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South Shore Activity

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Can anyone give me the 411 on the bite in the LP / Arneson's area? Are the rocks heating up, and is there any shoreline action to be had? Coming up this weekend, and we usually hang out on the rocks and do well. However, I have some newbee/old timers in the mix, and I'd like to ease them into the LOW program with perhaps a little more forgiving terrain. Know what I mean? Curt, walleyejon, or anyone... Any info you are willing to share is greatly appreciated.


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The bite should change quite a bit this week as the water clears

up from the recent blow. Fish moved shallow, real shallow but

ought to spread out again by the weekend. The area inside Twin

Islands should be a good place to fish. Over the last several

weeks anchoring just OFF the reefs has been real effective. In

fact from the very edge to several hundred yards out has produced

just fine.

The weather should be good and fish should be biting good every-


Good Luck

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Curt -- we are going up on Monday the 13th out of Arnesons -- what would we expect to see any thoughts?

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Ought to be great! The rock bite (and adjacent flats) should

be really going. Look for shallow weed lines between Rocky and

Warroad. Trolling, drifting spinners, anchoring and jigging

you will have every option the weather allows.

Have fun

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Thanks Curt, always very helpful. So it sounds like there will be some nice options in regard to both shoreline patterns and the rocks. A couple more for you... When you're talking shallow weed lines, what kind of depth range are you referring to? Also, when you were anchoring near/off the rocks, is that a jigging vs. rigging game? Slip bobbers perhaps? I am usually drifting the rocks or slow-trolling over them. But anchoring may be a nice option and bit easier presentation. How about bait of choice? Has the leech and crawler program taken over, or are they still taking some minnows/shiners & such?

Best Regards

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Shallow from 3 to 10 feet along weed edges.

I think bobbers would be fun while anchoring near rocks but,

a straight jig and frozen shiner would be the 'A' game. Dont

be afraid to drop the anchor right on top of the reef either

and jig or slip bobber.

Really, anything goes right now. Do what ever you are most

comfortble with and make changes until it starts to click

for you.

Have fun


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Can anyone tell me if there is a decent bait shop in or near Baudette? Thank-you!

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Log Cabin bait is located on County Rd 172 on the way to Wheelers Point. Otherwise there is one on the left side as you are westbound in Baudette, I'd say about half way through town, sorry can't remeber the name but you can't miss the advertising.

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