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No Ties

Bobby Bass


HIYA FROM LAKE Iwanttobethere, was expecting to wake up to several inches of snow this morning but we never cooled off enough to make snow. Heavy rain is falling and we are pretty much drenched. Standing water in the yard and Duncan thought twice when I let him out to do his thing. He didn’t go far from the door as he made a quick trip and was back inside patiently waiting to get his feet wiped dry and a brisk rub of the towel across his back. Of course he being a lab all it took was a couple of rubs and he was dry. He then jumped up on the couch to bury himself in the covers and go back to sleep.


Sunshine Ray was forecasting 8-10 inches of snow for the day and we sure have the moisture. Schools announced last night they were already closing for the impending spring storm. They now kind of have a little egg on their face with a lot of parents who are searching for baby-sitters when their kids could be sitting in a classroom under buzzing florescent lights watching the rain fall. I think my granddaughter will be coming over today so that is something I can look forward to. Have some more seeds I want to start and she can help.


The to do list is growing here at the cabin as I am laid up but the head is working just fine. Every room that I spend time in I see things that need to get fixed or upgraded. Driving the wife crazy as I am adding things to do to the do list before she can and that has always been her job. I have stayed out of the kitchen though as I know where my boundaries are. Been spending a lot of time on the phone talking with friends and keeping in contact, a few I have not spoken to for years and it is nice to catch up and plan some time together later this summer. Fishing is the main topic and I was hoping to get out closer to opener this season and chase some northern up on the flats of a few lakes I know but looks like I will be in the big big city doing treatment and I will have to see how I respond to that. As for today I feel pretty darn good so that is a plus on wet dreary day like we are having today.


I think I have found how to spend my Monday nights that I have insomnia and that is rolling cigars. I did a couple the other night and it is a long process but it will go quicker as I learn how to have my leaf reedy for use. I still have tobacco out in the greenhouse and some more hanging in the shed that I need to bring in and make into hands and put in controlled storage. Have been searching the web for some fishing gear to and did go ahead and purchased one of those C02 inflatable life vests. Figured after all these years of not wearing a vest when I am fishing that it might be a good idea when I have these annoying dizzy smells that come out of no where. Daughter was a little upset with me as she was going to buy me one for my birthday but now she has to find something else. I guess I am a hard buy because if I need it I go buy it or already have it, I keep telling her at my age all I want is a hug and I am good with that and please no ties. So from a wet morning have a good day I am going to try to here at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 58 <><


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