone that does? They are knowledgeable, a phone call should do er’ and see what you can find out. Good luck!   https://goliathtechmn.com/
    • eyeguy 54
      I just look at pics 😁😂😉
    • eyeguy 54
      Remind me to bring tums!! Lol
    • Rick G
      ice is still looking good, have roughly 24inces give or take a little. Cats have been kinda tough to find in any real numbers. I have done a bit of scouting this week.  I think I might have an area pinned down that has activity... Will do a bit more scouting this weekend and into next week.   Will Have  The location posted by Mid week for sure.  Will also keep monitoring ice conditions.
    • Rick G
      Well, might as well add some details to Royce's pics...lol With the longer days and warming weather pattern this week.  We have started to see more quality fish moving shallow to take advantage of the food and cover skinny water provides. Panfish start to move out from the basins during late winter to feed on the insects that become more active as the days get longer and warmer. There is also more oxygen available due to the weeds starting to grow again.     We have been finding more quality fish showing up in the 8-12 ft areas close to the greenest thickest weed available.  Insect type baits  like the p3 spug, the chigger fry and mayfly rigged on 3-4mm tungsten jigs have been working best.
    • Better Than Working!
      Never been there in may but early to mid June has provided lots of great memories!
    • JerkinLips
      Have fished 15 hours the last yesterday and today without catching a walleye. Y store only had crappie minnows and Fuel and Food had no minnows Thursday morning when I came up so I had to fish with the crappie minnows. My fish house neighbor caught 3 walleyess yesterday morning on pike suckers so I went back into town to get some after bait was delivered. Didn't help. I have only caught four 15" tulibee and a 12" perch. Switching to lake trout the rest of the weekend. 34" of ice. Gas sugar barely made it through. McKinley Park landing has a lot of water on the plowed road as you enter the lake. The Ice Castles may have a hard time getting off the lake this weekend. Good luck if you venture out and be careful.
    • gimruis
      I haven't got mine either.  But I don't intend to fish again until there's open water.  Carry on Bob
    • smurfy
      awe man............🤧😪 nice.................👍
    • eyeguy 54
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