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Shovel Key

Bobby Bass


IN FROM SHOVELING snow. Have been out three times so far today not that there is a lot of snow to shovel it is just that I get tired quick and for some reason the shovel has gotten heavier. I left the keys to the shovel taped to the handle but it seems no one else in the cabin knows how to start it!


Almost forty out and with the warm weather the snow on the roof is melting and dripping onto the deck. If we had some sunshine it would be melting and coming off the eves like it was raining. I did have this idea of throwing deicer all over the place but my bag is in the back of the Tahoe and the wife took the Tahoe to town. It was a good idea though.


Watched some football yesterday, one good game and one blow out. Neighbor Chuck was trying to get me to go ice fishing again but I decided watching the games here at the cabin was a better option. Saturday Chuck was gone all day as his son is on the diving and swim team. They had the big meet and Chuck sat at pool side for almost eleven hours. He said he had the hardest time not tossing a bobber he had in his pocket into the water.


My winter cold is still hanging on, I think it is going to make it till spring. Just when I figure I got it licked some new symptom appears and goes to the front of the line. Yesterday it was sneezing. Being a big guy I don’t mess around when I sneeze. I figure do it once and do it right. Yesterday I sneezed four times in a row and just about knocked myself out. Number four kind of got away from me and I banged my head against the back of my chair. Felt like I was on one of them four tickets rides at the county fair. Even Duncan who was in the den at the time kind of cocked his head to the side and then just rolled his eyes at me before leaving.


Speaking of Duncan his birthday is a short week a way. February first will be his 60th month birthday and he will have to share it with the daughter’s lab Buster and one of my grand kids. I have to go to the big city for a late afternoon visit but when I get back we are going to have a birthday party. The granddaughter is on charge so I don’t have a clue what it is going to evolve but I have been promised there with be ice cream, and cherries! We will also be celebrating Elmers birthday, he forgot when it is, sometime in the spring he thinks so when ever someone has a birthday this time of the year he just adds his name to the hat. I tell him he should be like me and just celebrate every month but he says I already have that distinction here at Lake Iwanttobethere

105 Days

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I hope that you are doing good with your Newest endeavor , We continue to pray for a GREAT outcome.

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