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Bobby Bass


SATURDAY MOTHER NATURE gave us a tease of what is to come. Wind was coming off the lake and it was cold as it crossed the ice and made its way on shore. Around noon the wind shifted and went the other way. I sat on the deck and watched as the red needle on the jumping bass thermometer crept up on sixty and then stopped. Sun was already shinning in a cloudless sky and with the wind shift it was soon tee shirt weather sitting on the deck. Today it is back to being overcast and damp and there is a chill that I can’t seem to shake.


Granddaughter spent the night on Saturday and we were busy as we sat at the desk in the den and juggled watching wrestling, hockey and playing Yahtzee. The grand daughter has a little killer instinct in her as in one game she got two Yahtzees and made a big deal out of where o where would she put her second score. Sunday morning she went back home and I was left alone licking my wounds. Next door my neighbor Chuck had a birthday party for his son CJ and a bunch of his high school buddies were over and they did Coney’s, a 110 of them to be exact. Teenagers can sure fill up on free Coney’s just like Uncle John does shots at a free wedding bar.


Speaking of Chuck he is full blown Maple Syrup making mode and it busy. The smell that rolls out of his garage from time to time makes its way to my place and the smell mixed in with the fresh mud means spring can’t be to far off, except when Mother Nature teases us with a nice day then comes back with a week of damp cold weather. Drs. Office in the big city this morning, got some good lab numbers and he is happy with my progress, if he is happy then I am happy. Back home this afternoon to shred some more tobacco for taste testing. The first batch I made is already gone as I gave away free samples to get opinions on how it smokes. So far a thumbs up so I am going to shred some more and maybe do a little blending. Did not get around to rolling any cigars on Sunday but am going to try and do that tonight.


We drove through town on the way back to the cabin and the streets have been cleaned. County came through with the big city street cleaners and all the business owners along Main Street were busy with push brooms cleaning their sidewalks into the street before it was too late. Big Earl was the first to get his done but then this time of the year then he is always standing outside his door with a broom in hand. Since I have not been driving I don’t buy gas and we stopped at the Gas-N-Go and I was surprised to see we are just under two dollars a gallon. Slowly creeping up and I am hoping it does not go much higher. I still have a few fishing trips that I want to go on this summer.


With the good lab numbers of this morning I am trying to convince the wife that I should get, no I deserve some home made potato pancakes for supper tonight. So far she has not committed either way but I am working on her. Monday nights are my stay up all night so I will more then likely have more to say later today from here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

><> 60 <><


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