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Please help me decide....

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Me and 3 buddy's want to come up for a weekend of fishing but I only have experience with "Reel Adventures" fishing service. We are thinking of staying in sleepers, even though there isnt really a nite bite(it will be nice to be ready right at sunrise).

What date should I look at going and what place would you recommend for clean sleepers and willing to put you on the fish? Also, It would be nice to save a buck or 2....

Thank you for any help!


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Its tough to predict a time frame that is going to be right on. I was there right after Xmas which has always been good for us the past 10 years and it was very slow. I'm headed back in a week and that time frame has also been good. Last week of March is also a good time, and we have had great fishing for many years. The major changes and swings in the weather patterns as we've been having can make predicting a real [PoorWordUsage] shoot.

Riverbend, where we have gone over all of these years has some really nice sleepers. They move them as much as needed trying to stay with the bite. I've never stayed in one as we prefer the cabins and lodge on shore, but I did stop and take a peek into one that was empty and they were very nice. Someone posted pictures of them about 2 weeks ago on this thread. You could give them a call, their toll free number is at the top of this page on their sponsor link. Good luck with your choice and hang on. Bill

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Hey, as always I'm recommending Bob's Ice Fishing. He's real reasonable price-wise and always does a nice job putting you on the fish! (That's the main thing) Info. and number at www.bobsicefishing.com

As for a time-I'd get there as soon as you can get everyone up there!

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Matt, I think I bought a jon boat from you a while back. Email me at [email protected] for some suggestions.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Mistermojo
      Thanks for the report.  I live close so I like to see how things are doing on Medicine.  Only time out was with the little one, so dad didn't get much fishing done.  Will be looking to drive out there now that we have this cold snap coming to make some more ice.
    • Mistermojo
      I searched the forum for anything new regarding flotation suits and I didn't see anything since about 2015.  So.... If a guy were to buy a suit with flotation, which one and why?  Let's assume that the company and their lawyers all did their homework and they will save a life just the same.  I'm talking about comfort / mobility / sizing, etc.  I went to the Big C tonight to try some on and they were really picked over.  The only thing I found in my size was the Icearmor Rise jacket, but no bibs and they were not on any kind of sale.  Icearmor has a promo to get a free pair of boots if you buy a whole suit, which I plan to resell and cover some of my cost so that is of interest to me, but I can't mix and match between stores to get the best deal.   So - fire away.  What do you have and why do you like or dislike it?    
    • CW03
      Normally I could give you a good report by this time but unfortunately, have not been out there yet. I plan to be in that area this weekend. If I do get that far I will check it out and report.
    • PRO-V
      I stopped by Tioga Pit yesterday and it was a mess.
    • BrianF
      Thx for the report. Things were pretty bad when we were there two weeks ago. Wondering what to expect for this weekend. Sounds like it’s a little better, but not much. 
    • Spearing Machine
      I have been sledding Pike Bay morning and night most every single day since Thanksgiving. Things have improved a little bit. There is still areas that are pretty bad though. Some of the slush has consumed all the snow and worked it's way to the top and that stuff is setting up nicely now. I think with a good week of this weather pattern that's settling in conditions will only improve. Maybe not perfect but better than 2 weeks ago. I've got -10.6°F right now on the thermometer so we aren't losing any snow or ice here on Big V!
    • leech~~
      Thanks for the report Jan and Welcome to the forum.
    • smurfy
      Well it looks like it's gonna be close!😊
    • monstermoose78
      Listen to what either place tells you for tips.
    • Wanderer
      I heard water was coming out of cracks on another area lake last weekend.  It sounded kind of weird to me and suspicious.  10-18 inches was reported for thickness.  I didn’t think we had enough snow/slush to cause a weight problem already.   Water came up the holes that were drilled too.   The swing in thickness bugs me.  Plus I witnessed a wide variance in ND last weekend.  I did drive out and one spot I parked on had 20 inches on one side of the truck (bare ice) and the other about 14 (hard snow drift).  Kinda shocked me.  But there were trees under the ice too so that might’ve kept ice development slower too.   Keep being cautious out there!