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Early Morning

Bobby Bass


UP EARLY FOR me this morning but that has now been kind of normal. The granddaughter once said that I was solar powered and she may have been on to something there. No real plans for the day but that just means something will find me and need to get done. Some lite snow fell overnight but it is already melting off the roof. I am going to put down snow removal on my today to do list and check it off. I will see if I can get over to my neighbor Chuck’s sometime today I could smell the wood smoke coming from his garage as it is Maple Syrup making time. His trees here are dripping but not so much at the stand of trees up at the RESORT.


My legs are getting back under me slowly but surely, come Saturday I am going to be back to driving and regain some of my lost freedom. A trip to Amy’s Bakery for pie is first thing on the list as I will not be having the wife drive me round like she has been. We have driven right past the bakery several times as the wife would make comments about my high sugar and held the idea of pie like a carrot to a mule as a reward for when I am able to drive and get my sugars back down. Don’t get me wrong the wife has been a champ taking care of me and them marriage vows are coming back to haunt her, the sickness and in health one. I am just to worried that she is enjoying driving my Tahoe to much and she has changed my radio stations, moved my seat and mirrors and I am finding fast food bags stuck under the front seat, I guess her surges are doing just fine.


The smell of gun oil still lingers in the den and it is a fine smell to have in the den. Looking around I already found something to do as I think I may just clear the desk top off and clean the wood desk with some oil and dust off all the stuff and put it back on. The desk top is a 4x6 foot of Maple and it could use a little attention. Last night I finally finish going through all my snail mail and the paper shredder was working overtime eating up offers and junk mail and hospital stuff. I did get one piece of mail from a big city funeral home which made me scratch my head. They must have an inside guy at the hospital feeding them names of perspective clients, sorry I disappointed them this time.


I already have a list of places I need to go to, The Lodge of course and Gus has already dropped off a shoe boxes of pink messages for me to go through, they pretty much all went up in smoke in the fireplace as they were past having any action needed. Masterbaiters to visit with Vicki, kind of up in the air if I will be able to watch the place when she goes on vacation but I think I can con the wife that it would be a good thing for me to spend a few hours a day down there looking at racks and racks of fishing lures and the listening to the bubbling of the minnow tanks. Which reminds me it is about time to order tackle for our own BAIT ROOM at the RESORT. Nice getting back in to the swing of getting ready for open water fishing. I did talk to Vic yesterday he was saying that he and Elmer have been working on tying up some Christmas trees that the FELLOWS hauled up to the RESORT, They will be timely placed on the ice out front of the docks within casting distance of the old guys to fall through the ice and make crappie condos. Duncan just now finally decided to get up and he is at my side demanding a good back scratching before I let him outside. I let him out and he took a couple of steps, found the rabbit tracks on the deck and took off at a gallop to check his property for the intruder. Things are slowly getting back to normal, at least they are for me here at Lake Iwanttobethere



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