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Bobby Bass


SITTING IN THE den here at the cabin on the hidden bay of Lake Iwanttobethere. Was just kind of kicking back and relaxing in my chair at the desk. Had my feet up on an open drawer and I was looking out the big windows at a overcast sky. I could just make out the yellow globe of the sun filtered by the gray clouds. I have some Glen Frey music playing softly in the background, forgot how much I like his music. Was already in town this morning, running a few errands. Have been home the past several days not doing much, mostly spending my time on the phone. I would talk on a phone till it went dead and then I would end the call and put the phone in the cradle to charge and the phone would ring again and I would have to find a phone with a charged battery.


I think the cold weather has broke, at least for the next week. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a couple of thirty degrees days in our future. I know the granddaughter is looking forward to finally getting in some cross country skiing. She signed up for a Sunday class and it has been canceled the last three Sundays because it has been too cold. We have gotten some light snow here a couple of times in the past few days and I have not been up to shoveling with he cold and my cold. So the wife has been driving over the new snow compacting it and now I have some ice spots out there. Had to go into town for some ice melt as I was out.


Big Earl greeted me at the door and we talked a little longer then we usually do. I went inside to find a huge even for Big Earl display of light bulbs. Sign said "When there gone, there gone" and stacked high were boxes of the 25,40, 60 watt bulbs. I saw a couple of people pushing carts with several boxes of light bulbs in them, I thought about it but then I had trouble remembering the last time I even changed a light bulb and took a pass on the sale. Was thinking maybe I should stop off at the car wash but the line was stretched out into the street so I drove on by. My white Tahoe is a winter shade of white, That kind of gray white which is a combination of snow/salt and highway grime. You can’t walk close to it with out some of it rubbing off on your coat or pants.


Here at the cabin it is thirty out, a few nights ago it was minus 20 but the thirty does not feel warm like it should. I think it is because I still have a cold hanging on and I just can’t get warm unless I am sitting on top of a stove. It feels like a fall thirty instead of a spring thirty. I will go fishing in spring thirty but thirty in the fall seems awful cold. A spring thirty if the sun is out is short weather. Of course I did get a haircut yesterday and now I seem to be able to feel drafts better maybe that is why I am cold.

It is however my birthday today, Yup I am 752 months old and we celebrated early last night as the daughter came over with all the fixings needed to make banana splits. Well almost everything as somehow she managed to forget cherries, I mean really how can you celebrate your 752nd birthday with out a cherry on top. All the more reason we are going to have banana splits again tonight, I bought a jar of cherries at Big Earls this morning here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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