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size hook/ fly for suckers/ carp?


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when fly fishing for carp/suckers what size hook do you guys recommend this time of year? And what style fly... nymphs, streamers, caddis? I am new to this fly fishing for rough fish i was out the other day catching them on my spinning gear and i am hoping to get some on the fly now.

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pretty big question there. first off, if you're looking for suckers right now, you should be keying in on a lot of the same bugs/hatches as the trout guys. The only difference is, you'll want to fish heavily weighted flies in faster water (riffle sections). I don't think suckers are quite as picky when it comes to size selectivity. I typically fish a size 10 nymph, or nymphs in 8-14 range. Presentation is the biggest factor when fishing suckers; use enough weight to get it down, but not too much that it doesn't roll along the bottom. A little twitch of the rod tip to bounce your fly on the bottom is always good to elicit a strike.

Regarding carp, will you be fishing in rivers? If carp are present they will take a fly if your nymphing for suckers. They are more willing to take a fly within the entire water column. At this time of year, it is a good bet to find shallow bays and slow stretches of water where the water will be warmer. Fish will be more active and willing to feed. If you see a tailing fish, cast a fly right in front of its face and look for the take or any sudden twitch or movement of your fly line. Carp will take a bigger fly, size 2, 4, 6, etc., but I typically stay with a size 8 or 10. The smaller the hook, the less likely of foul hooking a fish when they are schooled in tight.

good luck!

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Thanks for the information it is a step in the right direction...I have some size 10 hooks so i will have to start tying some more nymphs(dang another excuse not to do hw) grin

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