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A Vistor

Bobby Bass


FIRST OFF I believe that nothing is impossible but a lot of things are highly improbable, Having made that statement I believe in ghosts. During my long stay in the hospital any kind of really good sleep was next to impossible to get. With the drugs I was taking I had more than a few wild dreams interrupted. Most dreams were quickly forgotten but one has hung with me now for more then a week, I was in my hospital bed and the room door was ajar. The bathroom door was open a crack with the light on. The sliver of light from the bathroom that fell into the room was just enough for the nurses and lab people to check on me, It was past two in the morning when I woke up. I didn't open my eyes all the way as I was expecting a nurse was going to be the reason I woke up. Instead I got the impression someone was in my room but I did not see anyone, I rolled on to my side and looked through the side rail of the bed to see my old dog Bud looking back at me.


White face and his sweet old tired eyes looked back at me and his tail was slowly waging with a purpose brushing the curtain that hangs from the ceiling in front of the door. I blinked my eyes trying to get them in focus. He stood looking at me like he had been there for awhile. Bud took a few steps closer to the bed and was in reach of my hand that I had stuck through the side rail, I heard him whine his familiar whine and he leaned forward to lick my hand, just once, I asked him if he wanted me to follow him but instead he turned away from the bed and walked to the curtain. He looked over his broad brown back and me and gave me a soft little ruff growl that sounded like a no. Then he walked into the curtain and was gone.

The dream is the only one of many that I had, but it is the only one I remember, I think he was telling me that Bud and his brother Barney are not yet ready to show me their new hunting grounds. Was it a dream or was it Buds ghost checking on me, I want to think it was his ghost. Here at Lake Iwanttobethere anything can be possible.

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